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Review Lenovo IdeaPad G560 Notebook

The Lenovo IdeaPad G560 is a powerful multimedia notebook designed for both entertainment and work. For such solutions, not only the performance of the device is important, but also its functionality, since the price for such models is very often high.

Laptop delivery set:

- Lenovo IdeaPad G560 weighing 2205 grams;

- 6-cell battery weighing 306 grams;

- power cord + device for charging a battery weighing 330 grams;

- warranty card;

- a reminder about setting up the device;

- user manual for laptop Lenovo IdeaPad G560;

- disc with licensed OS Windows 7 Home Basic;

- four disks with drivers and proprietary software.

The device comes with a preinstalled Windows 7 Home Basic (64-bit, RUS) operating system. This manufacturer always equips its devices with OS recovery software discs.

Performance Lenovo IdeaPad G560

As a basis, this device uses a two-core processor Core i3-330M, which is made according to the standards of a 32-nm technological process. Each core of this processor operates at a frequency of 2130 MHz. The L3 cache in this processor is three megabytes. The maximum thermal package is 35 watts. This processor has support for technologies such as: Enhanced Intel SpeedStep, Idle State, Execute Disable Bit, Intel 64 Architecture and so on. During operation, the Core i3-330M processor is guided by a full set of functions: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE 4.1, SSE 4.2.

A processor with an updated architecture requires a newer control chipset. The Intel HM55 chip was chosen as such. This processor took over the lion's share of the responsibilities of the north bridge, thereby leaving nothing to the system logic. Therefore, the Intel HM55 does not have many features. Of the most basic functions of this microcircuit, I would like to note the presence of a built-in Intel High Definition (HD) Audio sound core and a network controller that supports a maximum speed of 1000 Mb / s.

The device's RAM includes two different modules of the same DDR3-1066 standard, the total amount of RAM in this laptop is 3072 MB.

This amount of RAM will be the most optimal for everyday tasks. If necessary, the amount of RAM can be increased to eight gigabytes - this amount is the maximum possible for the built-in memory controller.

Video system Lenovo IdeaPad G560

The graphics system of this laptop includes two video cards. The first is built into the laptop processor, it is called Intel HD Graphics, the second is a discrete graphics adapter GeForce 310M which is much more productive than the first. Unfortunately, switching between these adapters has not yet been implemented, which is a pity. So the main video adapter here is still the GeForce 310M.

At the beginning of this year, nVidia introduced a new series of mobile video cards that replaced the 200 series. In our laptop, just such a graphics adapter is used, namely: the GeForce 310M. Although it can hardly be called a novelty. In fact, it remained the same GeForce G210M only with a slightly increased operating frequency.

Case Lenovo IdeaPad G560

The device looks just fine. It will not be a shame to put this laptop even on the table of the director of a large IT company. The device is made entirely in the theme of colors, and straight lines are used in the body design itself. This combination resembles an expensive formal business suit. The top cover of the device has a thick lacquer coating, under which you can see the texture of black short lines that intersect at different angles. This design move complements the overall picture of the device. Naturally, despite the chic design, the weakness of this solution is the various prints that the case of this laptop attracts like a magnet. They are very clearly visible on the body of the device, so if you become the proud owner of this laptop, then you will have to wipe it off the dust very often.The top cover itself is uneven and resembles a spoiler that is quite often used in a laptop from the ASUS LAMBORGHINI series, only it is slightly smaller here. This design element looks very good. In the upper right corner on the lid is the manufacturer's logo in silver color. The top cover is attached to the bottom of the laptop with two hinges. They fix the display quite well in intermediate positions, but in the closed position there are not enough springs. If you turn the device over when closed, the laptop lid will open a little about three centimeters. There are no other cover latches on the case, so you need to be careful when transporting this laptop: if it opens, small objects can get into the middle and damage the laptop display.

The internal style of the device is fully consistent with the appearance of the laptop: all the same chopped lines and austere appearance have remained here. The wrist rest is made of solid aluminum sheet that is roughly sanded. This design can perfectly hide various prints and abrasions on the case. When working under the hands, it is very pleasant to feel the metal surface than ordinary plastic.

Directly under the screen, from one hinge to another, a plastic grille is stretched, which has a very fine perforation, under which the built-in audio system of the device is located, which consists of two speakers. The sound quality of this device is enough only for games, watching movies, and so on. They have an average volume margin, but even at maximum volume, no distortions were noticed in the sound. Due to the fact that there is no subwoofer, it is almost impossible to achieve depth and spaciousness of sound.

To the left of the grill, under which the laptop's audio system is hidden, there are three hardware keys. The first is for turning on the device itself, the second is for launching the proprietary utility One Key Recovery 6.0, and the third is for launching the Energy Management application - with which the power consumption of this laptop is adjusted. Right after these keys, there is a narrow glossy strip. On which there are two indicators and four touch buttons. Three of them are used to adjust the sound volume, and the fourth is used to launch the OneKeyStudio application, with which the color and sound range of the device is expanded. It has three modes: "Normal", "Movie", "Auto Select". Switching to Film mode significantly increases contrast and adds echo to the film's sound path. The utility is pretty useful. All indicators and buttons on the laptop are backlit with a white backlight, and the touch buttons start to glow very brightly when pressed. The backlighting of the buttons does not hurt the eyes and does not distract at all. Another row of indicators is located on the front end. By these indicators, you can find out the operating mode of the laptop, whether the power cord is connected, the status of the wireless modules and the moment when the hard disk is being accessed.

The display has a narrow glossy bezel. There are ten rubber pads along the perimeter of this frame, thanks to which the display and the working surface do not touch each other when the device is closed. In the center of this frame is the built-in webcam, which has a resolution of 0.3 megapixels. The camera is rotatable, so to achieve the desired viewing angle, the user will have to adjust the lid of the device. If the camera is on, a small LED is on next to it. The quality of the camera did not impress us. Even in good lighting, digital noise is clearly visible when shooting with the camera.

The base of this unit is made of durable, thick plastic. Upon a detailed examination of this part of the case, it is striking that here, too, the company's designers have made their own amendment. All components of the device such as wireless modules, cooling system and hard disk are located under one cover.If you open it, then in addition to this, you can also find a miniPCI-E slot there; you can use it at your own discretion.

The metal part of the working surface is almost impossible to press down, besides, it is difficult to twist. In the case of the lid, everything is normal here: due to its small thickness, it is very easy to bend it, although we did not succeed in pushing it to the matrix without the risk of breaking the plastic one. The build quality of the device is excellent, the case does not creak during use. There are minimal gaps between all elements. The chassis of this laptop receives the highest marks for build quality and design.

Lenovo IdeaPad G560 keyboard and touchpad

I say right away that the keyboard of this laptop is very easy to use. The keyboard unit consists of 101 keys, which are made of matte plastic and have a standard shape. If not for the function key, then the layout of this keyboard could be called simply excellent. It is located in the corner where we are used to seeing the Ctrl button. The rest of the buttons are located in the places where they should be. All letters and symbols on the keys are white. The manufacturer has added a block of numeric keys to this laptop. In order to fit it, it was necessary to reduce the size of some keys. All keys from the number pad are slightly smaller than the rest. They are the same size, and the arrow keys are all the same size. In addition to the basic functions, the arrows can also be used to adjust the brightness of the backlight and the volume of the sound. Also, due to lack of space, the manufacturer had to reduce the Shift key and the Start key. It took me several days to get used to the keyboard unit of this laptop.

The touchpad of this laptop has a rather large dimensions - 85x52 mm. It is slightly recessed into the body and surrounded by a thin chrome frame, which has clear transition boundaries. The surface of the touchpad has a dotted surface. On the right side there is a visually highlighted vertical scrolling area. Unfortunately, there is no horizontal scrolling, and there is also no double-touch technology. Unfortunately, the functionality of this touch field is poor. But on the other hand, it fits perfectly into the design of this laptop. When working with this touch field, the cursor behaved somehow strangely: it could freeze in one place by itself, and then jump abruptly to another part of the display. Another feature of this touch field is its buttons. They are combined together with the touchpad. On the touchpad, they are highlighted by small elongated gray ovals. You need to click on these ovals. Otherwise, the click will not be counted and you will have to click again.

The touch field of this laptop is drawn only to the design decoration of the device, it is extremely inconvenient to work with it. To do this, it is better to connect an external mouse and do not suffer.

Lenovo IdeaPad G560 Screen

The Lenovo IdeaPad G560 uses a 15.6-inch matrix. And the maximum resolution of this display is 1366x768 pixels. The aspect ratio of this is 16: 9, which is well suited for comfortable watching movies. The matrix is ​​used here from LG Display, the model is LP156WH2-TLAA. In addition, this matrix has LED backlighting, due to which the picture on the display is bright and juicy, in addition, this type of backlighting saves battery power. The display has a glossy finish, which makes the display appear vivid.

Optical drive and hard drive in Lenovo IdeaPad G560

For working with optical discs, the laptop has a MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ890AS drive. The characteristics of this drive are at a decent level. He can read information from almost any optical storage device. Unfortunately, it does not support LabelFlash and LightScribe technologies. But on the other hand, there is Buffer UnderRun technology that protects buffer underruns.

For storing user data in this laptop there is a Hitachi HTS545025B9A300 hard drive with a capacity of 250 gigabytes.This hard drive belongs to the Travelstar line. Of the advantages of this hard disk, I would like to highlight the technology for controlling the head flight height.

Lenovo IdeaPad G560 Battery

This notebook is supplied with a 6-cell 4400 mAh Li-Ion battery.

The results of the review of the laptop Lenovo IdeaPad G560

I have only positive impressions from using this laptop. Lenovo has come out with an excellent laptop in every respect of the word. Beautiful and stylish design and high performance of the processor would allow this device to be a replacement for a desktop home computer, if not for one thing, this is the graphics of this device. The video card of this laptop belongs to the budget level and is unlikely to satisfy the requirements of gamers. But the austere appearance of the device sets the user up for work, not entertainment. This laptop is primarily a work tool, not an entertainment center. The high cost of the Lenovo IdeaPad G560 laptop can be noted, but this is only a consequence of using the latest components.

Benefits Lenovo IdeaPad G560:

- stylish appearance;

- metal wrist rest;

- high-quality processor;

- a convenient keyboard unit, which also has a full-fledged digital unit.

Disadvantages Lenovo IdeaPad G560:

- low resolution of the built-in webcam;

- inconvenient sensory field;

- glossy finish on the top cover of the laptop.

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