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Review Samsung S23A700D


With the advent of 3D technologies in our life, our world began to change dramatically. All means of transferring images are moving into volume: from movies to smartphones. If you look at the achievements in this area, then you understand that this technology is the future. 3D is inexorably torn to the masses, and among the developments there are already 3D monitors. We will test one of these representatives today. We've got a product from Samsung called Samsung S23A700D.


Recently, developers have adhered to minimalism in design and in everything that is associated with it. This is correct, since the viewer should not be distracted by anything in the monitor when viewing anything on the screen. It is noteworthy that it is our “guest” who possesses all these above-named qualities. The thin, glossy bezel that surrounds the screen does not distract at all, but rather lends the monitor a sophistication, emphasizing its neat shape. The surface of the screen is quite large - 23 inches, but the stable stand gives the structure solidity and stability. What pleases me is the practicality of the monitor interfaces with all its minimalism.

Device management is also great. In the lower right part there are touch buttons, each of which is signed. Controlling and adjusting the screen shouldn't be too difficult.

The back of the monitor is also very attractive due to the pleasant-to-touch grooved surface. The following interface connectors are located on it: HDMI, DVI-D, power connector, as well as the usual 3.5 mm audio output for connecting headphones. By the way, the headphones will work only when the monitor is connected to the video card via HDMI. Through the usual DVI-D, we will get the 3D technology mentioned above, but already with HDMI we have some difficulties, because a modern video card with support for the HDMI 1.4 interface is required to connect. If you already have one, then you can enjoy the excellent 3D picture on the screen in Full HD format. However, it was not without small flaws - an HDMI cable is not included in the kit. You will have to be content with only DVI-D or buy HDMI separately.


Samsung has always been famous for the quality of its TVs and monitors. In the S23A700D we are reviewing, a TN matrix is ​​installed, which is typical for such monitors in this price category. This matrix has known drawbacks in the form of poor vertical viewing angles, but Samsung has partially solved this problem using the Magic Angle Vertical technology. Now, color distortion and poor viewing angles are practically no problem for the monitor. The surface of the screen is glossy. This, of course, looks very attractive, but in everyday use it is inconvenient, if only because you cannot put such a monitor against the sun. According to the idea, the anti-reflective coating should fight this problem, but in fact it does not really save you much. If you can easily come to terms with this state of affairs, then in return you will get a bright, juicy picture, and, believe me, it is very impressive.


Now let's look at the main thing in this monitor, in fact, for the sake of which we just took it - this is 3D technology. It is available, but only when using the special glasses that come with the kit. Unfortunately, the set includes only one glasses, and buying at least one more is a very difficult task at the moment. So, if you want to be content with 3D, then you have to do it alone until the glasses appear on the free market.

Separately, we will touch on the topic of the glasses themselves - they are developed using updated technology, which has a very positive effect on the picture viewed in them on the screen. The glasses are designed so conveniently that they can be used by both adults and children.

The refresh rate of the monitor is 120 Hz, and the response time of the matrix is ​​very minimal.In dynamic scenes, we did not notice any "artifacts" in the form of blurring, which is definitely a big plus for the device.

It is worth mentioning that watching 3D movies on the Samsung S23A700D Reference is comparable to going to the cinema. The monitor also supports the technology of converting 2D images to 3D, but you should not expect any serious achievements - after all, films specially created for 3D are an order of magnitude more spectacular and better.

Samsung has not forgotten about people who love to play 3D games. In order for the game to be in volume, the SyncMaster 3D Game Launcher utility will configure everything itself, and you will not have to do it manually anymore. You just have to choose one of the profiles that were originally included in the utility, and the output you get is a very high-quality 3D effect.


The Samsung S23A700D is a great purchase for your home PC, as the experience from using the monitor is only positive. The design is surprisingly minimalistic, austere and simple, but this does not deprive it of its special appeal, which means that the monitor will perfectly fit not only in the home, but also in the work environment somewhere in the office. The 3D effect is responsible for a special zest in the device, which will allow you to enjoy modern 3D films, play your favorite games, while getting an unforgettable experience.

Pros and cons

+ Monitor design

+ Screen quality

+ 3D availability

Lack of HDMI cable