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Review Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook

** Review Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook **

The world famous company Acer is famous all over the world for its products from the IT industry. Acer never ceases to amaze and delight users with the release of new products. So, relatively recently, the company began production of the line of Acer Aspire S7 ultrabooks. This model is equipped with screens with a diagonal of 11.6 "and 13.3". Among its advantages include powerful performance, reasonably compact size and stylish design. Ultrabook has a Full HD touch screen, 180 ° opening angle.


The ultraportable laptop ** Acer Aspire S7 ** impresses at first glance with its unusual design. Outwardly, the device looks very restrained and harmonious. The lid is made of aluminum alloy and has the company logo on its surface. Thanks to this design move, the Aspire S7 looks quite stylish. The edging of the device, made in the form of a chrome-plated metal strip, also looks original.

The dimensions of the Acer Aspire S7 are 323x224x11.9 mm, and its weight does not exceed 1.3 kg.

The bottom of the Ultrabook is made of magnesium alloy and finished in white matte paint. On the bottom you can see two speakers supporting Dolby Home Theater technology and air intake grilles.

Display, acoustics and webcam

Acer Aspire S7 is equipped with a touchscreen IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels (Full HD). The screen boasts wide viewing angles, high brightness levels and excellent color reproduction. By the way, according to the manufacturer, the maximum opening angle of the screen is 180 °, but users of this ultrabook note that it does not provide the declared opening angle. Heavy-duty Gorilla Glass protects the laptop screen from various kinds of damage and scratches.

Exactly in the center above the display can be seen a small microphone hole and the Acer Crystal Eye high-definition webcam.

As we mentioned earlier, on the bottom of the laptop, under the decorative grilles, there are two speakers supporting Dolby Home Theater technology. These speakers provide clear and high-quality sound, however, it cannot be called loud.

Keyboard and touchpad

Ultrabook ** Acer Aspire S7 ** is equipped with a wide and comfortable island-style keyboard, which also has a built-in backlight that turns on automatically depending on the degree of light. All keys are located at a certain distance from each other, so accidental presses will be rare. The keyboard unit is slightly recessed into the operating panel. This solution reduces the stress on the hands. By the way, the pallet is made of magnesium alloy.

Unusually, there is no top row of function keys F1-F12, their functions are performed by the keys of the number row. Additionally, there are buttons for adjusting the volume and turning on the wireless modules.

A rather large touchpad is located under the wide spacebar. The very fact of the presence of a full-size touch pad is undoubtedly pleasing, because most often small touchpads are installed in devices of this form factor.


The Ultrabook is shipped with a pre-installed 64-bit operating system Windows 8. In this operating system, Microsoft has implemented all the latest technologies.

The Aspire S7 is powered by a third generation Intel Core i5-3317U dual-core processor. In addition, there are configurations with the Core i7-3517U. All of the above processors are installed in both the older 13.3 "and the younger 11.6" laptop models. In our case, the ultrabook is equipped with a 22-nm Intel Core i5-3317U processor. The clock speed of this CPU is 1.7 GHz, and the cache memory of the third level has a volume of 3 MB. The processor supports Turbo Boost technology, so its operating frequency can be increased from 1.7 GHz to 2.6 GHz.Thanks to another important Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, this CPU can handle up to four threads of data simultaneously.

If we talk about the dual-core processor Core i7-3517U, then its operating frequency is 1.9 GHz, and the cache memory is 4 MB. As well as the junior model, it is capable of simultaneously processing up to four data streams. The Core i7-3517U is built on a 22nm process technology and supports Turbo Boost technology, which allows you to increase the clock speed up to 3 GHz.

The Aspire S7 is equipped with only an integrated graphics card - Intel HD Graphics 4000. This graphics core is able to cope with undemanding tasks, which means it can be used for processing photos or videos, as well as for games with low system requirements.

The ultrabook is equipped with 4GB DDR3 SDRAM. You can store important data on a solid state drive with a capacity of 128 GB. We would like to note that the older model Aspire S7 with the Core i7-3517U processor is equipped with a larger 256 GB storage. Both in the first and in the second case, the volume of the hard disk cannot be called very large, so additional external media may be needed to store photos and movies.

Since we are dealing with an ultrabook, special attention must be paid to its cooling system, because the performance and durability of laptop components depends on how well it is built. The Aspire S7 has two coolers, the first one draws in air, and the second one is responsible for exhausting the already heated air. As we said earlier, the ventilation grilles are located on the bottom and on the back of the laptop. We have to admit that the cooling system works quite loudly, which in turn is a little annoying. On the other hand, the pad and the keyboard backing remain always cold.

Ports and communications

The Ultrabook cannot boast of a wide range of ports and interfaces, but it still has the essentials. So, on the left side of the 11-inch model, you can see a high-speed USB 3.0 port and a connector for a charger cord. In addition, there is a miniature laptop power button.

On the opposite side there is another USB 3.0 port, a card reader that works with microSD memory cards, and a combined audio jack for connecting a microphone and headphones.

The manufacturer has placed a Micro-HDMI connector on the back of the ultrabook. We would like to say that with the help of adapters, the USB port can be turned into a socket for connecting a network cable, and Micro-HDMI can function as a VGA port.

The 13.3-inch Aspire S7 has a combo audio jack, mini-HDMI output, a power supply cord connector and a miniature power button on the left side. In addition to all of the above, on this side there is a place for fixing an additional battery.

The right side is equipped with a card reader and two ports, two USB 3.0.

Work with wireless communications is provided by a Wi-Fi adapter and a Bluetooth version 4.0 module.


The 11.6-inch Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook is equipped with a 4-cell 2500 mAh lithium-polymer battery, while the 13-inch version of the laptop is equipped with a 2340 mAh battery. In standalone mode, with Wi-Fi on and in read mode, the laptop will work for about 4 hours. However, if the brightness of the screen backlight is reduced by half, then the battery life will increase by more than one hour. An additional lithium polymer battery can be used if needed.


** Acer Aspire S7 ** is endowed with all the qualities that a modern ultrabook should have. It features a light and thin design, a powerful processor, solid state storage and a Full HD display. To all of the above, you can add a very stylish appearance, as well as a huge display angle. Fans of powerful characteristics and extraordinary solutions will not ignore this ultrabook.

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