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PIKE FISHING - fishing for pike, yak correctly nasty the pike on the zherlitsі

Zadavosya used, simple tackle. The essence of the її is borderline simple - put a live bait in the driver and give a signal about the beating. If you go to the zherlitsi personally, and take it as a kind of catch, and not as an accompanying "set" before the hour of the other sights of the winter ribolovli, then the zherlitsa will be rocked like a whole lot of serious tackle with a ton of technical technology.


Let's sort it all out. For some reason I will have an annex. A popular type of zherlitsi is a chain with a cat and a warrant, which can be fastened in a groove. The livestock should be lowered to the singing depth, the cat will be locked with a curved spring, and everything is the tackle on the platoon. What's simpler? It’s a practice to consistently give your unsupported correctives.

Fishing on a zherlitsі: installation on ice

Potentially from the installation of the zherlitsі. Good, if you can finish a snig on the ice, a zherlitsi stitch є de zakrіpiti. Well, and how is it persholiddya, if the snow has covered the whole day? Vertical stack of krіpiti nіyak. And the sverdlinnya in the ice of special wells borrows for an hour. You can, zvychayno, vygotoviti "mlintsi-nakryvashki" for holes with racks. Ale everything is still inverted. The verdict is obvious - it's neat and impractical.

Ale zh є y іnshі tipi zherlits, as they don’t vimagayut attachment to the snig. For example, from a flat side, the yaka immediately curls the hole, dimming and snatching through the frost. Zdavalosya b, ideal design: throwing on the hole and pishov dal. Ale, as the last ice, that is without snig, then a weak vіterets to destroy the zherlitsa from the mission. And the strong is upside down. So, I know, there is a need for additional installation.

  • I will freeze it on ice.
  • There is a need to rob special rosters.

But it’s still not ideal, the problem is zalisha жtsya - zherlitsya is not a style on the ice.

This design is not just a problem. Її shydko zamіtaє in vіtryanu and sіzhnyu weather. I decals are traced in such a way that the cat can be found in the middle of the note. And I will also block the second signal of the beak. The boil is nasty to wrap itself around or to stop spinning, as if it was a snig vology. When there are pikes, the pike seeks out the tackle and all the way to the kidnapping. Price is one of the most important inheritances. And yet I want to guess about the visibility of the zherlitsі. This type will add even more additives. As far as the zherlitsi are placed, one of the same (and I am always so shy), then the extreme rows often fall out of the field of view. Especially for me, the visibility is good - there are only one of the leading officials.

The axis here is a vertical stance immediately gaining bali. The whole type of construction I use the most beautiful. My love is a self-made version of breaking up for a long time. Win to serve the truth that is already rich in rock. The price is simple for wood with a hardened hole. Through it, a bolt with a ram is fastened, like a crumbling bar. On it, for the help of self-winding, there is a simple cat, twisted with polynoplast. I prepared the signal spring from the spring of an old alarm clock. Vona storage and fastening at the upper part of the stile, we will forgive a flower or a small screw. At the folded camp, the zherlitsya borrows a lot of importance.

Yak catch pike correctly: zagalny vimogi

Evidently, the right to life may be different options. Kozhen himself is robbing, which youmu to the soul. The headquarters of the vimogi before the construction are as follows:

  1. the zherlіtsya is guilty of being light and compact when transferred;
  2. easy, quick, that just get out;
  3. it is necessary to stand on the moon and have enough visibility;
  4. the warrant officer has a sufficient amount of space, damp yaskraviy color and do not freeze on the windshield;
  5. the spring is guilty of being springy in the world, not the mother of the memory for the vigin, not lamat in the frost, scrupulously fixing on the cat, saturating the live livestock, ale it is easy to catch when the beaked;
  6. the cat, with any weather wits, is guilty of wrapping itself up in a wicked manner, ale with a slight interference, not allowing the winding to be thrown off when ripping the hair with a ribbon, and not frosting;
  7. The cat is not guilty of the mother of the child, in which you can consume the hair of the beak, for the hour of the day.

Foldable tse vimogi chi ni - judge for yourself. Ale dotrimuvatisya їkh majut all, for be-yak drіbnitsya can play with you an angry heat at the most unavoidable moment. For example, a groove between a coil and a bar. As soon as you eat a hair for an hour, the beating is tense, and the axis, if it’s not an hour to fight the trophy pike, then in the bag you’ll be loaded with an inevitable shaving. All the price is not unfounded, but viprobuvano "on its own skin."

Bulo meni also: pidsіkayu → find the most likely rip from the view → heather of the cat → hair of the cat's hair → one rounds was consumed in the cradle of the cat → to stop → the donkey is torn from the hands into the hole. I’m grabbing, I’m convulsively smeared with a sound, I’m stuck on the hair, ale ... Sorry, it’s nice. Klatsannya, and hair 0.4 mm tear. I can only allow for pike with a bullet wag.

I recommend that when large ribs are made, you can see a zherlitsa in the bik. So, immediately throw off the hair from the cat and take away the stock of good food for the future fight with the trophy.

Yak spіymati pike on a zherlitsyu: 4 drіbnitsі for good fishing

Praporets maє buti you can see

Well, I would be good, there is no big deal. Ale ni. My first warriors were rude in the frost and, if they were beating, they could be surprised, as they were lured. For example, I'll look around the line. So you can't see it. Idesh to go around the house, and when you see it, I will raise the hair and the empty tea bag. Now I am picking up the material correctly. The form of the warrant officer is special - the warrantor is forced to stand up like this, spratsyuvavshi, the warrant standing up "to the accusers" in my direction. This does not allow the warrant to flare up behind the window and change his visibility.

Why am I giving visibility? Tom scho otrimat lesson once. Zherlitsі razstavlenі, I catch dribnitsyu, steadily looking around the territory in ochіkuvannі "prapora". Two years pass, I go to look around. On the way to the rest of the bach raptom, lie alone on the boat, with the plank buried in the hole! Praporets, zychayno, spratsyuvav, ale the pike duzhe shvidko - "move", unwound the hair, called the zherlitsy, and I missed the beating. Coil, slyly, empty. Tim is not the man, I’m empty. I’m taking a hair and a bachu, so she’s torn off. The little fox at me should be worth of svizha, the increase is not less than 20 m, and the diameter is 0.4 mm. Tear it off the hair it's not easy to finish it on the stoppage - it's good to spring and extinguish the ribs. This means that the bulwark of the pike is far from small. If I shaved off, if I didn’t whistle for a single zherlitsi, if I stood up immediately, then I would shave it off, I wouldn’t.

Zherlitsі treba regularly look around, for the stench to freeze

Little fox is frozen not only at the hole, but frozen on the cot. I changed my mind to a great deal of information, if I didn’t overturn the zherlitsi once for more than a few years. It was getting warm, but the frost could not be boiled over. And as a result, the cat was frozen firmly on the ground, not only on the call, but on the edge of the bar. The stench did not twist. On three zherlitsy live bait buv vidsutniy. The patterns are awkward.

The spring is tensioned in the world

A tight pike can be tough with a grip, but a weak one just can't get a lively one, or a great live bait. It’s not just in the quiet camp, but before the hour of the pike attack. And even one third of the empty warriors of the wiklikan are not pike nor perch, as they often let it be pardonable, but with a strong rip of livestock, if they are running away from an attacking hut, between their strengths to rob the rivok. The traces of vіdomі - zhivets vіbіvа prapor and to catch out from the teeth of a pike. Again won, if it’s not zhor, it’s not an attack. ” The bag needs compromise, the "middle of the gold" in the rigidity of the spring.The chain is regulated by springiness, by the metal, as well as by the size of the spring to the spring.

It is important to be happy with the pick-ups

We must be simple and smart. You don't want to swarm with a folding design in frost more than twenty degrees. Great option - if you can do everything without knowing the mittens. With my construction I know only when the livestock is planted. The size and height of the zherlits is not even more important, since the majority of the ribalques have long been accustomed to good-natured sleds, and then they are snowmobiles. Therefore, compactness is not a smut. Tim is bigger, most often it is “big meaning”. For example, the great diameter of the cat is not just short, but rather tight: the hair is not so hard to wander around and to wander less.

I recommend that when installing the zherlitsi, skip the hairs in front of the front with the tightness between your fingers. So take the twists and turns.

Yak spiymati pike: technique of fishing

Technics is not a tactic, please do not cheat. They also have a good amount of flexible dribbbles, which are more straightforward when installed. Zdavalosya b, dіbnytsya, ale, if there is a grip from the cat, you can get a good spiral, then you can immediately get into a tangle. The axis is todi y zgadush, having forgotten її vypryamiti. And you can see the treasure, zvychayno, from the installation of the girdle and the way to get out of the frozen holes.

A simple and simple way to prevent frost - installation of "nakrivashek"

Above them, the hole freezes a little bit less. If the snow is circling around, then you can sweep it down with another kind of snow. Vikolupuvati nakryvashki from such an infusion is not easy to finish. And for training, it is often just a dumb hour. I am especially fond of them. Often I just pop the holes with fluffy snig, like win є. Robit is more beautiful not all at once, but if the hole is covered with a small pick of ice. So the very є y іnshі options, navіt takі exotic, like salt sіg in the moon. Try it. The result is even more tricky, more than a silnichka in a chisinau does not take a lot of money.

Do not zerlitsі zherlitsі in severe frost at night. If the temperature is even low, then there will be no surprises at you. For example, you come and bachite the prapor. Good, as if the pike is small, the grip became in the evening, the riba wandered for nothing, and you may not be able to wait until the day. The main problem in the frozen holes is not only from the top, but only all over the place. And in case of severe frost, it can change in diameter over the course of the winter, not much more.

Yak vi you will vityaguvati a large pike for God's sake - think in advance. But not all of them. You need to play the "telepny" of all the holes. As long as they do not die, until evening they will get stuck in a hole in size for a small pike. If you look at the other third moon, even if you are not smut. It is important for those who like a pike to react to the pogrom, and at which time they repaired their dreams. The first axis is the very fact that I creep with ice-drill of great size - 150 mm, so that I can put it on the frozen wells in severe frost, if I catch one more than one day.

It's easier for a big hole to get a big pike. Protein often becomes a non-abyssal problem: the pike gets up in front of the hole, the pike is in the codend of the good mouth, if you just pull up the hill, the pike's head grows across the hole. They boomed, if the riders kicked the pike against the ice and shaved off the hair with a millimeter in diameter.

If you bring a great pike to the hole, do not forget that at the moment you will see the best number of obriviv Trim your hair with your fingers! To realize that it’s not 0.4, but just 0.18 mm. If the pike is the first time to go to the hole, then there will be a strong ridge, which is guilty of cleaning and straining the hair. Until the speech, the mother is guilty of the supply of dozhini. In the middle of the day, the pike is already weaker, but the svyatkuvati is overpowered. There will be one more important moment - poking ice on the pike.The riba loosened up, you can tear it off, be it a hair, so that it has a support for the body and tail - ice. For a rakhunok rizkost ryvka, you can easily break your hair or zlamati a trynik.

Yak Correctly Angry Pike: Installation

Ale tse is the final of the whole action. We'll turn around to the cob - before setting the girders. Х slіd put zzdallegіd: what is earlier, tim is more beautiful.

  • Yaksho є lively, preparations before the ribolovley - it is obvious. The tackle will be immediately on the platoon.
  • As long as it’s dumb, then we set up the zherlitsi to stand ready, as long as you don’t catch it.

The essence of the front arrangement is that you do not drill and do not make noise for the hour of the beating, as if you want to fix the wound for about nine years. Fix the charge with live bait from distant zherlitsi, do not go through the zherlitsi through the zherlitsi. If the depth is less than 3 m, move on the ice carefully, do not make noise.

The technique of staging is to be repaired from vimir glibini. Here you can do without glybinomir, for that the ideal accuracy is not necessary in the case of the zherlitsa. Zhyvets all one can give freedom to the ruff on the sub-line to the garment (if the level is 30 cm, it is more than a meter).

Slid vrahovuvati lishe one

Hanging live bait on the tea-pot at the bottom. When you see the glibinia, the pike may simply not be grated. The price is not stewed, but the result is a warning before an hour of wintering. Zvychay, with some livestock actively swimming snake glibin, and then go down. Th e vipliv logichny visnovok - a grasp of a depth of color is more beautiful than a bit of permissible greatness, a vantage of a vantage of a vantage around a live bait up (especially roach). And when we raise the water by 30-40 cm, we ourselves have set up the knowledge of the tired and low-spirited live life on the required horizon.

I change the glybin in the simplest way - by the very woman behind the help of the vantage.

  • I lower the vantage to the bottom.
  • Then I'm going to wait for the dinner (to lie on the bottom).
  • Once again, I'm going to need to see the bottom of the station (trynik for the required glybin).
  • I attach a spring to the cat, I hook the hair, I hook it to the stiletto, but I’m not covered with snow, I’m catching live bait.

Do not use live bait for the glybin on the steamer! Great value, when you are lowered to the bottom, you start the tackle in cramps, because of the fact that you have a lot of vantage, and you can use your hair for a maneuver.

Yak krіpiti live bait on a slack?

One and the same food ... Especially I eat it just behind the back. Only one regret - it’s necessary to store it up. The requirement is that the pike, with the grip, couldn’t catch it, and if it’s podsіkanni, it’s easy to tear the back of the live bait and pick up the pike. It’s easy to see if you pick the gadgets correctly: if you pick up the gadgets, just squeeze the leash, catch the livestock, and estimate how easy it’s the trip.

Pike Ribalka: Equipped

Especially my likeness is to be raised to one - the maximum delicacy of gear. Bagato hto stverdzhu, shuchuch "on the drum" and goods of the povіdtsі, vzagalі, all the tackle. Might buvaє і so, if you catch an unrepentant that hungry pike. Ale if she is passive, or if the water supply is good for her, then ... think for yourself. I am vicious two options of appearances:

  1. monofilament - sub-base, 0.4 mm in diameter, single 0.6 mm;
  2. leash thin material.

Monofilament hair in a delicate approach - in any case, do not let the hair pull the hair tightly. You can just grind nylon or fluorocarbon. And with the correct introduction, for example, having put a pike at a size of 10 kg on a 0.35 mm pike.

Ale, if such "wisdom" does not force you, if you want more great tackle - make metal povidtsi. Fortunately, the lucky materials were even thinner and nasty (which is even more important) with sufficient merit. Dovzhina povidkiv (seen from the vantage to the treynik) Rizna - in the fallowness from the glibinic fish. I re-grind the small glibini, then in the kit it is even short (for fishing on the mill) up to half a meter.As long as you use metal short hairs, because you can't get enough of it with a vantage and a tripod, put on the main hair an oversupply stopper.

Razmіr vantazhu so very roar as easy as possible, because of the grip is real ymіrnіst, but wіn simply fall on the back or on the tail of a pike. Yak vona zreagu on podibne - food. Also, an important vantage immediately falls to the bottom. In the world of the pike, the hair of the beginning passes through the new bottom in a straight cut with a chimal support. Chim is stronger, chim is larger than the diameter, and hence, the roughness of the hair. The pike was a heavy sinker along the bottom, because the hair was squeezed and it got stuck early. Everything is unkind. The size of the vantage and the tray should not lie in the middle of the size of the livestock. There are three options in my arsenals:

  1. for other,
  2. middle,
  3. and a great livestock. I don’t stick a great roach on an old fish, a light vantage can be found.
Wonder video yak catch pike on the zherlitsi

Pike fishing

With the tackle, the trochas rose, at once about the nigolovnish - about the podsikannya. Є a number of options for the development of podіy.

The selection is standard, so it is obvious that you can see it from the surface and under the ice.

Risky ryvok from glybin → from the cat, close to two meters of hair → and the pike got up. Vaughn dumped live bait, trim yogo in pashch, check, if it is to take a rest and get ready for it. Now there will be a pause.

Dovzhina changes in fallowness due to the size of the livestock, the size of the activity of the pike. Our zavdannya is not to sleep. Tse smut. If the pause has dragged on, if you fix your thoughts, if the grip is empty, then you just need to reconsider the appearance of the pike at that end of the hair. Gently vibrate the centimeter of the hair with your fingertips, as long as you don’t see the description. It’s very short, light smirk, meaning “live” - empty beaked. You can reload the zherlitsyu, if you want a short control charge, you need to recharge it obov'yazkovo. And those, like a pike, see all at once. Important items or short pulls will help you, as the pike turns the livestock into the pasch, or else it’s dead.

Ale so buvaє do not expect. If the pike is passive, you can stand still unruly, squeezed live in your teeth, no signals from the end of the hair will come. There will be a hostile zachep. Take your will into a fist, do not oversleep, do not be robbed of any actions. As soon as you know that there’s a lot of pike, you can just charge it up, so you can go and drink some tea. More beautifully, overstrahvatisya, nіzh spіshiti and vismiknuti live live from the pasture of trophy pike. Once I loaded a zerlitsy zhirlitsy zhirlitsyu zhirlitsy 350 g - specially with a rosary for a trophy.

I won spratsyuvala. Liski having thrown off everything close to a meter. Turning over with fingers, overturning, not like a robot of a great livestock, but in a glybin, a little bit of a tackle. I check in mayzhe pіvgodini. Then I’ll be good and strong, there’s all the chances to win, but at the bottom it’s not a pike, but just a vantage after eating cramps. Once again, p_dtyagnuv - the hair is not gone. I have a short message about all kinds of problems, and I’ll see such a ryvok, which is a hair of a hand. Zherlitsa, do not get up, throw off the hair, fly to the hole. The result is similar. If I hadn’t had time, then the "mother" would have all the same live. And I would have trimmed my portrayal of andrenaline and, perhaps, a sign of the trophy in memory.

Dal, can be flattened directly against the form of the beak. Rivok. Hair without a zupinka and, navit, with the buildup of quickened beginnings, will be removed from the cat. Meter, іnshy, p'yaty, and the pike does not zupinyatsya, only typing hіd. Do not be robbed of pids! Tolerate until the last meters. Often, the pike is pricked up, if the hair is covered with all the parameters of the hair. Yak bachite її the stock is not required only with vivedenna. I will not be able to see my own beats. Ale fact! Pidsikannya before an hour of such "accelerated" pike move in 70% of cases is ineffectual.

The grip is divided into three warehouses: the attack, the zupinka-zakovtuvannya and the given go.I recommend that I do not sleep, but check if the pike get to the bait and the poplive dal on its ribs on the right. Viglyadaє tse yak before the front smacking and stretching of the hair (inverted live bait). Dalі vmevenniy, unsettled hair collapse without zupinki (live live in the mouth of a pike). Our zavdannya perekonatysya, so the drinker is definitely in the pike, and so we can feel like a mother only if the livestock grows in the mouth, and not the pike squeezes in the teeth.

Well, for the completion of the trochie about the vivedennya. I will repeat again - trim the hair with only your fingers, adjust the diameter with a margin. Yak vіdomo, vіdrіznyаnіya nаvantazhennya hairіnі with a smooth pull and a sharp ryvka wіdrіznjaєatsya. The pike can vomit like that, but you just don’t wake up to reaguvati and create a hair. Also, maybe, only if it’s squeezed into a fist or (God forbid!) Is wound on a hand. As well as trim the hairs of the fingers, the stench will be a little too frustrating: it’s always hard to get the hairs under tight tightness at the most extreme ridge.

If you have pushed the pike to the hole, and you don’t want to go into the mouth of the school, do not force the pike. Perekonatsya, scho the pike is tired, no longer be afraid of the ice and check the moment, if you are almost spinning under the ice. At the same time, take advantage of the loosening and tension of the hair. In the result, the pike will go to the hole itself, which will be cleaned by the hair on the water. If the pike is vibrating because of the strength and is uncomfortable, then just loosen up the hair, let the pike go down and then knock it gently against the ice with a smooth rip. Tse pidbadiorit a pike, and twist your head.

I move the cobs ahead: in any case, do not take pike any for pasta, any pid zyabra

The pike є has teeth on its teeth, and the state of things is simply nameless. Crimson with a hook, or, if you allow the size, carefully, according to the wall holes, go to the hair. Do not drag yourself out of business. Vaughn herself will help you, sweep your tail. All the manipulations with the pike in the rotary rocket are just for the additional special tool. There were vip drops, if the ribalka got lost in mayzhe without a pin on her fingers, impulsively clutching her hand, if, when I was good, the pike would be dead, like a bulldog, would conceive a pascha. So it is very possible to loosely rewound your hands wrapped around the hair of the hair when you vivedenny the trophy. First, it is important to protect your fingers in frost. In the excitement of the vivedennya it is possible not to wrinkle, but the fingers have lost their sensitivity. Zhodna itself is a majestic pike does not varta nigtik your mizintsya.

Axis, mabut, zagalom and everything, that the technique of catching the zherlitsa is concerned. Please remember that our tactful actions are more important. It’s a bagato to lay down all of your greatness, so that at the first place there is a lot of catchy missions. Robiti is required by the "tick method". Do not violate any rules and postulates. Try to catch skrіz, gradually change the area and catch that glybin. Remember the catch points, or do not get hung up on them. Everything in the whole world is unconstitutional. Good luck!

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Marvel at the winter ribolovle video for a pike with a zherlice