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HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE - how to quickly remove acne on the face, on the forehead

If something is wrong with the body, the skin signals acne. On the forehead, on the back, on the face, on the priest - it doesn't matter. You see - then sound the alarm. I did so, the doctors diagnosed vitamin deficiency and prescribed to drink vitamins. No wonder they say: "I am what I eat." They also advised to make up for the lack of life-giving power with the help of nourishing creams and gels.

Healing vitamins for the skin - A, B, C and E. Look for them in cosmetics, read the packaging.

  • Vitamin A (this is "retinol", "retinyl" or "beta-carotene")

    Helps the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the color and firmness of the skin. It reduces sebum production. Accordingly, it removes flaking, redness and acne marks. Well absorbed in tandem with zinc and vitamin E.

  • Vitamin B is found in wheat extracts, ginseng and rosehip oil

    Supports skin firmness. The most valuable is vitamin B5. He, like living water, accelerates the healing of wounds.

  • Vitamin C (count as "fruit acids")

    Acts as an antioxidant (shield). Protects skin from aging and sun exposure. Responsible for color preservation.

  • Vitamin E - in creams with wheat proteins, grape and olive seed oil, tocopherol

    Smoothes skin, removes acne scars and even protects against sunburn.

If you have oily skin, buy a salicylic acid cream or gel. It tightens the pores. If sensitive (dry), take cosmetics with glycolic acid. Apply the rash twice a day, after 21 days you will understand whether the remedy is suitable or not. After all, what do you have to lose besides acne ?! Time? Then go to the doctor.

How to get rid of acne: 6 creams and gels

Labcare LC60633

For all skin types.

It's the perfect anti-inflammatory for people like me. Maybe for you too. I explain point by point.

  1. The gel does not dry out the skin. On the contrary. Perhaps the reason is that it contains aloe vera juice, blue cornflower extract and tocopherol (vitamin E). They relieve irritation.
  2. This tool is five in one. Labcare LC60633 moisturizes, softens, protects, refreshes and relieves inflammation. Tested the hard way. The delicate texture is really quickly absorbed and leaves the skin velvety.

Alcina Viola

For dry skin.

A laconic glass jar and a subtle aroma give out an aristocrat in this cream. And there is. Alcina Viola gently softens, moisturizes and relieves inflammation. Cleans pores. Promises to get rid of acne. For this, lanolin and vitamin E with antibacterial action are included in the composition.

Sea Of Spa

For all skin types.

Sea Of Spa has a very rich composition:

  • vitamin A produces collagen and smoothes the skin;
  • vitamin C relieves inflammation and irritation;
  • vitamin E restores the protective layer of the epidermis;
  • oils of avocado and wheat germ promote renewal, are quickly absorbed and facilitate the penetration of vitamins into the deep layers of the skin;
  • Dead Sea minerals remove toxins and toxins, visibly narrow the pores.

The consumption is small: a pea is enough to smear the face. The consistency is reminiscent of yogurt or a soufflé. I apply the cream in the morning and in the evening. I noticed that the rashes began to pass faster, and the redness is not so striking.

Watch the video overview of the Sea Of Spa line

Alcina Anti-couperose fluid

For all skin types.

The delicate scent of the lotion and the weightlessness of the emulsion cannot but please. I did not feel any tightness. Alcina Anti soothes the skin well, increases the tone and elasticity of the vascular wall on the cheeks.

As part of the lotion, the harmless Centella Asiatica, which helps with skin sores (see Wikipedia). There is also an extremely useful extract of calendula (helps to get rid of acne, acne, pimples and blackheads) and horse chestnut (relieves itching, swelling and tension).Plus glycerin and panthenol, which heal and tighten pores. This remedy is perfect for those who want to get rid of acne quickly.


For oily and combination skin.

The gel is created on the principle of "all the best at once". It contains vitamin B8, zinc complex, triclosan, biotin, burdock root extract and panthenol. Laura Beaumont revitalizing power cleanses the skin and removes the greasy shine. Relieves inflammation and exfoliates keratinized particles, while not drying.

No feeling of tightness on the face. Absolutely! I love the effect of this gentle foam. Feels like the skin becomes moisturized and fresh - everything I like. Moreover, this tool helped me get rid of acne and blackheads overnight.

Skintsugi Mattifying Balancing Facial Gel

For oily and combination skin.

You will love the weightless gel texture. It becomes watery on the face. The result is pleasing: the skin is saturated with moisture, does not shine, the oily sheen disappears.

Salicylic acid in Skintsugi is a good antiseptic and antimicrobial agent. It helps to remove acne from the face, visibly tightens pores. Algae and tea tree extracts soothe, regenerate and leave the skin silky (mattifying).

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Watch the video how to remove acne from the face using cosmetics