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HP Deskjet F380 Review

Today I want to introduce you to the HP DeskJet F380 printer. The device combines several functions and its price is very affordable. This model is for users who do not require high printing speed and use a printer for educational tasks.

Design and construction

The device has a pleasant appearance. It's pretty compact. Has the shape of a rectangle. The printer is very easy to use and does not require studying the instructions. The only thing that will require a little of your attention is familiarity with the interface of the scanning software. Only, in my opinion, the program menu had to be done with fewer settings. Working with him would become even faster and easier.

The scanner of the device is multifunctional: it restores faded color, removes dust and scratches from the scanned material, removes moiré, inverts colors, darkens and brightens light / dark areas. These features will keep you bored and spend a lot of time learning and experimenting with them, so you no longer need an image processing software when scanning. Installation of the device into the system is simple and straightforward. The whole procedure will take you no more than ten minutes. The scanner and printer in the device are capable of working as a pair or separately.


The scanner is based on a CIS sensor. It scans at up to 1200 dpi optical resolution. A distinct buzzing sound is heard when scanning an item. But it can be reduced to a comfortable rustle by increasing the scan resolution. The scanner does an excellent job with text documents, which is not the case with photographs.

When you look at the scanned image more closely, you will notice a rather strange "stitching", that is, a shift of one pixel. This is due to the uneven speed of the scanning bar. Such jerks occur at regular intervals in the photograph.


When working with the copier, five buttons are used, two of which have LEDs. The buttons are located on the general control panel, to the left of the scanner cover. The copier in the HP DeskJet F380 independently performs only a number of the simplest operations. On the control panel, set the number of copies (up to 9), select the type of scan (b / w and color text or graphics) and set the color.

The menu has options for choosing colored text and graphics, but when copying a photo, the result is mediocre. But this only happens with photographs, and copied documents or simple graphics are excellent.


The printer is located deep in the housing. Therefore, there is no open access to its very mechanism. The DeskJet F380 does not have the usual flip top, with which the scanner rises like a chest lid and provides a good view and access to the mechanism. To change cartridges, a special lid at the top of the tray opens and almost the entire palm is immersed inside the device. This is not very convenient, since you have to act blindly.

1 - "fast draft", 2 - "fast normal"

3 - "normal", 4 - "best"

5 - "maximum"

The printer prints confidently, without jerking, no matter what is printed: text or photograph. Periodic pauses, lasting 10-15 seconds, the device makes only to load the next portion of the document when printing large files. The printer is a little noisy due to the paper feed mechanism.

In general, the printing process is excellent. Only there is a bit of confusion with the print modes. This can be seen by looking at the table of photo print speeds. Only positive impressions will remain from working with the printer. Unfortunately, there is no CD with PC drivers included with the device. But now this is not a problem, since they can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.


When evaluating the functionality of the device, nothing special was found. The printer has a full set of standard features that the average user needs. One of the main roles in product evaluation is played, first of all, by the low price. It is now very difficult to find such a multifunctional device for so little money. The main advantage of the DeskJet F380 is also the work of the printer: it is not demanding on paper and produces photos of very good quality. Buy HP DeskJet F380 in our store at the lowest price!