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LAWN MOWER OR TRIMMER - which is better trimmer or lawn mower

“Which is better: a trimmer or a lawn mower?” Is a trick question, because each unit is designed for a specific job.

Working with the trimmer is not clean: greenery flies around. But you can't do without it in the garden. The lawn mower will not fit close to the bush - there are islands of blades of grass. Then you have to manually trim. And with a trimmer, on which a spool with fishing line, you can gently bypass the plantings. True, work slows down near berries and flowers. You have to tread a lot so as not to mow the seedling, but it's worth it.

The trimmer does not mow steadily: there remains a centimeter of overgrowth, there - five, a little further - two. Sometimes uproots the grass. And with a lawn mower like a comb: set 3 cm, and mows so much.

I have a Makita self-propelled lawn mower for my dacha. I pressed the lever, and she drove off. No pushing or carrying: a grass catcher for chopped grass is provided. When choosing, I looked at the design of the knife. An important criterion was the bushing, which protects the motor from knife jamming. If stones and thick branches fall into the mowing area, it allows the knife to turn and the engine does not wedge.

Electric mowers have brush or brushless motors

The latter work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Marked as "Brushless". Under equal conditions, they give out more power and break less often.

Where a lawnmower fails, a trimmer comes to the rescue. I have a 40 V battery Greenworks in my farm. At first glance, it is lightweight. Weighs 4 kg. You work, you don't feel the load, but then it affects. When you swing these four kgs, tomorrow you understand how everything hurts. At first it seemed out of habit, but in fact, it is difficult to get used to it. Every time as the first.

When choosing a trimmer, look at the weight

It is necessary that the center of gravity be in the handle, then you will be less tired during work. The balanced unit does not outweigh the motor or the cutting unit.

Which is better: a lawn mower or a trimmer - the totals in the table

The lawn mower is good on a flat lawn. If you have to cut in furrows or in a neglected area, just a trimmer.

  • The power of the garden tool is selected depending on the type of grass:
    • soft - any will do,
    • if the stems are hard (sedge) - take a more powerful model.
  • Again, depending on the after-work, the trimmer head is also selected:
    • fishing line is good for soft greenery. Take with a spool that has automatic whisker adjustment;
    • for harder vegetation, it is better to use knives, because the line consumption is too high. And the knife copes with bushes and burdocks.

See the table for the "pros" and "cons" of summer cottages.

Lawn mowerGarden trimmer
  • The greens are collected in a grass catcher or scattered around the site
  • Mows strictly according to the set height
  • Mows into swaths
  • Can be mowed closely under a bush or flower garden
  • Conveniently mow slopes, furrows and cuts
disadvantagesNear a tree or fence, you can't mow under bushes
  • Greenery flies in all directions
  • Cuts unevenly, pulls out the grass
  • You have to strain when you work

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