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Samsung YP-U5 review

Samsung YP-U5 - a sports player designed for listening to music and radio. It also has a built-in voice recorder and calorie counter


In a transparent box with Samsung YP-U5 are:


Mount for comfortable wearing

User's manual

Design, body

Dimensions (edit) Samsung YP-U5 25.4x88x11.8 mm, weight - 23 g. 5 colors - white, black, red, blue and pink. It is difficult to call the design sporty, just as it is original. Dimensions are small, like a lighter. The microphone and strap holes are located on the back. There is also a clip-on attachment for attaching, for example, to a sports suit. The accessory is quite useful.

On the front panel there is a five-way joystick key. It is quite large and comfortable. The inner part is slightly recessed to avoid false clicks.

The power and lock button is located at the bottom of the player. Symmetrically, at the top, there are two keys. One of them is responsible for going back one item with a short press and to the main menu with a long press. The second, with a short press, performs a function that can be specified by the user, and with a long press, it activates the dictaphone.

Under the cap, on the right, there is a regular USB plug, thanks to which you can connect to a computer directly, without using a data cable. The cap is fixed well, you can not be afraid to lose it. Well, and the cable should be purchased, it will be more convenient with it.


Display in Samsung YP-U5 OLED, monochrome, with a resolution of 128x64 pixels. It is bright and clear enough. True, it is difficult to see information on it in the sun. It is necessary to seek or create a shadow. The viewing angle is good in any position. The display itself is somewhat recessed into the body, but is not protected by any coating. So it is not advisable to carry the player in your pocket with keys or nail files, you can damage the screen.


Turns on Samsung YP-U5 by long pressing the button at the bottom of the player. It takes a long time to load, about 7 seconds. After loading, the last function that was started before shutdown opens.

The main menu consists of seven items. There are no brakes when navigating the menu, transitions between items are accompanied by simple animation effects.

The response to keystrokes is fast. All buttons are mechanical, they are much more convenient to use than touch buttons. You can easily control the player without taking it out of your pocket. Erroneous clicks are almost excluded.

Playing music

Samsung YP-U5 reproduces OGG, WMA, MP3 and FLAC formats without bitrate restrictions. Songs can be sorted by tags in the music library, the player also correctly displays folders and files in them. The library contains the following items:








Music Browser

In the item "Recorded" there are recordings from the dictaphone and radio.

During playback, the display shows the clock, playback mode, equalizer type, battery power. When the display of tags is disabled, the name of the folder and the name of the song are displayed in creeping lines. If the display of tags is enabled, then the title of the song, album and artist is displayed as a creeping line. It is also possible to display the cover. True, it does not look very good on a monochrome display, but there is something similar to the original.

There is no context menu in the player, any settings (equalizer, playback type, etc.) can be changed in the Settings item of the main menu. The key, the function of which can be set by the user, can be configured to switch the equalizer, playback mode, playback speed, or launch the "Learning Mode".

The training mode can be useful, for example, for those who are studying a foreign language. It works in this way - during playback, when you press the key configured for it, the section of the composition is looped. You can rewind or forward 10 seconds, you can also change the playback speed with the up or down keys. This is not to say that this function will be useful to many, but it's nice that it is there.

Equalizer has six preset options and one more fully customizable by the user. Equalizer seven-band, you can also use the DNSe function to improve sound quality. In addition, there are two more settings - 3d and Bass, which, respectively, add volume to the sound or enhance low frequencies. All for an amateur.

The settings allow you to enable or disable the display of tags, change the rewinding speed.

For lovers of listening to audio books, Samsung YP-U5 may not like it. You cannot create bookmarks while listening. The ability to automatically move to the next directory when playing from folders is absent. Playlists can only be created using the proprietary program EmoDio. But I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of progressive rewind, although its speed is not very high, but in general it is sufficient.

Power of 20 mW per channel, allows you to use high-quality headphones with an impedance of 32 ohms.

Fitness Mode

This mode is intended for athletes or people who are watching their shape. It works as follows - first, you should indicate your weight and the number of calories that should be burned. After that, the duration of the lesson and the type of load are set - walking, walking, running slow or fast, etc. You can also set the music playback mode - random or sequential. Then you can start training, and at the end of the specified time, the player will "inform" about it. The memory stores information about the last thirty workouts. When viewed, the date, duration, progress, etc. will be displayed.


Thanks to the built-in microphone, Samsung YP-U5 can be used as a voice recorder. True, you cannot connect an external microphone, and there is no line-out. The recording quality is average, even for voice. The file is saved in MP3 format at a bit rate of 128 kbps and a sampling rate of 24 kHz. Loud sound or bass sounds rattling. You can pause while recording. There are no other functions.


The receiver supports RDS information, though only on European firmware. Settings can be changed through the main menu, as there is no context menu. You can select a region to set the range more precisely, change the sensitivity. Station scanning can be carried out in manual or automatic modes. Up to 30 stations are stored in memory.

There is a possibility of recording from the radio, but the quality is approximately the same as that from a voice recorder. The file properties are similar.

Data transfer

The settings specify how the player should be determined by the computer - like a regular flash drive or a multimedia device. In both cases, you can use the EmoDio program installed on your computer. Its capabilities are quite large, but they are mainly useful for more functional players (with playback of videos, pictures, etc.). The speed of downloading music to the player's memory is about 2-3 MB / s. You don't have to spend a lot of time to update your music library.


There are two modifications Samsung YP-U5 - with 2 or 4 GB of internal memory. Unfortunately, you cannot use memory cards.


Rechargeable lithium polymer battery, can be charged from a USB computer or charger. The duration of continuous playback can last 20 hours. And the display consumes little power.


The player is quite convenient, a good number of playable formats.


Playback quality

Ease of management


No card support microSD

Not a very good voice recorder

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