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Review of the game Devil May Cry 4.

Get ready for battle. No, not with demons and monsters, but with the game itself. No doubt, Capcom, adapting this game, put a little more effort than usual (we still remember Resident Evil 4 and Onimusha 3). But everything, you know, is relative: the management of DMC4 more than once or twice made me wish for a quick death.

As soon as you make your way through a clumsy installation, clumsy menu and clumsy design in the style, "what next, then what to do?", Then you will find a lush, stylish gothic "fighting" with a lot of acrobatics and ingenious combined punches. Plus a linear world and puzzles. whose decisions range from “hitting something” and “hitting something else.” Despite the fact that the game was created for consoles ruled by Her Majesty Ergonomics, on the PC it turned out rather awkward.

DMC4 supports both DX9 and DX10; in addition, there is an option that allows you to spend excess processor power on additional enemies, but most PC gadgets have been successfully ignored (mouse support) or taken out of the game (controller configuration). Once in the settings section, you select a number from 1 to 32 in the menu and hope that this is the button you have in mind. Yes, if you try to do this without a controller connected, the game will crash.

Add to that a wildly long initial load — so long that I’ve already brewed my own coffee and it’s not over yet — and you will understand my indignation. Where such pauses came from is a mystery.

So much time has passed, and we have not yet talked about the game itself. But I described my impressions, which means that everything I get is quite authentic. DMC4, of course, is a stylish thing: mountain peaks, statues and colossal stone cathedrals - all this is intertwined like black roses nailed by rain, and soft light pours through the darkened glasses on the chic interiors. All of this is enough to make you believe that something really important is happening in front of your eyes. And the battles, if they are serious enough, look even better than the scenery. The lighting effects as you crash dungeons, hellish red spheres flying from defeated enemies, are all beautiful, like champagne cascades down Kate Moss's thighs. By the light of the fireplace. In slow motion.

Capcom made sure to portray Nero (the protagonist) as an arrogant teenage Buffy fan. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because the end-to-end hero of the series, Dante, is also an arrogant teenage Buffy fan. When they meet in the opening video, it feels a little awkward. “You don’t have a good idea of ​​fair play, buddy,” Nero jokes after they nearly smashed the ancient church together. "And it starts to piss me off." Yes, these are not dialogues. This is a stream of dubious gags. Both characters are so hard to pose as cool and show off that it is immediately obvious: the perfect match. It is only a matter of time before it comes to them, and they fall madly in love with each other. Thanks to flexible difficulty settings, you can twist the most incredible somersaults even after five glasses of vodka, and you are unlikely to die during the first few hours of the game. But set the difficulty higher, and DMC4 will turn into a serious test, and your "blade-pistol" pyrotechnics will become even crazier - thanks to regular trips to the store for upgrades. And you'd better like it all, because there is nothing else in the game. The last hours of the game and the bosses are unlikely to amuse you very much, because the second half of DMC4 ... is entirely copied from the first. And then the game, of course, is beautiful, but by no means perfect. At times, you just don't understand what they want from us, and the camera, only partially controlled, still makes you sometimes throw in the opposite direction when changing the point of view. Plus jump sections. They are also very annoying.

But if you nevertheless figure it out with all this, you will be presented with a quite nice, ridiculous, but funny acrobatic "fighting game". The DMC4 doesn’t push the series forward, but when it accelerates to full revs it’s hard not to grin with pleasure.

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