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GIFT IDEAS FOR NEW YEAR - original gifts for boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, mom, dad, grandmother

What does a woman want from a man? For him to LISTEN to her. Here and listen. Your beloved will find a thousand ways to subtly hint to you what she needs - if only at this time you do not go too deeply into thinking "what to give, what to give, ah-ah!".

One of the win-win gifts is jewelry. Jewelry is still a girl's best friend. So, with peace of mind, go to jewelry and watch salons and talk in detail with their consultants. Or read our articles on how to choose rings and earrings.

The second obviousness is underwear, stockings and pajamas. For some reason, men are embarrassed to buy them, although this is no worse than asking for cough pills at the pharmacy. For a woman it means a lot to receive a beautiful thing from an intimate wardrobe as a gift. She will understand that she is still desired and loved, and this is the most valuable thing that you can give her.

Belts, wallets, bags - there are never too many of them for a girl. Rest assured, she certainly lacks this red belt for her new dress. And under your favorite white boots, a new white bag is perfect. Find a quality leather accessory from a famous brand, play along with the stylish image of your beloved.

And now a super idea for those who are lost in three pines and "move out" for a gift on duty in the form of cosmetics and perfumes. We girls love clothes. Any of us will be happy with an elegant sweater, and a cozy bathrobe, and mittens ... So no need for standard solutions and bolder, men!

Feel free to hand over a gift certificate to a pragmatic lover who appreciates useful gifts. She will be happy to choose something to her liking.

What to give your boyfriend or husband

Girls, keep in mind: men are insensitive to symbolic gifts. That is, to the impractical ones. Incidentally, these include socks: “What, socks again? Why, there are two pairs ... ". Men are realists, so give them useful things that they need in their hobbies. A jack of all trades will be happy with an instrument, an athlete - with dumbbells, a gamer - with a comfortable mouse, a music lover - with high-quality headphones, a photographer - with any device that he does not have. Psychological life hack: you can often understand what a man lacks by what he swears at. On the "damn the day I bought this drill!" Principle.

Men are especially pleased with danger, playing with fire. This is why most of them prefer to fry and bake their food. Give your beloved a grill, barbecue or grill on gas the size of a rhino and with a gas cylinder for a hundred kilos of propane. He will be in seventh heaven from realizing himself the master of this formidable force. And to make kebabs or steaks a success, buy grill accessories as a gift.

What to give parents for the New Year

Give your parents gifts that radiate warmth, care, and homeliness. A good option is a bread maker or coffee maker that can fill your home with amazing flavors. Any technique will do that allows them to treat guests with something special, including a yogurt maker, an ice cream maker, a double boiler.

An elderly person will be very pleased with a “babushkophone” phone, loud, easy to use, with large buttons and large symbols on the screen. Parents will be moved by your desire to always be in touch with them. In general, older people are oppressed by the feeling of falling out of the stream of life, so their spirits will rise from a laptop with an Internet connection. Again, children and grandchildren can always be seen.

Gift strategy for mother-in-law and mother-in-law

Rule # 1: ask your husband or wife, they know mom best.However, their opinion may be somewhat one-sided, so add some fresh perception from yourself. Any person will get tired of being seen in one role for several decades. For example, an avid instant coffee drinker can bloom and flutter if you gift her a grinder and supply her with coffee beans on a regular basis. The ability to change life works wonders for a person!

Give a welcoming and hospitable hostess a gift of kitchen utensils - a dinner service, an elegant apron with potholders, a beautiful tablecloth. Advanced intellectuals will love the new editions of their favorite authors or an e-book.

In any incomprehensible cases, seek salvation in the "territory" of care and family. These are warm clothes, blankets, beautiful bedding, small household appliances, electronic photo frames with photographs of grandchildren, a table alarm clock with a radio.

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Happy New Year!

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