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Review of Nokia 2630 Black mobile phone

Nokia 2630 is a great budget novelty for consumers

As you know, releasing budget phones, Nokia primarily focuses on the youth audience. To do this, she comes up with cases with playful designs and colors that are of interest to adolescents and young people, but very rarely to older people who prefer something, albeit original, but simpler and more restrained. The Nokia 2630 has just become a compromise for various categories of consumers. The phone, since the moment of its announcement, has become one of the dominant links in the chain of budget, convenient, attractive externally new products from Nokia.

Design, dimensions, controls

At first glance, a discreet case made of high-quality multi-profile plastic (one can even note that it is resistant to scratches and chips) impresses with its ultra-thin design. It seems that there is nothing special in this, but this is precisely the feature that made it possible to single out a bright segment of admirers of this particular model from the multi-million army of Nokia fans. The model in the color scheme is sustained, so to speak, in "pastel shades" - not quite literally, of course, but upon closer examination, apart from convenience and low weight, the beautiful finish and its color scheme also soothes the soul.

In general, the main body of the phone is made of high-quality plastic, with the exception of the battery cover, which is made of metal. But, despite this, the use of metal elements by the manufacturer not only gives the device an advantageous characteristic, but also increases its status among competitors.

Also, here you need to pay attention to the fact that the metal cover differs both in texture and color from the rest of the back surface. Perhaps for some users it will not matter at all or they may not even notice this feature when buying a phone. Well, for more demanding people, this is still, in some way, a disadvantage, because it seems that a part from another device was used.

Immediately, before I forget, I will focus on the striking banal minus found in the phone personally from the first day of use. It is very difficult, almost impossible to remove the back cover without using a sharp foreign object or without being the owner of a gorgeous manicure. He puffed for a long time to find the resonance between pressing two tiny side latches at the same time and movements vertically directed towards the phone. The cover was removed, but if such a manipulation had to be done often, for example, changing SIM cards, or had to do it in public transport, it would be easier to buy another phone and save yourself from these hellish torments. Removing the cover, I also noted a mostly new feature that pleased me. This time the manufacturer has tried and made many parts of the phone lightweight. In some cases, this is achieved by making a part or working part from a lighter but stronger material. The SIM card is a little hard to insert as for me. Although you can't call it a minus. A tightly attached SIM card is a securely attached SIM card. And reliable is good. The truth is simple.

Let's now go back to the front of the phone we are reviewing. The feature of glossy coatings was striking. As elsewhere, the suede shoe syndrome haunted the display and keyboard everywhere. Moreover, with "street" use, the attacks sharpened much more, and the result was obvious - the entire phone was covered "from head to toe" with fingerprints and dust particles. Fortunately, this was not visible from the side on the silver edging and from the back.There was no way to avoid this from the front. He had to be constantly wiped, which, as it seemed to me, made him even worse. Many visible defects seemed to be smeared and, if viewed from an angle, simply spoiled the appearance of the phone.

On the right side surface (in its upper part), there is a connector for connecting a charger, a service connector (used only in the SC), as well as a 2.5 mm jack connector used to connect a wired headset.

The lower part of the right side surface is filled with the camera activation key, the peculiarity of which is that it has a rather soft stroke when pressed. If the user forgets to lock the phone keypad, then this key will most likely spontaneously activate the phone's camera when it is in his pocket.

The lens of the built-in VGA-camera (slightly recessed into the body) is located on the back of the phone at the top of it. He is accompanied by a small self-portrait mirror.

The lower part of the case has become a convenient place for placing a very important part of the phone - an external speaker for sound reproduction. The upper end of the case is represented by a hole for attaching a lanyard / strap. There is a microphone hole at the bottom end of the case.

  • So, we can highlight the following features of the Nokia 2630:
  • 1. Compactness (due to the size of 105x45x9.9 mm, weight of 66 grams and thickness of the case - 9.9 mm), which allows you to comfortably hold the device in your hand and carry it both in your shirt pocket and in your trousers pocket.
  • 2. The case features slightly smoothed edges and corners for a more attractive and versatile appearance.
  • 3. The design of the phone itself is of interest. This is a black case with small silver inserts, the surface of which is quite varied in its texture:
  • - the front panel with a glossy finish (the disadvantage of such a coating is its quick splattering);
  • - smooth to the touch and not easily soiled silver edging of the case;
  • - slightly rough back wall of the device.


In general, the TFT-display itself is small (28x35 mm) with a resolution of 128x160 pixels and the ability to display up to 65K colors. Speaking of the screen, it should be noted that, first of all, it will completely suit undemanding users, for whom the main function of the phone is the ability to make and receive calls. Nothing is visible in the sun if the contrast is low. And vice versa, if it is large, then everything is visible perfectly. For some reason, I constantly had such a false impression that this was draining the battery, so I tried to bring the slider to half and set the value to middle. The display is not marked anywhere (meaning, first of all, the user's manual) as protected by a special coating, but did not notice its susceptibility to scratches. The back cover wipes off pretty quickly, especially at the bottom. Whether the phone touches it more to the surface, or when it vibrates, the main circular movements fall on this part. The fact remains. The display doesn't even think about scratching. This surprised me. And it's nice. By the way, I came up with or rather spied on another way from scratches. In vain, it will not work for male users. You can easily stick some kind of decorative sticker on the back of your phone. I saw strawberries, hearts and animals on many female users. In this case, when vibrating or moving on a table or any other flat surface, there will be no direct contact of the phone with the surface, this will prevent scuffs from appearing.


Nokia has pleased that it has endowed this, albeit modest, but rather interesting model, with a keyboard with large buttons. I would not say that it is very uncomfortable for me to see the little buttons of solid expensive phones, but still. This device is by no means imaging and does not belong to the category of those accessories that are designed to surprise, to be a luxury item.The main convenience for him. It is. The keys depict Latin and Cyrillic letters and numbers. On some there are designation symbols. Since the size of the keys allowed the manufacturer to make a certain gap between the marking, when the backlight is on, everything is clearly visible on the keyboard, it does not turn into a luminous Christmas garland, a phenomenon that we encounter in many other phones, in particular in many Nokia. The keys are very easy to press. Keyboards with a short stroke from Nokia are generally pleasing lately. Everything is designed without gaps and backlash, so that in addition to the visible attractive and practical part, we see the satisfaction of another user request - dust does not accumulate under the keys and between them. By two barely noticeable, but well perceptible notches on the "five" it is easy to navigate the keyboard in "blind navigation" by touch. As for navigation in the literal sense of the word, it is provided by a large navigation key at the top of the keyboard, below the display. Inside there is a silvery confirmation key, on the sides the very body of the key, a cross without arrows or a square, whatever you like to call it. Movement provides very clear, precise, thanks to the mechanism on the basis of which it functions.


The lifespan of your phone depends on the power of the battery. In the case of Nokia 2630, this is a 700 mAh Li-Ion BL-4B battery that allows you to work up to 13 days in standby mode and up to 6 hours of talk time and which takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge. Pretty good compared to other companies' phones.


Since the menu is very simple, you almost never have to click a lot, which greatly simplifies your task in finding one or another item. Menu items 9. This model has a great opportunity to swap them, taking into account your own tastes. It is possible to place icons in a table, but since the screen is vertical and still narrow for such a quirk, it is much more convenient to use the default - scrollable rows. The icons are simple and straightforward. Informative hints-legends help to understand this or that incomprehensible point. Probably, it will still be more useful for people who hold the phone in their hands for the first time. This is most likely a phone with such a set of functions.

A feature of the menu is the convenience and ease of use and movement in it. This is ensured by the following characteristics:

  • - menu items are presented in the form of vertical lists or 3x3 matrixes;
  • - fast navigation in the menu is carried out using number sequences;
  • - the menu has the "Go To" function - this is a list of the most frequently used functions with the possibility of self-adding or deleting by the user;
  • - it is possible to assign access to the desired menu items from standby mode to pressing the right and left function keys, as well as the navigation key.

As for the submenu, it is also quite convenient due to its functioning in the form of vertical lists with large icons, with small icons, or in the form of a 3x3 matrix. The device has about 16 MB of memory dynamically allocated between applications, of which about 10-11 MB are available to the user. For comfortable work with text, the phone provides a predicative text input system T9 for Russian and English. In general, the localization of the apparatus is well done, and contractions are rare.

Phone book

  • The phone book allows you to have up to 1000 contacts. One contact may include:
  • - name and surname of the person;
  • - Date of Birth;
  • - up to 5 telephone numbers with a choice of the type of number for each of them;
  • - up to 3 email addresses;
  • - web page address;
  • - the name of the organization, position, official name, pseudonym and postal address;
  • - a small text note;
  • - a picture or photograph that identifies the identity of the subscriber.It is displayed for outgoing call, missed call and incoming message in a small window. With an incoming call, the photo is displayed almost full screen, only there are small indents at the top and bottom.

Some of these contact elements are optional, and if there is too much information in a contact, this reduces the number of possible contacts in the phone book. The phone also provides the ability to distribute contacts into groups (for example, family, friends, work), for which you can change not only the name, but also assign a separate ringtone, as well as a picture or photo.

There are 3 options for displaying contacts:

  • 1) in the form of a given name and surname;
  • 2) in the form of a first and last name with a mobile phone number;
  • 3) in the form of a given name and surname, as well as a small miniature of the assigned picture.

The phone book is searched for by the first letters of the name. Contacts can be moved from the SIM card to the phone book and vice versa. The phone has a fast dial up to 8 numbers

Call list

  • This section contains:
  • - lists for 20 received, dialed and missed calls,
  • - numbers to which messages were sent,
  • - time and data counters.
  • Calls from the same number are not combined, but displayed separately from each other.


The process of creating and receiving SMS and MMS messages pleases with its convenience and the ability to use various possibilities. Firstly, it is possible to work with outgoing SMS and MMS messages on one screen at once. The icons (displayed at the bottom of the screen), through which you can select content, make it easier to work. Secondly, from the incoming message, you can extract the data placed in it (phone number, e-mail address or web page) for subsequent use in the phone. The device also allows multi-sending of messages (contacts are placed in one field separated by semicolons) and the function of flash-messages (the text of the message is immediately displayed on the screen of the recipient's phone). Attracted by the presence of sound messages (you can record a message on a dictaphone, no more than 1 minute long and send it in the form of MMS), as well as various templates (speeding up the process of creating a message), both standard and with the ability to create your own. Nokia 2630 has a built-in mail client, it works with POP3 / SMTP protocols, and also provides support for attached files. And one more important detail, the phone only understands letters in Unicode format.


The device has 6 profiles, each of which can be customized by the user.


In order to change the appearance of the menu (color scheme and wallpaper), the user can use various ones, three of which are already in the phone itself, and if necessary, a couple more can be downloaded from the company's website.

Call signals

The phone of this model offers such types of signals for which you can set a ringtone, volume, and also activate vibration: normal, increasing, single, short or silent. As for the vibration signal, it can be used silently or in parallel with the melody.


For the display, you can choose one of the pictures as wallpaper, a screensaver and a color scheme.

Bluetooth function

To enable fast data exchange when connecting with other devices, the device has a Bluetooth 2.0 module that works without problems. Perfect synchronization with it. But the complete horror when connecting to a computer, since the kit does not include a cable, and, in principle, there is no access to it as such. Due to the small memory of the phone, to be honest, he doesn't really need a connection with a computer, but I remembered, for some reason, the handset of a competing company (let's not name the models, let's say that it came out much earlier, a "clamshell" OLED display), which, with a memory of 2 MB, included a fiber-optic cable with a huge transfer speed.As you can see, the need for such things is, rather, the firm's respect for itself and for the buyer, but not always a necessity. The biggest inconvenience associated with synchronization I felt when I took pictures with my phone and then I was asked to send photos by email. In principle, nothing unreal, but I wondered how to do it. There were a lot of photos and in order to send them all, without exception, without choosing some super special ones, you would have to spend a considerable amount on MMS. Moreover, in the MMS, not all fit because of the large size. If we talk about sending via bluetooth to another device, it would be somehow not quite familiar, funny, rather, because it takes a long time and is meaningless. In essence, I would do the same job twice. The third option, the most civilized one - to send it to a computer and from there using an email to send to friends was not crowned with success. The photos did not go to the computer without a cable. Immediately about another drawback of the phone - it has quite a bit of internal memory. Naturally, it would be logical to use a flash drive card, but there is no slot for it. It's offensive. It is precisely because of this that I almost never fully used the phone's ability to clearly and loudly reproduce audio files. By default, the call contains polyphonic polyphonic melodies. For myself, I set pieces of world-famous ones. But, mind you - the pieces. If you completely transfer a track from a computer or another phone to the internal memory, to the gallery, it will soon exhaust its resources and you will have to be content with just a few songs. Naturally, there are more cuts or choruses, but you will not be able to listen to them as listening in the MP3-player mode. It just doesn't make sense.


Simple file manager (files are divided into folders, and you can create your own).


  • Several details need to be highlighted here:
  • 1) an alarm clock that works either daily or on selected days of the week. You can select an alarm for it and assign a repeat time.
  • 2) a calendar that can be viewed both monthly and weekly, broken down by hours. This detail also allows you to create and view events for which you can select: a) type (meeting, call, birthday, note, reminder), place (up to 50 characters), start and end date and time, and write a subject (up to 160 characters); b) select the alert sound and the pre-reminder time.
  • 3) cases - this is the ability to set a date and time, including: recording a topic (up to 160 characters), setting a priority (high, medium, low) and turning on an alarm with the ability to set a pre-reminder time.
  • 4) notes is the ability to create simple text notes, in which the maximum number of characters should not exceed 3000.
  • 5) calculator, stopwatch with intermediate values ​​and countdown timer.


There are three games here: Phantom Spider arcade, legendary snake Snake EX2 and Sudoku logic game.

the Internet

This section contains WAP-browser version 2.0.


This function is designed to make the user's life more interesting and provides the following features:

  • - FM-radio that works in the background and has several features: you can automatically search for radio stations and save them in the phone's memory (good reception quality with the ability to catch almost all radio stations); You can listen to the radio through the speaker, but only when the headset is connected, since the headset wire is used as an antenna.
  • - a dictaphone, the purpose of which is to make records (no longer than a minute) in the background or during a call.


The camera allows you to take pictures and record videos. Speaking of pictures, it should be noted that they are taken with a resolution of 640x480, 320x240 or 160x120 in normal and night shooting modes, and there is the possibility of burst shooting and using the timer. The camera is pretty simple.But it removes quickly and efficiently. I photographed swans on the lake on a sunny day, photographed the panorama of the city at sunset, tried to shoot fireworks on video on a city holiday. In principle, the quality and resolution of the photo is not much different from the pictures taken from the camera of more expensive devices. I was quite impressed with the camera's ability to hide glare and other external adverse effects that often appear in this kind of photographs. The same applies to video (resolution 128x96 pixels), the quality of which is at a very low level. The duration of the video can either be limited (the video will be filmed within 10 seconds and no more), or not, then the duration of the recording will depend on the amount of free memory in the device.

Contents of delivery

  • The composition includes the most important parts, printed materials:
  • - telephone,
  • - battery BL-4B,
  • - Charger,
  • - wired stereo headset,
  • - instruction.


The device provides the quality of communication at the level of modern GSM-phones, which is no longer a bad thing. It has 24-tones polyphony (but at the same time, the quality of the preset melodies is average), and in order to make the call sound louder and better quality, you can set your own melody in MP3 format. The ringtone volume is average despite the presence of a separate speaker. The loudspeaker volume and microphone sensitivity are enough for a conversation in almost any conditions. All these advantages are spoiled a little by the vibration alert (sometimes you don’t feel it), which is slightly below average in strength. The phone can be worn around the neck or attached to various key chains, flashlights and ponytails. For this, a hole is provided at the bottom. The phone is so thin that all the days I used it, I carried it in the back pocket of my jeans. It really seemed to me very convenient, though probably not entirely safe. Not only that, in the subway or other kind of public transport, ill-wishers can simply pull it out, because of its small weight, it becomes almost imperceptible, so you can just forget about it and sit down, break it down. Easy to fit in the palm of your hand, stylish, comfortable, practical, with a loud speaker, but a quiet microphone, with a pretty good camera. Summing up all of the above, based on the analysis of all the details and features of the model, we can confidently speak about the versatility of the phone. Nokia 2630 is an ideal inexpensive solution for almost the majority of users, which has absorbed almost all the best: small body dimensions, calm and neutral (and not bright, but not boring) design of the case, a good phone book, Bluetooth and FM radio , support for EDGE, Java and VGA cameras. And despite some shortcomings, for example: low Java performance, lack of expandable memory, not a large amount of built-in, too grainy display with a low resolution, which most budget devices have, the manufacturer undoubtedly delighted its customers by presenting them with a gift in the form of Nokia. 2630.