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Sony Ericsson LT18i Xperia Arc S

In today's review, I wanted to tell you about a new smartphone from Sony Ericsson - Xperia Arc S.


The design of the Xperia Arc S is very interesting - the body is curved, which gives it an elegance. The back cover is glossy, but not scratched thanks to a special coating.

Dimensions and weight

The device has small dimensions: 6.3x12.5x0.9 cm, and the phone weighs only 117 grams. Thanks to its small size, the smartphone fits very well in the hand, and there is no feeling that it will slip out now.


The device runs on Android OS 2.3.4, but it can be upgraded to version 4.0.


Now many manufacturers are trying to make smartphone screens more and more, an example of this is the Samsung Galaxy Note, which has a diagonal of 5.3 inches. It is the smartphone with the largest screen at the moment.

Let's return to the Xperia Arc S. The diagonal of its screen is 4.2 inches. Its resolution is 480 x 854 pixels. Unfortunately, it is made using TFT technology. But, the screen turned out to be of very high quality, which was a pleasant surprise. It displays up to 16 million colors. The screen is capacitive, which is good news. This means that it only responds to the touch of a finger, or a special stylus that is designed for capacitive screens. Capacitive screens are more responsive than resistive screens.

This screen is very convenient for reading mail on an e-mail box, and thanks to the QWERTY keyboard, you can easily exchange SMS messages.


This smartphone is equipped with an 8MP camera, which was very surprised by the quality of video shooting, because the video camera can shoot in HD resolution, that is, 1280 x 720 pixels. Photos taken by the camera come out bright, colorful, even in low light. In low light conditions, I advise you to turn on the LED flash. But that's not all. The camera has 16x digital zoom, thanks to which you can shoot distant objects.


An interesting fact is that this smartphone has an HDMI input, thanks to which you can connect your device to a TV. On the TV itself, you can watch videos that you recorded on your smartphone.

Wireless connections

Thanks to the fact that the phone has wi-fi 802.11 (b / g / n), you can always go online and know the latest news.

Memory and processor

The processor in the smartphone is very powerful - Qualcomm MSM8255T Snapdragon 1400 MHz, thanks to which the device works very quickly. The smartphone also has a 3D accelerator, thanks to which you can play any games.

The volume of built-in memory is 1024 MB, of which only 320 MB is available to the user. The phone supports memory cards up to 32 GB. The amount of RAM is 512 MB.


The battery in the Xperia Arc S is one of the best in its class. The batteries will last for 3-4 days.

pros: 4.2-inch screen, RAM, powerful 1400 MHz processor, camera.

Minuses: built-in memory, 3.5 mm jack on the side.

If you don't like this smartphone, you can choose another phone from Sony Ericsson.

Conclusion: Xperia Arc S is a powerful smartphone designed for active people.

The choice is yours alone.

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