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HOW TO TIE A TIE - how easy it is to tie correctly and beautifully, knots for a tie, options for their types and methods of tying

First, place the tie so that the wide end is on the left hand and the narrow end on the right.

  1. Throw the wide end over the thin one, wrap the wide end around the thin one, and then bring it out from below to the right side.
  2. The knot is suitable for men with a high chin.
  3. In the US, Pratt and Windsor are used interchangeably.

Remember forever the general principle on "how to tie a tie." Large men suit voluminous knots, and slender ones - narrow and neat. So far, everything is simple. Let's start training. Where are you going? Choose the option suitable for the event, look at the diagram and go ahead.

The easiest way to tie a tie. A topical classic and a great option for a "teapot".

  • A plus: versatility. Combines with ties of any length and collars of all kinds.
  • Minus: on short men it looks rude.

East knot (oriental)

It will not work to tie an oriental with a swoop. He will pretend that he has succumbed, and will immediately treacherously hang around his neck as a shapeless rag. You will need maximum perseverance and concentration, but the result is worth it.

  • A plus: elegance will favorably set off the rough textured fabric of the tie.
  • Minus: too massive for slender men.

The “right” tie is always darker than the shirt.

Choose with a larger pattern than a shirt.

Kelvin Knot

Complicated version of Oriental and plus 5 levels to your irresistibility! Tying Kelvin oh how difficult it is - that's the catch.

  • A plus: a narrow tie made of lightweight fabric, tied in a Kelvin knot, looks exceptionally stylish.
  • Minus: Kelvin is "not on friendly terms" with shirts with a wide collar.

Prince Albert Knot (Double Knot)

The closest relative of a simple way, but with a claim to originality. It is not known what connects him with the venerable consort of Queen Victoria, but how it sounds!

  • A plus: double knot on a thin tie + shirt with a wide collar = impeccable taste.
  • Minus: tied in this way is a bit short for tall men.

Tie a Tie, Jedi Level

Check list:

- the knot is neat, does not look like a stranglehold, but it does not dangle freely either - as if it is about to fall apart;

- the knot does not expand the ends of the collar and is not "lost" between them;

- a special chic and evidence of undeniable skill - a small dimple under the knot.

Windsor Knot

This knot is a true aristocrat. Next to him, he does not tolerate anything but impeccable classics. Only a strict two and a shirt with a turn-down collar.

  • A plus: with this knot, even an old tie that has lost its shape will get a second chance.
  • Minus: on a tie made of dense fabric, the knot will come out disproportionately large.

Watch the video on how to tie Windsor and "Quarter» node. The “tabletop” way is impressive!

Half-Windsor Knot

The half-windzor is much simpler and more democratic than his “half-bike”. The dimple under this knot is not just the icing on the cake, but a must have.

  • A plus: The half-windsor fits perfectly into the collar of any shirt shape.
  • Minus: Not an option for wide or short ties.

The place of the tie clip is between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt.

Balthus Knot

Balthus is like Whoopi Golberg on the red carpet: too big, too pretentious. But it has its own charm and charm.

  • A plus: owners of short stature and large build - this is your finest hour. No other knot will look more advantageous on you.
  • Minus: on a wide or thick tie, the knot will turn out to be too large.

Eldridge Knot

Office traditions, keep the challenge!

  • A plus: such a knot is a catchy decoration of the image.A suit of simple cut and a plain tie made of expensive fabric will emphasize its originality.
  • Minus: wearing the Eldridge is hard. The slightest carelessness in tying, and he immediately dismissed.

Trinity Knot

Tying up Trinity and going to the office is like going to a bakery in a tuxedo. Save it for a gala reception. Do not be alarmed, it is not as difficult as it seems.

  • A plus: Experiment with a diagonal striped tie. On such a node, the result will be absolutely fantastic.
  • Minus: in combination with a shirt collar with wide or rounded edges, Trinity will lose all its charm.

The bow tie

The butterfly has already “fluttered” beyond the red carpet for a long time and chose checkered shirts tucked into frayed jeans. This latest cheat sheet is indispensable for all casual dandies.

  • A plus: a win-win and elegant combination - a bow tie in the same color scheme as a shirt.
  • Minus: choosing a bow tie to match your jacket, do not be surprised if at a party you will be mistaken for a waiter.

Stylists warn: buying and wearing a ready-made bow tie is a sign of laziness and bad taste. Learn at least one knot and tie it yourself.

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