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How to take care of your refrigerator !!!

Nowadays, the refrigerator is one of the most important electrical appliances in every home. This is a very expensive unit, therefore, it should be used correctly during operation, thereby extending its service life. Many breakdowns, which subsequently lead to expensive repairs, occur precisely because of improper and inappropriate operation of the refrigerator. Some rules that must be followed in order to avoid repairing the refrigerator:

The refrigerator should not be placed near heated appliances.

It is necessary to install the refrigerator in the apartment away from any heating devices. For example, such as a battery, heaters and even direct sunlight. On the contrary, fresh air and draft will be beneficial. Warm floors are gaining popularity nowadays. They provide heat to the entire kitchen space. The only thing you shouldn't forget is the refrigerator located in the kitchen. Under it, you should not cover the warm floor containing the pipes of the heating system. It will only hurt him! Refrigerator repair services have more than once encountered such a reason for the malfunction of this unit as the presence of a warm floor around the entire perimeter of the kitchen. Constant heating of the lower base of the refrigerator leads to continuous operation of the compressor. The refrigerator is heated from below without interruption, which undoubtedly leads to serious consequences and calls for a specialist for subsequent repairs. If the refrigerator is disconnected from the network for any reason, you should not immediately turn it on. You should wait about five minutes, and then connect to the network.

If the refrigerator is defrosting, then you should not pick the ice with sharp objects. Only hot water should be used.

After defrosting, leave the refrigerator to dry completely.

Now, let's touch on those parts of the refrigerator that require thorough cleaning. It is necessary to carefully approach the issue of cleaning the refrigerator and pay attention to such places of the refrigerator as the outside, inside and back.

Outside, the refrigerator requires wiping with a damp cloth dipped in a soda solution. At the same time, do not forget about those places, for example, the handle of the refrigerator, which a person constantly touches during its operation. There are refrigerators that are coated with rusting metal on the outside, so you should read the instructions for the use of products that are suitable for cleaning such surfaces.

The inner surface of the refrigerator also requires constant cleaning, even if it is equipped with a special system that does not require defrosting. This cleaning removes unpleasant odors from the food inside the refrigerator. To make the interior of the refrigerator better, various flavors are used to absorb unpleasant odors. For example, it can be the smell of freshness or orange.

Constant cleaning of the back of the refrigerator will also not harm it. Removing dirt from the condenser, which can be located both outside and inside the refrigerator, will only lead to improved heat transfer and reduced electricity consumption of the refrigerator. Also, once every six months, you should go through the condenser with a vacuum cleaner, while capturing an area of ​​the refrigerator such as a compressor. After the refrigerator has been defrosted, do not immediately fill it with food. It is necessary to let it work at least a couple of cycles, without filling it with anything.

On the back side, some refrigerators have an evaporator, which, in no case, should be obscured by anything, while constantly cleaning the place near it for moisture.

Do not install the pointer, which is designed to automatically maintain the temperature set by the user beyond average. This will only lead to intensive engine operation, and changes in temperature will be negligible.

There are refrigerators that are equipped with a button, when pressed, instant freezing occurs. This button shortens the contacts at the thermostat, which leads to constant engine operation. Make sure the button is pressed.

You should also not keep vegetable oil in the refrigerator. For oil, this is not particularly necessary, and the rubber band that seals the refrigerator doors becomes less elastic.

There are several factors to consider when transporting your refrigerator. Firstly, do not tilt it, but transport it only in an upright position. Indeed, in an inclined position, from the compressor, oil can flow out into the discharge part of the circuit. This can lead to major repairs in which it will be necessary to flush the circulation circle of the cooling system. But there are times when it is not possible to transport the refrigerator in an upright position. Then it is required to check that the tube from the compressor is directed upward.

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