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Review of business phone Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 is a modern business office phone. It not only represents the E-series class, but it is also one of the most popular gadgets for business clients. How does it behave as a phone for daily use, what are its disadvantages and advantages? - You can find out from my review of the Nokia E72 smartphone.

Nokia E72 package contents

Besides Nokia E72 comes:

  • Nokia Battery BP-4L
  • Charging device AC-8E
  • For data transfer - USB cable
  • Telephone headset WH-601
  • User's manual
  • Quick Start Guides
  • Warranty coupons
  • In addition: cloths for cleaning the screen, leather case, hand strap

Appearance and design of Nokia E72

As it was said when the Nokia E72 appeared, it received the same appearance as its predecessors, in particular the E71 model. The phones measure 112 x 58 x 11 mm and weigh just 126 grams. All phones of the business series are characterized by stylish and effective design solutions. In this case, it does not completely differ from other similar models - there are chrome trims on the sides of the phone, metal battery covers with ribbed textures and the classic black colors of phones.

The side of the phone, in addition to the chrome bezels that are visible on the front of the business phone, have matte plastic finishes.

There are three silver buttons on the right sides. The left sides include a USB input and a memory card slot, they are covered with plastic caps, which perfectly matches the looks of the entire phone. The top edge has power buttons and 3.5mm headphone jacks.

Keypad in Nokia E72

The front of the phones in this series consists of displays and QWERTY keyboards. Different functions are assigned to the buttons, such as calendar, contacts, main menu, e-mail, as well as 2 function keys, two call buttons (Call, and an exit button) and the 5th Nokia Navi button. The middle buttons on the D-panel act like trackballs - for scrolling lists with your fingers and like a regular cursor without pressing any buttons, which makes it faster to work with the phone interface.

The QWERTY keyboard on the Nokia E72 phone is very easy to use, thanks to the large enough buttons, which, moreover, have a convex shape. You can very easily and quickly assign multiple shortcuts to keys on your phone.

Screen in Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 smartphone has a 2.4-inch QVGA screen (320 x 240 pixels). It displays any images very clearly, and the relatively small size of the screen does not interfere with comfortable work with it. Of course, the diagonals cannot be larger in comparison with the screens used in the latest phones that use AMOLED or even Super AMOLED technologies, but standard LCD matrixes provide good visibility for it even on sunny days.

Interface systems in Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 phones are based on ARM processors with clock speeds of almost 600MHz, and use Symbian S60 v3 operating systems. The system works quickly and very smoothly, but I am not very happy with its stability - during my tests, there were almost four unwanted reboots of the operating system, which occur mainly when listening to regular radio broadcasts. In my opinion, this is a huge disadvantage, it should not happen with phones that are already on sale.

As for the operation of the interface of the entire system, I have no significant objections - the reaction speed is very fast, and the transitions between successive menus are almost lightning fast. The use of the phone functions is intuitive and the menu layouts do not differ from other models from Nokia.

The main menu provides quick access to calendars, apps or web browsers, email, and the popular store of ready-made content, the Ovi store. As befits business phones, there are complete sets of office applications, such as: Adobe PDF and Zip archiver, Quickoffice (can open and create new documents in Excel, PowerPoint and Office Word).

If you look at the main menu, then you should note the main mode of the screen, and hot keys for hot access. The Nokia E72 has many add-ons that allow you to quickly and efficiently navigate to Ovi maps, surf the Internet or search for available WiFi networks. In addition, the phones have the ability to work in various mobile networks, as well as display standard information about the battery status, GSM / 3G network signal, time and date.

Multimedia features in Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 phones are not fully multimedia phones. However, pleasant surprises were in the form of a good mp3 player and excellent quality of the headset that comes with the kit, and as it should, we have excellent sound quality. There is also a good radio with RDS support and easy-to-use music players equipped with equalizers (jazz, rock, heavy, bass, etc.).

The standard applications for displaying video here are RealPlayer, which performs its functions quite well - movies in MPEG-4, 3GP or RMVB format, play smoothly without freezing Real Player has a few limitations, but the main factors are the inability to play movies in DivX formats.

Camera in Nokia E72

Nokia E72 is equipped with very good and high-quality cameras with a 5 megapixel matrix with LED flash and autofocus, which allows shooting with a resolution of up to 2591x 1945 pixels. The quality of photos taken in excellent lighting is simply superb! color tones are well reproduced, and contrast and detail are at a decent level. Slightly worse, the situation is in poor lighting, tk. flash is very weak and photos are often underexposed.

The quality of the captured video is very poor - the images jump when moving the captured objects, the images are blurry. By the way, it should be noted that Nokia E72 does not have special keys for taking photos on the side of the phone itself, and therefore everything must be done directly through the menu of the phone itself, which, of course, reduces the likelihood of quick taking pictures of interest to us. These features are most likely for cheaper phone models than for a business flagship. Most importantly, it should be noted that this does not affect the quality of the resulting photographs, so the developers can be forgiven for such an oversight.

Internet in Nokia E72

As it should be in business models, the E72 phone has all the necessary wireless communication modules. These include: HSDPA, GPRS and EDGE, Bluetooth and WiFi.In the course of my tests, I most often used WiFi connections, and there were no problems at all with connections to various wireless networks, constant connections with networks were maintained even with very weak signals ...

To view web pages, you can use the standard Symbian web browser, which is free, or you can install the free Opera Mini. Opera Mini. in addition to very fast loading of pages (with constant and regular compression of the received data, both graphic and text,), it provides, in particular: adjusting the size of the text on the pages, a convenient manager of open web pages and fairly stable operation (the standard browser hung in some cases).

GPS Navigation in Nokia E72

The popular Ovi Maps application is used for navigation. Whoever will be using this app should know that this program has made good strides in navigation and routing, whether walking, driving or cycling.The navigation works just fine - there are absolutely no delays in data transfer and loading maps, so that it allows us to move very smoothly, without the need for image buffering.

The disadvantage may be the use of a small screen, which makes it nearly impossible to use the Ovi map while driving.

Battery in Nokia E72

The batteries used in Nokia E72 are the strong point of these phones. The 1600mAh battery capacity should satisfy even the most demanding phone users. With moderate use of phone functions - 45 minutes of calls a day, using the Internet via WiFi, 30-40 minutes of listening to the radio and writing dozens of SMS and e-mails - the battery can hold a charge for 5-6 days. This result is very good.


The Nokia E72 is a model designed for business users Anyone looking for multimedia features and high performance needs to look for a different phone model. However, I think the Nokia E72 models are some of the more interesting and balanced Nokia E-Series models. Long battery life, comfortable QWERTY keyboards, sun-readable layout and good performance are the main and sufficient advantages of this business model.

Benefits Nokia E72 :

elegant design combined with good quality materials

comfortable keyboard with QWERTY layout

sun-visible screen

good voice quality

free Ovi maps

long life battery

disadvantages Nokia E72 :

operating system stability issues

slightly slow processor

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