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HOW TO CHOOSE A GARDEN SWING - types of swing, how to choose a swing for a summer residence

It is a good thing to pamper yourself with relaxation on a garden swing. Feeling WOW is like soaring. Swaying gives peace, and the quality of the product instills confidence.

  • A metal swing is not afraid of rain or snow. The larger the diameter of the frame pipe, the stronger the structure. Its size varies between 32-76 mm.

  • Wooden beams are lighter than metal. It is pleasant to the touch: it does not heat up and does not keep cold. But it dries from the sun, and swells from moisture. In order not to rot, the beech and oak swing will have to be dried every 2-3 years.

  • There are combined options - when the swing is wooden and the support is metal. These are more durable and more pleasant to use.

Support posts give stability to the structure.

  • The Λ- and A-shaped form with an inter-foot angle of 30-40 ° is the most reliable.
  • The U-shaped one is complemented by spacers that are connected to the side posts and the lower crossbar.
  • The W-shaped shape is optimal for a roof over a swing.

It is better to install a structure with legs on a concrete surface. Otherwise, under the weight, they will unevenly go into the ground and the swing will warp.

Our comfort and safety depend on the shape of the seat.

  • Backrest and armrests for convenience.
  • Leaning (when the seat is tilted back slightly) will relieve muscle tension when rocking.
  • Stiffeners reinforce the seat structure.

The base of the seat is made of welded or armored galvanized mesh, which does not rust.

  • Welded harder, it can withstand weight up to 700 kg.
  • The carapace is soft and bouncy better.

In a swing without a net, a trampoline material is used as a seat, stretched over the base. It is durable, does not stretch, does not fade and dries quickly. Such a swing can be kept outdoors all season. And don't worry about the mattress when it's raining.

How to choose a swing for a summer residence

When choosing a swing for a summer residence, pay attention to how the structure is attached to the support frame.

  • In a quality product, a spring or carabiner clings to a loop welded to the frame.
  • If the bed is threaded through the hole on the crossbar, such a swing will quickly bend under the weight.

And yes, weight limits are important too. For two, just 150-200 kg. If you want to sit for three or four, the swing must be able to withstand 250 kg or more.

Having a roof over your head and relaxing on soft pillows is certainly nice. Even if it's just a swing in the country. Often, the awning is made of polyester or mesh polyethylene.

  • The latter is cheaper but less reliable.
  • Polyester has a service life of up to 10 years. In addition, the material repels dirt. So you don't have to wash such a cover.

Cushion covers are often made in cotton and dralon.

  • Dralon is stronger, but the design fades in the sun.
  • Cotton is a natural material. Good for those with allergies. But it is short-lived, the pillows will have to be changed after a season or two.

It is better if the pillow covers are removable. In summer, when there is a lot of dust, they can be washed at any time. The main thing is not to fade.

And if mosquitoes get out, you need to take a sofa swing with a mosquito net. It is sewn in or attached to the roof with zippers or Velcro. In extreme cases, you will have to buy it. Just look at the package for its size. It is important that the net fits perfectly to the swing.

Let's summarize how to choose the right swing for a summer residence

Wooden• Eco-friendly

• Requires varnishing

• Expensive

• Short-lived

Metallic (steel + zinc)

• Long service life

• Durable

• Do not rust

• Get hot in the heat
Combined • You can disassemble and strengthen the structure• The wood is varnished so as not to rot

Yeah ... It seems like we just choose a garden sofa, and so many things have to be taken into account. Maybe it's easier to get a hanging swing or a deck chair? Write your opinion in the comments.

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