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Canon EOS 50D review

Brief description of the Canon EOS 50D SLR digital camera

Not so long ago, a new, radically new member of the Canon family appeared on the world market of photographic equipment. His full name sounds like Canon EOS 50D and he has no weak abilities. This SLR digital camera has a number of unique technical aspects and a huge list of functional uses. What can only be its CMOS sensor, which has a resolution of 15.1 megapixels. Also, to ensure the most comfortable and incredibly fast operation, this camera is equipped with a versatile DIGIC 4 processor, an improved shutter mechanism, and (as a consequence of the previous one) an incredible speed of continuous photography equal to 6.3 frames per second. Incredibly fast, surprisingly quiet and incredibly versatile - all of these complimentary words are dedicated to the Canon EOS 50D DSLR. But the most striking thing about it is that for all its incredible advantages, this model has an undeniably low cost.

A significantly improved and redesigned next-generation built-in sensor provides a resolution of up to 15.1 megapixels, which makes it possible not only to get the most accurate photos of unsurpassed quality, but also to remove any arising side noise. The luminous qualities of this sensor have been significantly improved due to a completely new technological production process, the use of high-precision microlenses and special photodiodes of an improved modified design in the creation of the matrix. All these measures in combination made it possible to significantly increase the resolution of the matrix without any damage to the quality of the resulting photographs. The ISO range has also been significantly expanded and is now ISO 3200, but this value can be increased up to ISO12.800 if necessary. This value of light sensitivity acts as a kind of guarantee of excellent quality of the resulting images in any lighting conditions, even in almost complete darkness, and at the same time without using a flash or other additional light sources.

This Canon EOS 50D DSLR also has a built-in EOS, a versatile automatic sensor cleaning system. The principle of its operation is concluded in three stages. Thanks to the improvements made, the protection of this system from dirt and dust is now even more reliable and durable. To prevent the possibility of dust or moisture getting into the middle of the camera body, the design of the model has been significantly improved. And also a number of sealing elements were introduced, such as rubber gaskets, double bushings, seals. Due to this, the possibility of moisture or dirt getting into the body when working with the camera in any conditions is practically excluded. Also, some of the internal parts of the camera have been supplemented or modified to improve dust resistance. So, the sensor itself now has a fluorine coating, which effectively repels any dust particles. To remedy the situation that occurs when dirt particles hit the viewfinder, a special function has been developed and installed - "Dust Delete Data". This function automatically detects and removes possible distortion or noise from all images caused by dust or dirt on the viewfinder. Canon's specially developed Digital Photo Professional software helps to simplify this task.

The DIGIC 4 processor installed in the camera is able to save a huge number of photos directly to the clipboard, up to 90 photos.Also thanks to him, the camera is able to "shoot" at a speed of up to 6.3 frames per second. At the same time, saving the filmed materials in the highest quality and JPEG format. Autofocus capability is supported by as many as 9 separate sensors with a single center crosshair. Such a construction scheme made it possible to produce simply excellent photographs indoors or outdoors, regardless of the level and intensity of illumination of the environment. Also, this Canon EOS 50D SLR digital camera is simply indispensable for reporting photography, wildlife photography or sports. Because the new processor is capable of supporting a 14-bit information processing system, which acts as a guarantor for the photographer of both excellent photo quality and excellent frame clarity, contrast and amazing color reproduction. If you use the Canon BG-E2N battery pack instead of the standard one, then it seems possible to significantly increase the number of captured still images, increasing this value to 2100, provided that the batteries are fully charged.

The built-in and significantly improved 3-inch LCD screen has a fairly wide viewing angle, which provides an unprecedented level of comfort when viewing captured images. Live View greatly simplifies the process of taking photos from previously unattainable angles, and allows you to take close-ups without lying on wet or muddy ground. Also now it became possible to connect the camera to a personal computer, for the purpose of taking photos in a remote or remote mode. The built-in real-time mode can support three different types of autofocus. These are: real-time mode with face detection technology, fast photography, and simple real-time mode.

The first mode allows you to quickly create portraits without lengthy preparation. The second mode produces almost instant photography, with a single raise of the camera mirror and triggering the autofocus sensor. For the most part, this mode is only suitable for obtaining so-called "random good shots". In the third mode, the image contrast data is fed directly to the LCD screen.

Taking into account all the wishes and criticism of users, Canon engineers and developers have courteously created a new screen, which displays all the operational settings of the camera. This screen greatly simplifies the use of the camera. Installed on the camera, the new "Creative Auto" mode is specifically designed to automatically adjust exposure and focus. With this mode, you can easily change a whole list of picture settings.

As a result, I would like to note that the new Canon EOS 50D SLR digital camera is perfect for all layers of photographers, both professional and semi-professional. The camera has an incredibly large list of features and capabilities that provide excellent and easy operation with this device. Also remember that this camera is compatible with all Canon EF, EF-S series lenses, as well as all Canon EX series Speedlites and an endless list of accessories. She will become an indispensable assistant and advisor when photographing in any genre. Great model for an incredibly low cost.

Examples of photographs taken with a Canon EOS 50D SLR camera: