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HOW TO PUMP THE ASS - how to quickly pump up the ass at home for a girl

The butt is made up of muscle and body fat. Although her independent behavior sometimes makes one suspect a drop of the brain in her. The beauty of the priests depends on the muscles: the more they are developed, the more round and firmer its shape. But fat is a flabby substance, tending downward and avoiding any certainty in a purely feminine way. Getting rid of body fat is easier than building muscles, so our first task is to exercise regularly and a lot with light weights or on fitness machines.

Having rid your marvelous organ of unnecessary layers and revealing its true essence, look: maybe it already suits you? The fact is that even light exercises will increase muscle tone, and the butt will become more toned. If the shape is still not perfect (and this is most likely), proceed with exercises to pump up your ass. Let kettlebells, dumbbells, strength machines and hard workouts become your friends.

The more you load your buttocks, the slimmer and more beautiful they will become. The best option is to alternate cardio workouts on an orbit track or treadmill with strength training. But first things first.

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How to pump up the ass at home: mastering the squat technique

Squats are one of the most effective methods to pump up your butt. Do not rush to squat at random, the laxity of school physical education lessons here "will not work." Now we are not passing the standards, but making ourselves a star! It is very important to master the correct technique for performing the exercise, otherwise there will be no sense from it.

  1. Keep your head and back straight, on the same axis.
  2. Keep your heels on the floor.
  3. Do not protrude your knees beyond the boundary of an imaginary vertical line drawn from the toe, and do not move them to the side.
  4. Shallow squats are especially effective when the knee bend does not exceed 90 degrees and the hips are parallel to the floor.
  5. Do the exercise slowly, watching your breathing: squat while inhaling, and exhaling, returning to the starting position. Do not fully extend your legs, the muscles should remain tense at all times.

First, learn to squat no load, then add weight by picking up dumbbells. Increase their weight gradually.

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Squats and lunges with weights

Making the squat more difficult increases its effectiveness. To do this, you can use a fitball.

Execution technique:

  1. Throw your toe onto the fitball at the back.
  2. Squat on your supporting leg to a right angle at the knee, and immediately return to the starting position. The step should be wide enough.

Weighted lunges are very useful for the buttocks and legs.

Execution technique:

  1. Stand with your feet together, arms with weights along your body.
  2. Step one leg wide forward and slowly lower yourself onto it, making sure that all of the above rules are followed.
  3. Do not bend your knees more than 90 degrees; the second knee almost touches the floor. Without lingering in this position, return to the starting position.

You don't have to return to the opposite position, but rather slowly walk forward with long strides, but this is convenient to do at the stadium or in the hall. Lunges in this performance remind me personally of successful shopping: bags are pulled to the ground, but I want to go home as soon as possible. So we sail in a graceful wave, anticipating how the new mini-skirt will look on us.

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How to pump up the ass on simulators

The most effective are hyperextensions, weight block and disc-loaded simulators. They perfectly engage the muscles of the hips and buttocks in the work.However, do not rush into all grave problems at once: devote the first workouts to mastering the correct technique for performing the exercises.

Basic rules for training on simulators:

  1. Take your time, do everything smoothly.
  2. Do not let go of the load so that the muscles do not reach the point of relaxation.
  3. Always remember to keep your back straight. Do not slouch, do not lower your head, look straight. Feel proud of your new (or future) butt!
  4. Breathe smoothly without jerking.
  5. Start with small loads, gradually increasing them. Take a few minutes break between sets.

If you want to pump up your ass on treadmills or orbit tracks, then use them at an angle. As if go uphill, to the heights of perfection. Bend your legs slightly as you train in the orbit track to increase the tension on the target muscles. After training, you will definitely notice the effectiveness of this method, because the muscles will scream in pain and beg to stop this bullying. Don't give in! The booty of a dream is pain, sweat and tears ... at first.

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Now you know how to tighten up your butt. So what are you waiting for? Running for dumbbells and beauty, girls!

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