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HOW TO CHOOSE A TABLE IN THE KITCHEN - how to choose a dining table for a small kitchen

Sitting at the table should be spacious, and getting up from behind it should be comfortable. Even if the kitchen is small. And it should also be beautiful, not bulky and fit well into the interior. Watch how I figured out the ideal size and fit the shape.

Departed from the kitchen set 1 m 20 cm. This is the ideal distance between the kitchen countertop and the dining table, because when you cook, you take ≈ 60 cm. The same amount is needed to sit and eat imposingly.

I looked closely at the standard models - 70-100 cm. I wanted 4 people to fit on each side, so I put it 60 cm from the wall. Not comfortable. In my case, the passage to the kitchen unit turns out to be narrow, I had to look for another solution.

I try to put it against the wall - this is the most common option. But an "ambush" awaits here. Chairs and a table are closely adjacent to the wall, which means that scuffs on the wallpaper cannot be avoided. We'll have to put on covers on the backs of the chairs. But the bad thing is that most of the kitchen remains empty.

But what if you put it round or oval ?! This cuts off the corners. This means you can seat more people.

The table looks good in the center of the room, and not against the wall. I put it with a diameter of 100-130 cm, and this option fit into the kitchen layout. For tiny kitchens, a round table for two with a diameter of 60 cm or less will be just right.

How to choose the color of the table in the kitchen

When I chose the size and shape, I began to pick up the color.

  • White and light shades (beech, oak) are good in small kitchens.
  • Dark (walnut, wenge) is suitable for interiors with a lot of space and little decor. He focuses on himself.

The color of the table can repeat the material, similar to the kitchen set, flooring or doors.

An important element is the legs

Convenient - when alone in the center, as a support. You sit at such a table, nothing interferes.

If there are four legs, and the sofa is close to it, it will be inconvenient to sit down.

How to choose a kitchen table and chairs

Soft chairs are comfortable. But we have a cat that loves to sharpen its claws. I had to abandon them.

  • The leather seats are cold and don't breathe at all. If you sit in shorts, you can easily sweat.
  • The plastic cover floats too.
  • Therefore, it is better to consider wooden or fabric seating.

Chairs with a swivel mechanism would be a great solution. In the case when there is very little space between the wall and the chair and there is nowhere to move, swivel chairs solve the problem.

Before buying, it's better to sit down to see if the chair fits. Products can withstand a certain weight. If the family has large households, look at the maximum load indicated in the characteristic.

The height of the chairs varies between 45-55 cm. For tall ones, it is better to choose chairs with a low back, and vice versa.

The tabletops of the tables also differ in height: 70-80 cm. Therefore, first I chose a table, and only then I chose the height of the chairs.

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