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Updated Android for HTC Desire

Today, on the official website of the company, NTS announced the possibility of updating the Android 2.2 operating system for HTC Desire for users living in Russia and Ukraine. It is pleasant to note that NTS is one of the communicator manufacturers that officially opened access to the end users to the Android 2.2 (FroYo) system update.

Speaking as a part of the update, we can say that it will include both standard sets of additional functionality for Android 2.2, as well as a number of special functions that have become available thanks to the updated version of HTC Sense. Noting the fact that HTC Sense has been updated, we can safely say that the uniqueness of the HTC's user interfaces will certainly take Desire to a higher level of ease of use.

Returning to the main topic of the news again, it can be noted that after the updates of the NTS Desire Android 2.2 operating system, users will have full access to the functionality of Android 2.2, which includes such a function as shooting with a higher resolution (720p). The HTC Sync version updated along with Android 2.2 will also delight the owners of the HTC Desire with the expansion of the range of functionality, one of which is the synchronization of multimedia files with iTunes.

Users of HTC Desire do not need to search the site for an updated version of the Android on their own, the smartphone itself will inform them about the possibility of downloading and installing update packages, there is also no need to worry about the contents of the phone, installing an update will not lead to its loss. Given the size of the updates for the download, a high-speed WiFi connection is highly recommended.

In conclusion, a little secret for the most impatient, if you want to test new software as soon as possible, you need to change the date in the phone settings one month in advance, which will affect the fact that updates will come to you much earlier.

The robots of the NTS updates are guaranteed to be correct only for official (white) devices.

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