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HOW TO CHOOSE A CHANDELIER - choose the right chandelier for the interior of the room, living room, for the kitchen

Choosing a chandelier to match the crystal in the wall is no longer a mandatory convention. You will get into the top ten only in two cases. There is no third:

  • choose to interior style - when the color of the appliance matches the shade of the furniture. The ideal complement is a floor lamp, sconces and lamps;
  • highlight from styleto make the chandelier stand out by subtly echoing some of the accessories in the room.

Imagine! Only your instinct will help you to advantageously choose a beautiful chandelier to the decor in the room:

  • If the style tends to be classic, circular models of discreet shades with pendants are a good solution. For fusion or eclecticism, they are also good. But the color plays the "first violin" here:
    • for classics choose clear glass,
    • for eclecticism - colored;

  • Do you live in the spirit of modernity and gravitate towards high-tech? His signature feature is minimalism in everything! Buy geometric chandeliers with chrome metal elements. They are laconic and do not stand out from the general background.
  • For lovers of modernity and floristry, models with intricate bends or intricate flowers are suitable. These products, like a magnet, attract the attention of guests. Complement the decor in the house with other decorative elements that echo the chandelier at least in color. Then it will harmoniously fit into the interior.

Keep your ears open: the designers were so carried away by the whimsical forms that they did not take into account the main thing: how to change the light bulb? It is easier to screw it on than to unscrew it. A burned-out light bulb sticks slightly to the socket. This is a common problem with incandescent lamps if they exceed the power requirements (when a 100 W lamp is screwed into a forty-watt socket). Pulling it out is like performing a surgical operation. Therefore, it is risky to buy devices with narrow shades.

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Where and what kind of chandeliers should be hung in the apartment?

Even if the apartment is designed in the same style, would you like to hang the same chandeliers in every room? You have to be creative. But first, do not forget about the main thing:

  • in the bedroom, choose a model that shines on the ceiling. Get soft, diffused light;
  • in the living room, in the kitchen, for the corridor, choose products with shades directed downward. Crisp, focused light is provided.

To the living room

For a spacious room, the choice is obvious: a massive beauty will add grandeur and solemnity to the room.

If you are hosting guests in a small room or your living room is part of a studio apartment, increase it visually. A miniature ornate chandelier of an unusual shape will enrich the atmosphere in the best way. And it will give you comfort.

If you are an advocate of economy, then for sure you want to use LED lamps. They are larger than incandescent bulbs and are therefore not suitable for narrow luminaires. Take a closer look: if your chandelier has a G4 or G9 base, buy bulbs that operate on 12 volts, not 220 volts. Otherwise they will not light up.

For kitchen

Downlights are the optimal solution. Expand the space visually. Does the small area problem bother you? Hang a small chandelier with soft light - evening gatherings over tea will become more comfortable, and the number of intimate conversations will increase significantly!

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For bedroom

Coziness and twilight are the best companions to relax. Bright light is not appropriate. To solve the problem with lighting, choose the options you like:

  • buy a chandelier with an abundance of decor. Decorations set off brightness;

  • sconces and floor lamps dimly illuminate only certain areas in the room;
  • wall-ceiling lamps provide diffused light and do not "blind" the eyes.

To the children's room

For a nursery, devices with unbreakable shades are good - made of plastic, textiles or metal. Away from sin.

When the manager prints out the box and asks to inspect the shades, pay attention to the wiring coming out of the silicon block - the length and thickness of the wires. There are instances where manufacturers save on length. And the chandelier cannot be connected to the ceiling. Not ready to give up a product? Buy what you like and ask an electrician to replace the wiring with a good quality and the right length.

Now pour yourself a cup of tea and see what options are available on the site in our store.

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Happy choice!

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