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Nikon D3100 Kit 18-55 VR

The simplest to operate and use Nikon D3100 kit camera will bring a lot of positive emotions, wonderful pictures and preserve the most precious moments of your life. According to polls, the D3100 is voted the best camera for families when no commercial use is planned. Even if you are just getting started with the world of photography, a menu with many tips will allow you to take any picture, from a portrait to taking pictures of children on a walk. The supplied lens has image stabilization so you can take natural pictures without flash in dark rooms. What else is notable about this camera - read further in our today's review.

The total number of pixels that the camera boasts is 14.8 million, and the number of effective pixels is about 14.2 million.

The matrix is ​​the heart of any camera. It uses a CMOS matrix with a physical size 23.0 x 15.5 mm ... The "crop" factor in this product is 1.5 times. The maximum resolution of the resulting images is 4608 x 3072 dots.

The light sensitivity of the sensor, which is called ISO, can be set either manually or entrusted to automation. ISO should be set to 100 for sunny weather and 3200 in low light. You can programmatically expand the range of light sensitivity up to ISO6400, and even ISO12800.

You can remove dust from the matrix thanks to the matrix cleaning function. High-speed shooting mode provides the ability to take photos at a speed of 3 frames per second. Now you don't miss an important point. If you are resting in close company and want to take pictures of everyone at the same time, then the timer function will come to your rescue, that is, the shutter release with a delay. The timer can be set manually, with an interval of two and ten seconds. The aspect ratio of the photo is 3: 2. The mirror viewfinder (TTL type) provides a bright image when focusing, however, do not forget that the viewfinder's field of view is 95%.

On the back of the camera, the developers have placed an LCD screen that has a resolution of 230,000 pixels and measures three inches diagonally. Thanks to the high contrast, photos look amazing when viewed and frustrated when viewed on a computer. To the left and right of the screen are buttons for managing settings and viewing photos. On the top panel of the camera there is a dial for switching modes, as well as for activating the process of shooting videos. When focusing in low-light conditions, a built-in LED helps you illuminate your subject. When hovering manually, the highlight is unfortunately not working. Also, the developers have provided the ability to automatically focus on the face.

The Nikon D3100 uses its own battery format to operate. A special compartment is closed with a separate cover and holds one battery. Separately, you can buy a rechargeable pen, which will increase the shooting speed and already holds two rechargeable batteries. The battery has enough capacity to take about 550 photos, half of them using the built-in flash. By the way, its power is enough to illuminate a distance of about 10 meters.

The hardware can enable the red-eye reduction function. A special mount on the top of the camera allows you to connect other external flash units from different manufacturers.

Among the additional features I would like to note the presence of a metal tripod mount on the bottom of the camera, as well as a connector for a remote control. For different shooting conditions, it is necessary to set a different white balance: automatically from the list, or manually.The Nikon D3100 supports interchangeable mount lenses Nikon F , and through a special adapter you can install lenses from other cameras.

As the name suggests, the D3100 also comes with a lens. In this case, it is a standard universal lens, with a wide range of focal lengths, from 18mm for landscapes to 55mm, suitable for portraits.

The aperture is not constant and the maximum value of the open aperture changes from F = 3.5 to F = 5.6. Shooting with such aperture ratio is problematic in low light conditions, but the stabilizer saves and fulfills its function 100%!

The zoom ring is made of rubberized plastic, and it is extremely convenient and pleasant to rotate it. The only significant drawback may be a nasty squeak when focusing, but you should take into account the price ... Examples of photos taken with this lens can be seen below:

In the bathroom

example macro


To protect lenses from mechanical damage, dirt and dust penetration, protective filters must be used. A wide selection of them is presented on the website, where everyone can choose the right product for themselves. For example, you can pay attention to the protective filter Matin UV 58mm or Marumi UV 67mm.

Generally, for aspiring photographers, this lens is a great buy. It is easy to use, allows you to take great pictures, and also helps you understand what you want from the camera. The website contains a huge number of lenses suitable for Nikon D3100.

For example: 50mm f1.4D Nikon 50mm f1.8D Nikon 55-300 VR lens or Nikon 18-105 VR tele lens. Shooting is possible in a wide range of customizable shutter speeds: from 30 seconds to 1/4000 second. The X-Sync shutter speed is 1 / 200th of a second. If you are a photographer with great experience, then there is a manual adjustment of shutter speed and aperture especially for you. Automatic exposure processing is performed with shutter priority or aperture priority. If the pictures are too bright or dark, you need to enter exposure compensation: +/- 5 EV with step 1/3 stop... Exposure metering is carried out in several ways: 3D color matrix, central weighed, or pointwise.

The camera uses SD, SDHC memory cards to store captured images. The connector for them is closed with a special cover. A wide range of flash memory is presented on the website: Transcend 8GB class 10 Transcend 8GB class 6 Transcend 16GB class 10

If you don't like the Nikon d3100, you can pay attention to other cameras presented on the website: Nikon d90 It also can shoot video, and also has an auxiliary screen and a built-in autofocus drive that allows you to work with AF series lenses. The body is already made of magnesium and plastic alloy, but does not yet have the moisture protection required for photographing in extreme conditions. Nikon d5000 This camera has the most advanced guidance system, as well as the ability to focus through Live View. Nikon d3000 is a camera for aspiring photographers who are taking their first steps in the world of photography. Doesn't know how to shoot video clips, and is not equipped with an additional screen. Canon 60D is a device for more advanced users with an extended range of functions.

The camera allows you to take pictures not only in the format Jpg but also supports RAW... This is very convenient, because when processing RAW, it allows you to change any oversight that you made when shooting. Under a special rubber plug on the left side of the camera, the developers have placed special connectors: USB version 2.0, a video connector, as well as an HDMI jack for connecting to a TV. Audio and remote control connector are also present in this unit. Separately, I would like to dwell on the ability to record sound and video. The maximum resolution in which clips can be recorded is 1920 × 1080, the resolution is MOV, and the video frame rate is 30 frames / second. This is quite enough for recording home events, birthdays, and other holidays.The duration of one film is limited to 10 minutes. Built-in microphone provides stereo sound recording.

The device fits comfortably in the hand, and all due to the fact that the design contains pleasant to the touch rubber inserts. The plastic part of the Nikon d3100 has a voluminous coating, which provides excellent grip on skin and fingers. The overall dimensions of the camera are 125x97x74 mm, excluding the size of the lens - so the camera will feel comfortable both on the photographer's neck and in a small walking backpack. Nikon D3100 weighs a little over 500 grams, including batteries; but without a lens.

Sample photos taken with Nikon D3100:


macro 2

Conclusion: the Nikon D3100 camera is a wonderful gift for those users who are taking their first steps in the world of photography. Convenient and understandable menu, a bunch of tips, as well as an intuitive interface won over millions of users. Now everyone can shoot masterpieces! The camera does not have a built-in autofocus drive, but this is not a problem, because Nikon releases one lens after another AF-S, that is, with a SWM motor for focusing inside. As for the design solutions used in Nikon D3100 , so this is the standard user-friendly design of the traditional format of SLR cameras. It would be nice to have a couple more separate buttons for adjusting the sensitivity and white balance. Focusing speed and accuracy can be improved as it is not optimal with a kit lens and is especially critical in low light conditions.

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