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HOW TO CLEAN YOUR MONITOR - how to clean your computer LCD monitor

Do you want your technique to delight you with a bright and rich image for a long time? will tell you how to wipe your computer monitor so as not to damage the LCD matrix.

How to clean a computer LCD monitor?

Soft microfiber cloths (often sold with a cleaning agent) gently remove dust, smudges and deposits from the display without leaving any scratches. In addition, they relieve static stress and have an antimicrobial effect. Unplug your computer before cleaning the screen. When the display is off, streaks, dirt and dust streaks are better visible:

  • wipe the back of the device and side frames with a damp microfiber cloth;
  • Apply a monitor cleaner to a soft cloth;
  • without pressing, remove dust from the surface by direct movement of your hand from left to right and vice versa. Wipe down from the top corner of the display. Screen cleaners create the effect of filling micro cracks and ensure correct refraction of light. Thus, they improve the optical properties with minor surface damage;
  • if the display is very dirty, repeat cleaning.

After use, rinse the cloth in warm water to prevent old dirt from scratching the screen the next time you clean it.

Now you know how to clean a computer LCD monitor. How do you wipe the screen of your PC monitor? Let us know in your comments.

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