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VOX Tonelab LE- this is one of those devices that, to my, and not only to my, deep regret, still need to be presented to the general public. But, perhaps, they deserve consideration.

So, the first thing that catches your eye with a special / casual meeting with this miracle device in a store / at a concert / rehearsal / at a friend's house - a convenient design of the working panel. Bank pedals located right at your feet and at the same time, which, by the way, is very convenient in light styles, effect switches allow you not to worry about accidentally missing the desired bank, or insufficient pressing, which favorably distinguishes this model from guitar processors with keyboard-type pedals ...

Comfortable display... Point. Very user-friendly display. The information content and simplicity are off the charts. At the same time, this fluorescent screen tells you which bank contains the preset you are currently using, how many lamps are modulated by the well-thought-out VOX Tonelab system, which type of these lamps (about the lamp and its charms later), which type of output you are using for this preset and, in fact, the name given by you or the manufacturer to the preset of this bank.

By the way, oh banks. There are 30 of them in this wonderful box made of durable metal alloy (strong, believe me! When this device insolently rolled out of my minibus (the bassist's holes with his hands did their dirty work!), Even the fragile lamp did not crack, not to mention the general state of the system, which to this day works wonderfully)! You can load four presets into each bank, respectively. Not a bad start. Further more. In addition to a crazy number of various built-in effects from an acoustic simulator (I must say, a very cool simulator, because even if your instrument has old strings, it sounds right! I think everyone has come across this at least once) to the built-in WAH-WAH pedal!

A little about WAH-WAH pedals. It works fine, but, predictably, not like external devices like CRY BABY and the like. The sensitivity of the apparatus in the lower position of the leg, respectively, in the lower range of the output signal, sharply decreases. This is not very encouraging. In addition, the amount of high frequencies applied by this device to pure overdrive or distortion is simply off scale, so you will have to sweat with tuning this useful function. But it will come in handy for you more than once in your incomparable concert activity or simply if you want to get your classmates, because there is no worse way to mock the musicians' ears than playing the whole rehearsal solo exclusively on WAH-WAH.

Let's go further. Working panel The VOX Tonelab LE is built in such a way that you have quick and easy access to any effect you or the manufacturer has set up. This will especially delight performers of such styles as pop, brit-pop, funk, jazz, avant-garde, blues, hard rock, rock and roll, etc. That is, during a performance, you can easily, for example, add the same delay to the preset you are already using with an acoustic simulator. A very useful thing, I must say. By the way, such additions can be made not only by constantly bending over to the processor during the speech. You can enjoy such benefits of civilization using a pedal called CONTROL. Also, using this pedal, you can “remove” from the preset effects such as delay or reverb applied to it in advance.

It is worth mentioning separately the wide selection of offices, courtesy of the world's grandeur of audio technology, VOX. There are sixteen of them here! And, I must say, their emulation is done quite sensibly! In addition, they are correctly signed, which allows even an inexperienced user not to make a mistake in choosing a cabinet for tuning a preset.The high-gain offices of our time will delight meat lovers. They sound decent and do not clog with unnecessary noise. And for lovers of raw cutting fuses, there are enough emulations of the best classic cabinets here.

But for the most part, you need to listen to all of this yourself, since everyone's ears suggest their own and everyone's tastes are different.

I will allow myself a short speech on the types of amplificationplayed by this unit. The sixteen-mode amplifier switch will make you sit a lot over this wonderful box in search of exactly that precious and only thing that you specifically need. I'll tell you right away. They all sound great. As for a digital processor, it's even more wonderful. But first things first. So, the first type of amplification - ORANGE DIST - is a kind of correspondence to the legendary ORANGE amplifier. The sound is restrained, does not fall asleep with "sand". Best used in conjunction with a cabinet and hard EQ. Next to it is METAL DIST. Powerful, distinct, readable in a pack and solo sounding will not leave indifferent those who have devoted themselves to "heavy" styles of music. The sound of this type of amplification has many variations. It works wonderfully with all the built-in effects. Can be safely used for recording. But given its digital nature, it loses out to the original analog distortions. Although, frankly, I have not yet been able to overclock any analog distortion to such a powerful feed! FUZZ. Oh yeah! The same legendary fuzz! Sounds that are difficult to confuse with anything. Also requires good EQ. But, given the parametric capabilities of the processor, this is not a problem. OCTAFUZZ. I don't think it makes sense to dwell on it, since this thing is exclusively for the sophisticated. ACOUSTIC. Above all praise. Especially when combined with external treatments and effects. The recording will sound clear, not blurry, beautiful, and, most importantly, lively and voluminous. VOX WAH. I will not dwell on it for a long time, since I already had the opportunity to mention it above. I will just say I would not use it in my professional activities. For fun, maybe. PHASE. Sounds surprisingly legible. TUBE OD (tube overdrive). Yeah baby! Live juicy sound of almost genuine tube overdrive! It's worth mentioning in this review! What is it all about if, say, I use it to play thrash-metal! The clean, loose sound of this emulator is so addictive that you just can't tear yourself away from the guitar! SUPER OD (super overdrive) is a worthy parody of analog super overdrive.

The latest "amplifiers" BOUTIQUE and FAT DIST. Fat Dist is really bold, as its name says. The Boutique overdrive amplifier even has its own cabinet in this design. The sound is peculiar, but very characteristic.

This is just the beginning of everything that the presented processor offers us. A wonderful device. Pleases tuner for guitar in bypass and mute modes as well as a convenient visual display of tuning accuracy on the display in the form of a running vertical line. The display of halftones is especially pleasing. All this pleasure is spiced with a pleasant soft yellow glow from the lamp and display.

Lamp, built into the preamp circuit makes a significant contribution to the overall sound. Sounds very convincing and does not wear out for a long time.

For cases of studio recording, the software provides various options for the output sound of the same preset. But in this you better delve into yourself and personally make sure of the convenience of this device.

A little about the sidebar

I will not dwell on the entrances and exits. Although here this device has a shaft of its own merits! But still. An external control of the output signal level will allow you to adjust the work of the processor in conjunction with concert or studio equipment. Sufficiently convincing power cord connector with a power supply unit with an impressive cord length.

This will save you more than once the search for extension cords and carriers at concerts in clubs and on festival stages.The output jack is located in close proximity to the output level control, which will save you from the unnecessary thought that often comes to the head of a guitarist who has not yet had time to get used to his processor "where is the input, and where is the output?" At the end of the review, I would like to say that the assembled processor is wonderful. Personally, I have repeatedly been subjected to various torments and falls, but I am alive, healthy and works great. There is one drawback to the mechanical component of the overall picture. Over time, the pedals fail alternately. But, fortunately, they are not unique and are sold in electronics stores. They change quite simply.

Generally the processor is pleasing to the eye, ears and not very pleasing to the hands, since weighs decently .

But that's small compared to good concert sound, isn't it? The device not only justifies its price, it, in my opinion, sounds cooler than it costs. And this is another huge plus.