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Philips phone and bracelet

More and more developers are striving to develop a flexible phone. After all, if the phone is flexible, it can be folded more compactly, and it will become almost invisible. But in order to create a fully flexible phone, there are a number of obstacles to overcome, such as a rigid case or a phone display that is not easy to make flexible. To date, scientists have succeeded in creating a flexible display. Using OLED technology to produce displays, developers can work with designers to create flexible phones in a variety of bizarre shapes.

So the developers from Philips have presented a conceptual model of a flexible phone called Fluid.

The concept looks like a wrist bracelet. The entire outer part of this bracelet is a flexible display. So the developers, in addition to a flexible phone, want to create a stylish wrist decoration.

The company does not provide any more detailed technical information yet. Perhaps this is only a fantasy of the developers and designers of the Philips company, but if we consider the pace with which the development and production of screens based on OLED crystals is developing, it is possible that such devices will see the world in the near future.