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Review Nokia C2-06 ​​Graphite


The new Dual SIM phone from Nokia has all the basic functions, including Bluetooth, music player, FM radio, all kinds of games and Java applications. Despite the fact that it bears similarities to all other Dual SIM phones, the smooth keyboard and bright, high-definition screen makes this device more attractive than other Dual SIM phones.

Like all other phones from Nokia, the C2-06 ​​fits very comfortably in the hand, and the build quality does not cause any complaints, you will not notice a single extra gap or gap on the casing, every detail is fitted perfectly, nothing creaks or causes discomfort.

Recently, more and more Dual SIM phones from various manufacturers began to appear on the markets every day, so the appearance of a similar device from a Finnish company was not long in coming.

Nokia C2-06 ​​Graphite, thanks to a specially built-in SIM-manager, has the ability to memorize the settings for five different SIM-cards, which the user can change one by one, without worrying that the settings of each of them will be lost. This product also supports 2G networks in the GSM 900/1800 for SIM 1 and 850/1900 for SIM 2.

The main advantage of this phone is the ability to hot swap one of the SIM cards, while the second will be active. This feature makes using your phone even more convenient.

Innovative design:

Like most phones from Nokia, the design of this handset is very impressive. This product is very similar to Nokia C2-02 and Nokia C2-03 in terms of design. The body of Nokia C2-06 ​​Graphite has a graphite color, which makes it look quite impressive and stylish.

Thanks to the sleek keyboard, typing messages is very convenient and enjoyable. The dimensions of the phone are 103x51.4x17 mm and the weight is 115 g.

The Nokia C2-06 ​​Graphite has a 2.1-inch resistive touchscreen TFT display, the screen is quite responsive and does not cause any complaints. The display supports a resolution of 240x320 pixels and supports up to 54 thousand colors.


The C2-06 ​​provides many services including GPRS, EGDE, Bluetooth and USB connections. In addition to a set of standard applications, the phone has a new browser from Nokia, which increases the speed of surfing the Internet (uploading and adding files to social networks, etc.).

Impressive characteristics:

Nokia C2-06 ​​Graphite has a built-in video player that easily plays MPEG4 / AVC H.264 formats, a music player for MP3, AAC and WAV formats, and intelligent text messaging.

The phone does not support 3G technologies, but even without them it gives the impression of a very beautiful and high-quality product.

With a powerful and energy-consuming battery, Nokia C2-06 ​​Graphite can hold up to 400 hours of standby time and about 5 hours of talk time.

The phone also supports memory cards up to 32 GB.


Unfortunately, the Nokia C2-06 ​​Graphite only has a 2MP camera. The presence of higher quality optics would make this phone truly unique and amazing.

Conclusion and price:

Nokia C2-06 ​​Graphite offers a wide range of pre-installed applications, high-quality video and music playback, as well as all kinds of technological innovations. Considering the price, which ranges from $ 112 to $ 130, this phone is the leader among similar devices, meeting the price-quality indicators.