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Sports supplements for joints and ligaments

Any existing sport is associated with various injuries and great physical stress on the ligaments and joints, which leads to the development of chronic diseases of the articular tissues and ligaments. You can prevent them by using special sports supplements that accelerate the regeneration of connective tissue and help to strengthen it, and you must also warm up thoroughly before training.

Connective tissue plays a supporting role in all organs, performs supporting, protective and trophic functions. It forms the supporting frame and the outer covers of all organs. Connective tissue is mainly composed of collagen and elastin, which provide elasticity to the tissue and aids in its repair.

The causes of diseases of the joints and ligaments are different. Even healthy joints become fragile with age, which is associated with the aging process of the entire body. But most often athletes are susceptible to diseases, since their joints and ligaments are under constant stress.

Joint diseases are also affected by other complex processes that occur in our body: stagnation of blood in the veins, circulatory disorders, arthrosis, chronic infection, diseases of the endocrine system, metabolic disorders, heredity.

In order to protect joints and ligaments, it is necessary to adhere to a complete and balanced diet, since the body receives all the necessary nutrients during meals. The cartilage and bones of animals contain a huge amount of substances that are necessary to strengthen the joints, ligaments and bones of a person.

Special supplements will also help you keep healthy joints and ligaments, which help to rebuild cartilage and connective tissue. They are sold in pharmacies and sports nutrition stores.

Glucosamine sulfate is an effective preparation for the restoration and strengthening of cartilage and connective tissue, as well as for the formation of tendons, membranes and bones. The drug promotes the formation of inter-articular fluid, prevents dehydration and joint fragility. It is very popular with athletes.

Chondroitin sulfate is a drug that lubricates joints. It is made from the cartilage of large animals. It is taken as a supplement to prevent any degenerative changes in the joints, including osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfates complement each other perfectly and provide excellent joint protection. Therefore, it is better to purchase them as part of one supplement.

Collagen is a protein that our bodies make to maintain the strength and elasticity of our shell. It is a constituent component of the body, skin, bones, cartilage and joints.

Calcium and vitamin D are used at the same time to strengthen the skeletal system. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium better. Lack of vitamin D in the body leads to inflammation of the joints and ligaments. The use of the necessary additives helps to reduce such processes.

Universal Nutrition is one of the world's leading sports nutrition companies, uniquely developing excellent quality products that are a breakthrough in sports nutrition today.

The Animal Flex Complex was specially formulated to strengthen your ligaments and joints, keep them healthy, and protect you during overworked workouts.

Each serving packet of Animal Flex contains several complexes:

  • preparations for the restoration of connective tissue;
  • preparations to improve the lubrication of joints, allowing to protect
  • joints from the negative effects of weight lifting during exercise;

  • special preparations that eliminate inflammatory processes;
  • a complex of vitamins and minerals to support joints and ligaments.
  • Animal Flex is taken once daily with a meal. Servings Per Container - 44 Packets.

    Also, to protect the ligaments and joints, you can take drugs that, when used, give an average effect: methylsulfonylmethane, shark cartilage, s-adenosylmethionine, omega-3 fatty acids, bromelain, curcumin, minerals and vitamins of group B, E, C, hyaluronic acid.

    For maximum effect, combine one of the complex supplements with a vitamin-mineral complex, omega-3 and collagen.

    To keep joints and ligaments healthy, follow these guidelines:

  • follow the exercise technique to avoid injury;
  • if you already have problems with ligaments and joints, then do safer exercises;
  • be sure to drink a prophylactic course consisting of a complex supplement, a vitamin-mineral complex and collagen;
  • do not work with very heavy weight;
  • in case of injury, do not load the ligaments and joints until they are completely restored;
  • do not self-medicate, in case of diseases of the joints and ligaments, consult a doctor.
  • Before starting your workout, do a warm-up to warm up your muscles and prepare your joints for stress.

    After training, do a little stretch, but do not overdo it so as not to injure the ligaments.

    If you have a strict diet that excludes certain types of foods from your diet, be sure to take special supplements that will take care of the health of your joints and ligaments.

    Consistent training is a key success factor in bodybuilding and sports. Joints, ligaments, connective tissues, muscles are the skeleton of the body, their condition greatly affects the effectiveness of training. The more you exercise, the more stress your frame is, and when it breaks down, the body breaks down too.

    We offer you various complexes to help you support and protect your joints and ligaments. Before you start taking this or that complex, be sure to consult your doctor.