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Refrigerator or freezer on the balcony - is it possible to put (hold) a freezer or refrigerator on the balcony in winter

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Can I put a refrigerator or freezer on the balcony?

Analyze the situation and decide on a solution: is your loggia suitable for placing a refrigerator there?

For a long and trouble-free operation of the unit, 5 conditions are necessary:

  • preservation of the household appliance from the effects of precipitation (snow, rain, etc.) and direct sunlight;
  • frequent ventilation so that the refrigerator does not overheat from the heat it generates;
  • installing the refrigerator at a distance of at least 20 cm from the wall;
  • room humidity - no more than 80%;
  • air temperature - within + 7 / + 32 ° C.

The refrigerator and freezer can be placed on the balcony if it is glazed and insulated.

Is it possible to put a freezer or refrigerator on the balcony in winter on an unglazed balcony?

In winter, as in summer, on an unglazed balcony, the refrigerator body will quickly deteriorate under the influence of temperature and humidity changes:

  • the body will rust,
  • plastic parts will warp,
  • the rubber seals will crack.


  • direct sunlight increases the load on the compressor and increases electricity consumption;
  • at low temperatures in winter, the refrigerant in the evaporator freezes, so the unit does not work. After a long downtime, the mechanisms at the time of starting the system wear out as much as possible;
  • safety requirements are not met.
But technology is evolving. For example, Liebherr refrigerators are equipped with FrostProtect technology. It allows you to install the unit in an unheated room, where the temperature is down to -15 ° C. If it is even colder, the freezer will turn off automatically. This does not affect the quality of food savings; with a persistent minus, they do not deteriorate. The FrostProtect technology is good because it keeps a stable temperature in the freezer, when it can be minus on winter nights, and in the daytime, under the influence of sunlight, it can be about 0 ° C, or a persistent plus. Now you know about all the nuances of this issue. Whether you can put the refrigerator on the balcony or not - the decision is yours.
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