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Review HP Compaq 610 Notebook PC

HP Compaq 610 - Mobile Laptop from Hewlett Packard

The Compaq 610 is a striking mobile laptop that anyone can afford. It will bring one hundred percent joy, surpass all your expectations, and will also be a wonderful gift. With this laptop model, you can do all your work just excellently, because it contains the necessary set of business functions. In general, this model is aimed at intensive exploitation. Compaq 610 manufacturers created it not as a use as an entertainment center, but rather for work.

This laptop model has the ability to quickly charge the battery - the Fast Charge 6 function, and therefore you can recharge the battery by 90 percent in just one and a half hours. The very same laptop model Compaq 610, having a standard six-section Li-Ion rechargeable battery, will be able to work in autonomous mode without the need for additional recharging for four hours. We can say that this figure is pretty good for a laptop that belongs to the middle class.

HP Compaq 610 Notebook Design

The model of a mobile laptop we are considering is created with a rather attractive and at the same time, practical design, as well as with optimal dimensions and a relatively low weight, which, excluding the battery, is about two and a half kilograms. The case of the Compaq 610 model is matte, made of high-quality plastic, on which the user's fingerprints will not be clearly visible.

In the upper part of the working area of ​​the laptop there are sound speakers, as well as a power button.

HP Compaq 610 Laptop Display

Due to the wide-format 15.6-inch high-definition liquid crystal display with built-in LED backlighting, the resolution of which is 1366x768px, and the aspect ratio is 16: 9, on this laptop you can view video images that are analogous to the HDTV standard. This display will provide high-quality and comfortable viewing of all kinds of multimedia files thanks to improved contrast, brightness and clarity. If we compare this screen with other conventional liquid crystal displays, then it is able to sufficiently reduce the consumption of electrical energy.

HP Compaq 610 Notebook Computer Model Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard in this laptop model is full-sized, with concave keys, and in general it allows you to work with text documents conveniently and with a sufficient degree of comfort.

The touchpad in the laptop, which is noticeably shifted to the left edge, and also slightly recessed into the case, is quite ergonomic when using it and, despite the fact that it is small in size, it is still capable of performing all kinds of functions. On the right side of the touch area is a scroll area. Apparently, the user will experience inconvenience during work due to the long travel of the control keys.

HP Compaq 610 Notebook PC (NX550EA) Processor and System Package

The 2-core processor, which forms the basis of the laptop, is based on the Core 2 Duo from Intel, which has a clock speed of 2 gigahertz. This laptop model is equipped with an integrated Intel GMA X3100 graphics controller (with this video adapter it will perfectly perform a standard set of tasks, but it will not work out particularly well to play computer games), as well as 2048 megabytes of RAM. With a 320GB Serial ATA hard drive and 5400rpm spindle speed and a DVD burner, you can tackle absolutely any task.The HP Compaq 610 laptop model uses a modern technology, referred to as DriveGuard, and which is able to protect the hard drive and all the information on it from all kinds of shocks and shaking. By the way, any unauthorized access to files on the laptop will be prohibited if DriveLock is installed on it.

As for the operating system, the operating system is not preinstalled on this model, and therefore the user will have to install it on his own, choosing the one that he likes.

Optical Drive, Interface Connectors, Ports, and CardReader for HP Compaq 610 Notebook Model

The company's engineers equipped this laptop model with an optical drive DVD ± RW. A fairly convenient and affordable mobile personal computer is equipped with a fairly considerable set of all kinds of additional interface ports and connectors. Basically, all interfaces are located on the left side of the mobile device. These are three USB 2.0 interface connectors, an Express Card / 34 slot, a VGA interface (D-Sub standard), an RJ-45 (LAN) port, and a connector for a stationary power adapter. Unfortunately, there is no HDMI interface connector in the HP Compaq 610 laptop model.

On the front end of the laptop case there are a CardReader 2-in-1, as well as a line-out and an input for connecting headphones (external speaker system) and a microphone, respectively.

Due to the applied modern wireless technologies, you will be able to constantly be in touch with colleagues at work and, of course, with friends due to the applied modern wireless technologies, as well as thanks to the presence of the Bluetooth module, you will be able to connect to other peripheral devices, for example, to a printer. Additionally, I would like to emphasize that the built-in 2 mega pixel webcam, microphone, as well as the ability to support Wi-Fi will allow the user of this device not only to conduct all kinds of video conferencing, but also to use all kinds of other multimedia functions.

What's in the box for the HP Compaq 610 (NX550EA)

The dimensions of the packing box tell us unambiguously that there are additional accessories included with the laptop. So, the HP Compaq 610 package includes:


power adapter with power cable;

six-cell Li-Ion rechargeable battery;

an optical disc with an electronic version of the user's manual, software and drivers;

Positive aspects of the HP Compaq 610 laptop (NX550EA)

sufficiently adequate performance of the system as a whole

long time of autonomous operation of a laptop with a standard battery

stylish and attractive appearance of the mobile device


laptop keyboard is made in low quality

"Morally" outdated components

unjustified high cost of a laptop

Summing up the review of the HP Compaq 610 mobile notebook model

Laptop Model Compaq 610 suitable primarily for those users who plan to spend most of their precious time on long journeys. The external austere appearance of a mobile device determines the trend of this laptop - primarily for business, and not for multimedia and gaming entertainment. Also, a Compaq 610 laptop will provide its user with real possibilities of all kinds of connections, and quite excellent results in work in an autonomous mode of operation allow it to be used far from the location of a stationary source of an electrical network. In general, this laptop model will be of interest to those users who need a good and reliable working device.

Even taking into account the fact that the laptop uses "morally" outdated components, the performance of the model we reviewed is still at a fairly high level.

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