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WHICH BED LINEN IS BETTER TO BUY - types of bed linen, choose a color for newborns

Feng Shui attracts good luck, wealth and happiness to the house. This ancient Chinese science is akin to the biblical teaching "I create everything new." Therefore, according to Feng Shui, brand new bedding gives brightness to sexual relations and juiciness of impressions. If you want passion, it is better to choose a beautiful bed. Throw away torn and old linen. It builds up bad energy that interferes with healthy relaxation, new relationships, and hot sex.

Patterns on pillowcases, sheets and duvet cover play an important role.

  • Images of predatory animals symbolize danger.
  • Cars are a concern.
  • A waterfall, river, waves and other marine themes also negatively affect sound sleep.
  • When depicting Chinese characters, it is important to understand the meaning.
  • Vertical stripes on bedding have a negative impact on relationships and are associated with the separation of the couple in the future.

Choosing the color of your bedding is also very important. It should match the sophistication of the bedroom so that the Qi energy flows around your body while you sleep, and blends with the decor of the room.

  • For a small room, choose a light (preferably monochromatic) bedding. It creates a sense of space.
  • For a spacious room, it is better to choose multi-colored dark tones. Do not get carried away with black and dark blue underwear. According to Feng Shui, these colors depress and worsen sleep.

It is wiser to change the bed depending on the situation:

  • for a comfortable stay, calm tones (Yin colors) are suitable - beige, blue, gray and their shades;
  • for special nights - brighter (Yang colors) - yellow, orange, brown, red.

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Feng Shui bedding types

According to Chinese science, all colors are divided into Yin and Yang.

Yin colors bring peace and relaxation. These include:

  • black is the sexiest. Such bedding enhances the imagination and immerses you in a world of secrets;
  • white symbolizes purity and peace. Gives a sense of peace;
  • blue is associated with the sea: it calms and relaxes. Helps get rid of insomnia, headaches and back ailments;
  • blue is associated with the respiratory system. Such bedding is especially good at relaxing, calming, and maintaining internal balance. For newborns and older children, the Chinese recommend choosing underwear in this particular color;
  • purple is a tone of power and mystery. Symbolizes protection from evil, balances spiritual and physical energies well. The power of purple affects the development of intuition, stimulates creativity. Purple linens are worth taking for creative people;
  • pink is the color of love, sensitivity, tenderness, romance. Pink lingerie creates an atmosphere of romance and suppresses aggression;
  • green represents life and harmony, conducive to growth and inspiration. It also relieves stress, relaxes, helps to achieve emotional balance. It is better to sleep on a green bed for irritable and hot-tempered people.

Yang colors charge with positive. These colors include:

  • yellow is a symbol of happiness, joy, inner lightness and creative inspiration. It signifies goodness and wisdom. It is believed that yellow linen or with elements of yellow cures depression, strengthens the nerves;
  • golden tempers physical and psychological strength;
  • light brown color creates a feeling of warmth and calmness. Such bed linen is comfortable;
  • orange helps get rid of depression, improves mood and stimulates sexual energy;
  • red is the color of erotic power.It is a symbol of fire, passion, courage and brightness. Red bedding encourages action. And also, protects from fears and anxiety, energizes and positive.
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