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DESCALING THE WASHING MACHINE - limescale in the washing machine machine, how to clean (remove, remove), protection and prevention of washing machines

Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid

To clean the car with citric acid, prepare a soft cloth and citric acid. Remove all clothing from the car and run it idle. Pour 100-200 grams of citric acid into the detergent compartment.

Do you want your washing machine to last long? Prevent limescale regularly! Since tap water is oversaturated with micro particles of metals, lime and salts, clean it every 2-3 months.

It is not necessary to buy expensive preventive measures to remove scale in the washing machine. Use citric acid, 9% vinegar, soda ash, or chlorine (your choice). After such cleaning, your machine will not only sparkle with cleanliness, it will wash off dirt and scale even in the most inaccessible places.

Before cleaning the washing machine, check if there are any small objects under the rubber elements in the hatch. Cleaning is carried out only in idle mode, so there should be no laundry in the drum. Aggressive acid will not only erode limescale deposits on internal parts, but also ruin things.

How to descale a washing machine with citric acid:

  • pour 100-200 g of citric acid into the powder compartment,
  • set the longest wash cycle at a temperature of 90-95 ° C (Cotton mode),
  • start the loop.

Never use lemon juice to descale washing machines. Its concentration is much lower than that of citric acid, so it is not effective.

How to clean a washing machine with citric acid and bleach:

  • Place 200 g of citric acid in the detergent drawer,
  • Pour 1 glass of bleach directly into the drum of the machine,
  • set the mode to "Cotton" and start the cycle.

It is better to carry out such a procedure for protecting the washing machine no more than once every 3 months in order to prevent chlorine from corroding the rubber seals.

Ventilate the room while the washing machine is in operation, as the strong smell of steam generated by the chemical combination of chlorine and limescale can negatively affect your well-being.

How to descale with citric acid and soda:

  • add 100-150 g citric acid and 2-4 tsp into the detergent drawer. soda ash;
  • set the wash cycle at high temperature and run.

By the way: with this mixture you can easily clean the mixers from the stubborn limescale.

Preventing washing machines from limescale

When washing laundry, use water softeners:

  • vinegar: When putting a wash, in addition to the powder, in the rinse compartment, pour vinegar 9% up to the maximum mark (60 ml). Select the minimum wash cycle and set the temperature to 60 ° C. With regular use of this method, limescale will not accumulate on the internal parts of the machine. The laundry will feel soft to the touch (including terry towels). Vinegar will neutralize odor and your laundry will not smell like powder;
  • «Calgon»And other descaling agents: do not dissolve scale, as we used to think, listening to advertisements, but only prevent its formation on the machine parts, softening the hardness of the water. Unlike professional products that contain acids, Calgon contains only sodium tripolyphosphate and soda.

Remember: professional descaling agents are not used during washing, but separately, running the cycle to idle.

Now you know how to descale your washing machine. How do you clean your car? Share your experience in the comments!

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