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HOW TO TIE A SCARF FOR A MAN - 5 Ways to Tie a Scarf

It will not only warm you, but will make you inimitable. The main thing is to learn how to tie a scarf beautifully and wear it correctly.

"Parisian" goes well with any type of outerwear. Especially with a jacket and a short leather jacket.

How to tie:

  • fold the scarf in half along its length. Wide fits in half in width;
  • throw it around the neck so that its ends are in one hand, and the middle with a loop is in the other;
  • thread the ends into the loop and tighten them gently (not tight);
  • straighten the ends, lay them on the chest over the clothes.

  • When to wear: Suitable for cold and windy weather, because the bulky knot protects from the wind.
  • Which one is suitable: long and not wide. Thin material and silk are not suitable for a Parisian knot.

Single knot (one turn)

The single knot goes well with any type of clothing.

How to tie:

  • adjust the scarf around your neck so that one end is longer than the other;
  • wrap the long section around your neck once so that it hangs loosely over your chest.

  • When to wear: during the cold season.
  • Which one is suitable: medium to long. Looks spectacular with fringe at the ends.

Double knot (two turns)

It is worn over outerwear: on a coat and a sheepskin coat, or under it.

How to tie:

  • wrap the scarf twice around your neck;
  • fix the two short ends between the layers of the scarf, tie in a knot or let them hang freely on the chest.

  • When to wear: on frosty days.
  • Which one is suitable: long and narrow. The optimal length is 180 cm.

Knot "Ascot"

Suitable for a jacket or coat with an open or high collar. Such a knot is worn under clothes. Can be worn with a jacket or tuxedo as an alternative to a tie.

How to tie:

  • put a scarf on your shoulders, its ends should be the same length;
  • cross both ends;
  • thread one of the ends into the formed loop;
  • you will get a knot (do not tighten it).

  • When to wear: not suitable for cold weather.
  • Which one is suitable: a dark scarf goes well with a black blazer and light-colored shirt. Warm colors are optimal if the clothes are dark. An interesting texture of the scarf is welcome.

Fake knot

Suitable for any clothing.

How to tie:

  • throw a scarf over your shoulders;
  • adjust the length so that one end is longer than the other;
  • wrap the long end around your neck;
  • make a loop at one end of the scarf;
  • pass the second end into it;
  • align it.

  • When to wear: in the off-season and during the cold season.
  • Which one is suitable: The knot looks great on scarves of medium length and chunky knits.

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