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A LOT OF FOAM IN THE WASHING MACHINE - foam in the washing machine

Is there a lot of suds in the washing machine during washing? To prevent short circuits, act immediately:

  • disconnect the washing machine from the mains;
  • open the filter door on the bottom of the machine;
  • unscrew the drain filter plug and let the water gradually drain into the pan;
  • clean and dry the filter;
  • install the plug in place by tightening it tightly;
  • close the panel door;
  • remove the laundry from the drum and manually collect all the foam;
  • close the hatch and turn on the rinsing mode so that the remaining foam drains into the drain (if there is a lot of foam, repeat rinsing several times).

Why is foam in the washing machine: 5 reasons:

  • Excessive amount of detergent powder in the detergent drawer
  • use of powder "for hand wash". This marking is not suitable for an automatic machine: the agent foams a lot and settles on the heating element. You wash the laundry, but the sediment significantly reduces the TEN's service life. Choose detergents that are designed to be machine washed;
  • the drain is clogged. Clean it yourself or use the services of a master;
  • the connections of the hose to the tap or to the machine are loose. Check and tighten the hose connections;
  • the drain filter is clogged (on the bottom of the front panel). When the water is drained into the sewer, small debris accumulates on the filter.

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Remember: due to its structure, washing tulle, lace curtains, overalls and down jackets contributes to the additional formation of foam. Wash them according to the manufacturer's instructions on the label.

2 ways to prevent foam from forming in the washing machine:

  • add fabric softener to the tray along with the detergent. It not only softens the fabric, but also reduces the formation of foam;
  • add 2 tbsp into the detergent compartment along with the powder. tablespoons of soda - no foam is formed during washing.

Most modern washing machine models have foam control. Even if you did not calculate and filled in a lot of powder, the machine will drain excessively foamy water on its own and pick up clean water. Before each spin, in order to improve the quality of rinsing the laundry, the unit automatically monitors the presence of foam in the drum.

Now you know why a lot of foam forms in the washing machine and how to deal with it. Share your experience in the comments if you encounter a similar problem.

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