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Choosing curtain rods

Arrangement of your own apartment always starts with renovation, and ends with interior decoration. Window openings are decorated with curtains and cornice. The placement of the cornice is directly related to the visual perception of the room.

If you place the cornice on the ceiling or hang curtains twenty centimeters above the top edge of the window, then the window opening will appear longer.

An entire wall cornice with light curtains will visually expand the window and the entire room.

If the window in the room is too large, then it can be visually reduced by installing the cornice exactly along the upper edge of the window opening. And the room will become much more comfortable.

Cornices are decorative and functional. When choosing a cornice, it must be remembered that each model has its own design - these are baguette cornices, round, string, profile and others.

Depending on the method of fastening, the cornices are divided into ceiling and wall, and the material of manufacture can be plastic, wood or metal.

A wooden cornice is a classic option, for the manufacture of which a tree species with a dense structure is used: conifers, walnut, oak or cherry. Most often, wooden cornices are single-row, less often double-row. Such a cornice will perfectly fit into any interior and is suitable for classic curtains of any structure and color.

Plastic cornice is an alternative to expensive structures. It is considered one of the most economical options, has a variety of colors and additional accessories. The cornice is easy to attach, has an acceptable cost, and is easy to clean. It is believed that light colors fade faster, and black or wood-like cornices will last long enough.

The metal cornice can be single-row or multi-row. It is very durable and, despite its apparent simplicity, is decorative. Such a cornice is capable of supporting the weight of printed curtains and heavy tapestry textiles. Metal cornices are very popular with owners of prestigious apartments and country houses.

A special place is occupied by forged cornices, which are distinguished by their extraordinary strength and graceful lines. If the interior already contains elements of forging, then such a cornice will be a great addition.

Forged cornices can be black, white, gold plated, copper, brass, glossy or matte. Fasteners for curtains can be made in the form of a hook or a clothespin.

If you cannot afford exclusive curtain rods using the art forging technique, then you can purchase an imitation forging. Combined with stone or natural wood, forged cornices are the ideal decor in Provence or Baroque style. They will add a special elegance to your interior.

Metal curtain rods are better suited for people who independently design an apartment, since steel curtain rods can be bent and give them an original shape, which, according to your idea, will perfectly complement the interior of the apartment.

A round curtain rod at the base with a bar is made of metal, wood or polymer and is a fairly common option. The diameter of the main pipe is 10-40 mm, and the diameter of the additional pipe is 2-3 mm. The traditional method of fastening curtains, when thick curtains are attached to the main pipe, and tulle on the additional pipe, is replaced today with a rather unusual solution, that is, a transparent organza with a pattern is placed over the plain curtains. A string can serve as a fastener for the third row of fabric. The thickness of the curtain rod pipes depends on how heavy and long you plan to hang the curtains.

String cornice can be 1, 2 or 3-tiered. A thin cable is the basis of the supporting structure.The curtain rod is lightweight and can be installed on a wall or ceiling. Such a cornice will fit well in almost any style of apartment interior. But it should be remembered that string cornice will not withstand heavy textiles.

Profile cornice is a flexible aluminum profile cornice. It is very practical and durable, and the plasticity of the material allows you to create multi-level structures of various shapes. This cornice is suitable for any room. Most often, such a cornice is used to fasten curtains with a lambrequin.

The baguette cornice has a strip that covers the fastening system. The plank is decorated and can be made in gold, silver, marble or wood structure. Sometimes, under the strip, a backlight is installed from point LEDs or halogen lamps, or the lamps are placed on the tips.

The busbar or rail curtain rod is an aluminum or PVC structure. It has one or more grooves, in which rollers with hooks are placed, and at the edges there are special plugs to prevent the rollers from falling out. Such a cornice is used when the width of the window sill does not allow hanging long curtains. The tire cornice will help to correct the situation.

Ceiling cornices significantly expand the possibilities of decorating a room and visually expand the space. They are not massive and are combined with the ceiling or the color of the furniture.

Ceiling cornices are rod-shaped, when a round rod is attached to brackets, as well as rail and string.

The ceiling cornice made of plastic has a structure that consists of a strip with holes for the movement of hooks, two rounded elements, which are the ends of the baguette and the cornice.

The baguette has various color shades, as well as wood imitation. The plank is put on the installed cornice and can be changed along with the furniture to maintain the color scheme of the interior.

Ceiling cornices can be multi-row.

Thanks to such cornices, you can create interesting design options for decorating a room, as well as adjust the volume of a room both horizontally and vertically.

In apartments with high ceilings and small window openings, as well as with suspended or suspended ceilings, it is better to use wall cornices.

The electric curtain rod is a great solution when the curtain rod is located at high heights or frequent curtain adjustments are required. The base of the cornice is an aluminum profile.

The mechanism is set in motion by pressing a button. The hooks are moved in a given direction using a cable. The cornice can be installed effortlessly and simply plugged into a power source.

Roman blinds can be equipped with a mechanical rotor chain lifting system.

Accessories for curtain rods - various tips or handles for moving curtains are not only decorative elements.

The tips of various shapes serve as a kind of caps for rings and hooks, preventing them from falling out. And with the help of the handles, the threads of the edging tape move more evenly. The fittings for the curtain rods must match the materials that are used to decorate the room.

So, when choosing a cornice, it should be remembered that decorative cornices can be used for light curtains, and for heavy textiles, the cornice should be strong and reliable.

Wall cornices should have brackets long enough so that the curtains do not lie on the windowsill.

It is better if the curtain rods, which are not installed on the entire wall, have turns to the wall on the sides. This will make it possible to close the lateral lumen with tissue.

If you install the cornice directly above the window, then it should be 10-30 cm longer than the opening on both sides.

Remember that the correct placement of the eaves will help you visually resize your room in one direction or another.

Before buying a curtain rod, decide on the fabric and model of curtains.

When choosing a cornice, be sure to take into account the peculiarities of the layout of the apartment and the interior design. And also remember that the decorative function of the cornice must match its practicality.

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