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HOW TO CHOOSE A BLENDER - which one is better to buy for home, submersible or stationary

If you are looking for a blender to prepare sauces and cocktails, as well as mashed vegetables, then choose a stationary blender with a bowl of 1.5 to 2 liters and a power of 200 to 500 watts. If you want to knead thick dough with the help of the device, then choose an immersion blender with a special attachment and a power of 1000 watts.

A blender is an indispensable kitchen device for processing (chopping, rubbing, mixing, whipping, etc.) various products.

Which blender to choose for minced meat? Submersible. It is also indispensable for grinding nuts, seeds, dried fruits and herbs. Small pieces of these products are collected into a dense mass, which sticks to the walls of the bowl and almost does not mix on its own (imagine that you are grinding plasticine). It can only be handled by wielding the blender attachment at different angles.

But the stationary blender is a master of liquid and semi-liquid mixtures. It is needed for the preparation of vegetable purees, cocktails, mousses, batter. Stationary does not mean that it is the size of a dishwasher, but that the bowl and motor are connected to a fixed structure. In such a blender, you can throw food, set the chopping mode and go to the shower, getting a refreshing smoothie at the exit. It is also good for crushing ice.

The general rule for both types of blenders: the more power the machine is, the faster it will cope with chopping. If you are looking for a blender for culinary experiments, get a machine with three or more speeds. The more speeds the device has, the wider the field for culinary creativity. If the blender is needed only for preparing baby food, choose a device with 1-2 speeds - this is quite enough.

Comparison table of advantages and disadvantages of blender types

A type


  • do not need to be held in hands during work
  • you can wash the bowl without risking injury from knives
  • poorly chops vegetables and fruits
  • shreds cooked and soft foods faster than stationary
  • compact, takes up little space
  • small portions can be chopped
  • do not need to be held in hands during work
  • not suitable for making cocktails

Bowl volume and material

The choice of blender should also take into account the bowl capacity and its material. Think in advance how much you will cook in order to choose a good blender for your home. The volume of the bowl, which is indicated in the passport of the apparatus, is common; you cannot load the bowl before it. The usable volume is usually less than 200 ml.

A blender with a small bowl is worth choosing if you are going to prepare small portions of additional ingredients for main dishes, chopping cheese, garlic, herbs, nuts. The large container is suitable for preparing liquid mixtures.

Bowls are of two types according to the material:

  • glass: heavy, do not scratch, but break when dropped;
  • polycarbonate (plastic): cheaper, lighter, do not break, but eventually lose transparency due to many scratches.

Varieties of nozzles

The shape of the nozzle affects the mixing of the product:

  • a cone with smooth edges prevents splashing of the mass, but mixes it worse;
  • a nozzle with wavy edges creates currents that suck in new portions of the mass to the knife, but the mass escaping from the nozzle can spray out.

The best material for the nozzle is stainless steel. We do not recommend taking plastic ones, as reviews on the forums claim that over time they begin to crumble.

Combo blender: which one to choose

The combination blender combines the functions of a stationary and submersible, compensating for their advantages and disadvantages.It is equipped with additional attachments - a whisk for beating, an ice pick, a chopper and other useful "chips". It makes it easy to make mashed potatoes, whip up creams, mix cocktails, and also knead semi-liquid dough. True, the cost of a universal device is much higher than that of other types of models.

Now you know how to buy a good blender. Come in and choose your kitchen assistant in the electronic catalog of our store! If you have a blender that you love, tell us about it in the comments. Someone will need your review!

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