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A budget portrait lens for Canon

My Canon 1000d DSLR was given to me for my birthday. Naturally, it was equipped with a kit lens 18-55mm. For the first six months I simply did not let go of the camera and delighted myself and my loved ones with beautiful (after the soap dish) pictures. In parallel, I visited many sites related to the art of photography, and noticed that my photos are very far from perfect. On specialized forums, they told me that I needed to change the lens. A logical question immediately followed: "Which one?" After reviewing my photos again, it turned out that 95% are portraits, so the lens, as I was told on the forum, needs a portrait lens. The poor student constantly did not have money, and he did not want to invest large sums in a hobby - therefore, on the advice of the store consultants, a Canon EF 50 f / 1.8 II lens was purchased.

The price can be found on the website

When they sent me a package with a lens, I confess I was scared that it was empty - but when I opened the coveted box, my happiness knew no bounds: the new one, wrapped in white cellophane, the lens was lying and waiting for his participation. Without hesitation, I took off the whale glass and put on a new one.

Its weight is only 130 grams, Dimensions (D x L) - 68.2 x 41 mm, which is undoubtedly less than that of a whale one, although with a rubber hood the visual difference is insignificant. Another pleasant surprise was that the diameter for light filters is only 55mm, which means that they are not expensive and affordable.

After reading the instructions, I found out that the lens is equipped with a USM motor. Indeed, the lens focused almost silently and very accurately, which pleased me in comparison with whale glass.

The lens diaphragm consists of five blades, so the bokeh will be in the form of "satanic pentagrams" - though I, as an undemanding client, do not bother me at all.

Macro photography had to be abandoned - because the minimum focusing distance is as much as 45 cm!

The aperture of this lens (especially after the kit lens 18-55) is simply amazing: in a club, for example, you can shoot without a tripod, not being afraid of blurring your photos.

The maximum aperture is 1.8, which means that there will be a very small amount of space in focus, which is undoubtedly a big plus when shooting artistic portraits.

For photographers, I would like to add that this lens does not hold backlight, and in this case it misses the focus:

Chromatic aberrations are also very noticeable, especially if you print photos larger than 10x15 (however, they are easily corrected in image editors such as Photoshop)

He catches "hares" even with a blend, there's nothing to be done, I've tried all sorts of types - including petal ones.

The lens mount is made of plastic, which is not critical if you don't change the glasses like gloves, but if you don't care enough and care, you can cut plastic shavings into the matrix.

It is better not to compare it with its Soviet counterparts - it loses in all respects.

The viewing angle is 46 degrees min, so it will be a bit cramped with it in small cafes, so I would recommend it for taking calm portraits on the street (they can't take pictures of the landscape too much)

Comparison of photos taken with different depth of field:

Recently I photographed an A4 sheet - the camera performed the function of a scanner - no "barrels", no distortions, and the printout turned out almost like a photocopy.

The lack of a stabilizer is a little upsetting. With insufficient light and the absence of a tripod, this somewhat complicates the matter, but CANON does not seem to spoil all the fixes with ISs.

Despite all the efforts and respect, dust still appeared inside. At first it was very annoying, but as a result of theoretical fabrications and practical verification, the fears that this dust would be noticeable in the pictures passed.Fine dust on the lenses will not be visible as well as dust on the matrix itself, but at least some kind of seal could be attached for 3 hryvnyas.

The focusing ring is a little inconvenient - it is rather narrow and sometimes "gets lost", especially if you focus at dusk, although it turns quite well even with one finger.

Verdict: great purchase for your money, justifies the price by all 150%! For beginners and amateurs, I recommend! Compact, sharp, reliable - what else do you need?