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What enamel to choose

We are already accustomed to the fact that the world around us is bright and colorful and, practically, we do not notice it. The surfaces surrounding us are the walls and floors in the apartment, the fence along the house, the facades of buildings - all of them are painted with colored paint, which is not only a decoration, but also protects surfaces from the adverse effects of the environment.

At all times, paints were considered the most affordable and effective way to transform the world and make it brighter, as well as decorate clothes, household items and, of course, your home.

Today, the process of making paints, known to people since ancient times, has practically remained unchanged. Colored pigments, which in ancient times were ground by hand, are today mixed with a carrier base thanks to a high-precision technique.

Pigments are mineral or synthetic substances. Together with metallic powder, they are an important component of any paint and give it color. The coloring power and quality of the coating of paints that are used for repair and decorative work directly depend on the quality properties of pigments.

Drying oil, alkyd resins, PVA glue, polymer dispersions and other substances are binding film-forming substances of modern coloring compositions, which determine the purpose of the paint and divide it into alkyd, acrylic, silicate, adhesive, oil and enamel compositions.

An enamel composition or enamel is a varnish to which a color pigment and various fillers are added. Enamels are alkyd, nitrocellulose, epoxy and oil, depending on the varnish used.

In terms of their composition, enamels can be based on organic solvents and water-based. Enamels based on organic solvents are the most popular among consumers.

Pigment for enamel, unlike oil paint, is not diluted with drying oil, but with oil varnish. If the enamel is stored for a long time, it can thicken. The enamel should be diluted with a special solvent. Enamel should be used to paint walls in bathrooms, kitchens and places with high humidity.

The choice of enamel should be given the nature of the surface to be painted - it is wood, brick, concrete or steel, as well as where painting will take place - inside or outside the building. You also need to take into account the average temperature and humidity.

Alkyd or pentaphthalic enamel is the most widespread and popular, as it has excellent performance properties. It can be used to paint metal and wood surfaces, both inside and outside the building.

Alkyd enamel creates a dense and reliable protective coating on the painted surface. And thanks to the varnish in the enamel, the coating has a rich shade, it turns out to be shiny and glossy.

Alkyd enamels are very waterproof and do not fade in the sun, but they absolutely cannot withstand temperatures over eighty degrees.

Alkyd enamel based on PF-115 varnish is used for painting plastered surfaces, metal, concrete and wood for external and internal work.

And the enamel PF-226 is suitable only for interior work, in particular, for painting the floor, as it has high mechanical strength and glossy shine.

Glyphthalic universal enamel is used to cover the surface of products or parts made of metal and wood indoors.

Enamel, which contains a large amount of oils, is called greasy varnish. This enamel is used without any damage for outdoor work. It gives a durable coating with a very hard film that can easily withstand all the vagaries of the weather.

Alkyd enamels should not be applied to untreated metal surfaces, garage floors, and surfaces that are exposed to heat, as alkyd compounds are flammable.

Polyurethane enamel has increased strength, which significantly increases its cost compared to other enamels. It is used rather limitedly, in places where it is very important to have a permanent and flawless coating, for example, painting parquet in a museum or other public places.

Nitroenamel takes a special place. It is used in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Nitro enamel is ideal for painting wood, dries very quickly, has good strength and beautiful gloss.

Hammer enamel has a peculiar textured pattern that allows you to hide various irregularities and defects on metal surfaces. It is used for painting machine tools, gratings and other metal products. Hammer enamel perfectly withstands low temperatures and is successfully used for indoor and outdoor work.

Primer Enamel or Rust Enamel is an amazing mix that will save you time and effort when painting rusty surfaces. Primer-enamel is a primer, rust remover and the enamel coating itself in one bottle. Before painting, it is necessary to clean the surface from loose areas of rust, while corrosion should not be more than half the thickness of the metal. Otherwise, the enamel will be ineffective. It can be used outdoors and indoors.

Anti-corrosion enamel is vinyl chloride and epoxy paints. The enamel is a chemical and weather resistant coating. Anti-corrosion enamel is used for road marking, ship, food, radiation-resistant coatings. Also, this enamel can be used to process reinforced concrete, brick, asbestos-cement surfaces. The enamel perfectly tolerates temperature extremes, atmospheric precipitation, shock-resistant, easy to apply, does not smudge and has a guaranteed service life of up to 15 years.

Anti-corrosion enamel, which is an epoxy composition, is used to paint the surface of equipment transporting drinking water or food. Enamel protects the surface from the effects of acids, alkalis, river and sea water, oil products, high humidity and other aggressive environment.

In the modern market, paints based on thermoplastic acrylic resin have begun to appear, which create an especially durable surface that can be self-cleaning. Such paints are widely used for painting the facades of buildings.

When choosing enamel, pay attention not only to the fact that the paint is expensive and of high quality, but also take into account many other important properties of enamels. The huge assortment of the modern market will allow you to choose the optimal combination of enamel properties, which in turn will bring good results.

Our store will always help you make the right choice. But whichever enamel you choose, always strictly follow its purpose, then your coating will have a perfect look and will serve you for a long time.