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HOW TO MAKE AN ORGANIZER FOR LINGERIE WITH YOUR OWN HANDS - do-it-yourself organizer for lingerie

DIY laundry organizer: master class

It is very easy to make such an organizer with your own hands for storing underwear and socks. And its cost is at least two times lower than that of the cheapest Chinese analogue.

You will need: a shoe box, a ruler, a pen, glue, scissors and paper for decoration.

How to make an organizer yourself (yourself), see the step-by-step instructions with a photo.

  1. First, decide on the size of the underwear drawer. Think about how many things to put in it. It depends on what size the box for underwear to choose and how many cells to divide it.
  2. The box for the linen was picked up. Set the lid aside for now. You will need it a little later.

  3. Measure the height of the future organizer on the side walls. Focus on the parameters of the locker in which you will store it.

  4. Mark the cutting lines.

  5. Cut off the excess.
  6. Make inner partitions from the lid and the rest of the box. Count how many blanks you need. Proceed from the calculation of the optimal cell area - 7-8 cm2.

    Make the height of the partitions equal to the height of the box or slightly less. In length, they will be 2-3 mm less than the box itself. Then the assembled underwear or socks will fit freely into the cells.

    Now these blanks need to be decorated. In our case, we used paper for wrapping gifts with an interesting "crumpled" texture. But, in order to save money, you can do with ordinary white A4 sheets.

  7. Paste the cartons on all sides.

  8. Send them to the press for a while. In the meantime, they are drying, take care of finishing the drawer.

    Start at the inside of the bumpers.

  9. Then arrange the bottom.

  10. For external decor, oracle, scrapbooking paper or fabric are suitable. The material must be strong to withstand long-term use. We took thick wrapping paper in a contrasting color.

  11. Start with the boards. Make an allowance on both sides of 3-4 cm.

    Do not glue the paper without "fitting" - this is fraught with errors and irregularities.

  12. Bend the sides - it will be more convenient this way. Make cuts in the fold lines at the corners of the box to keep the paper flat.

  13. Now you can glue.

  14. Finally, decorate the base of the drawer.

  15. Now let's go back to the planks that have dried out under pressure. Mark on them the location of future cells.
  16. On long workpieces, make marks from the side where the glued edge is visible, and on short ones from the opposite. Then, when assembled, the grille will look neat.
  17. Make cuts along the marked marks to the middle of the cardboard. The width of the notch should be approximately equal to the thickness of the plank.

  18. Now assemble the grate and insert into the box. Our DIY lingerie and socks organizer is ready to use.

The result is worth the effort. Doing something with your own hands is interesting and pleasant. And such an exemplary order will delight even the avid perfectionist.

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