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Review Asus WL-520GU


On the packaging of Asus WL-520GU, in addition to the name, there are also technologies and standards supported by the device, and from version to version 520 GU it gets better and better. Improved ISP compatibility and IPTV support.

The package includes, in addition to the Wi-Fi router, a removable antenna, a power supply unit, a quick start guide, information on compliance with standards, a CD with software and instructions, support contacts and a warranty card with useful information.


The design of the device eliminates excesses, on the other hand, it is modern and good enough not to hide the router under the table, but to leave it in plain sight. The device can be easily hung on the wall in any convenient place. The body of the router is made of matte plastic, only on the side there is a transparent insert. The design takes into account all the features of the device. On the front, there are all LED indicators that signal the operation of the device. The reverse side contains all connectors and ports. Here is a connector for installing a Wi-Fi antenna, an EZSetup quick setup button, then a restore settings button, then four LAN ports for connecting local devices follow, followed by a LAN port for connecting an Internet provider, next is a USB port and, finally, a connector nutrition. The underside is almost entirely covered with ventilation holes. On the bottom there are four rubber feet, grooves for attaching the router to the wall and a sticker with a serial number. Above the manufacturer's logo, as well as a ventilation grill.


Asus WL-520GU today has become one of the most optimal routers for use at home or in small local area networks. The number of its capabilities, performance, as well as compatibility with the absolute majority of Ukrainian Internet providers, all this makes this device an affordable and more than sufficient router for an ordinary user. Thanks to the filling, its functionality and balance is quite comparable to more expensive models. The router also has support for technologies that significantly improve some characteristics, for example, Broad Range ™, allows you to increase the network coverage by 300%, compared to standard G. Technology 125 High Speed ​​Mode increases the bandwidth of the standard by 135%. In addition, the device is able to expand the wireless network using WDS technology. Wireless standards B and G are supported. All cable ports of the router support Fast Ethernet technology. The router can work both in the general access mode with NAD support, and in the router mode or in the wireless access point mode. The router has a dedicated EZSetup software that will help any user to easily set up the device. A large number of network technologies are supported, including IPTV and UPnP server. The USB port allows you to connect external USB devices: flash drives or network printers. At the same time, it is also supported to save the settings of the router to a USB disk for their further restoration. A printer connected via USB can be made available to all devices on the local network, while it is turned on, only a router can be. The network management interface is intuitive and easy to configure. The menu is even equipped with special tips from Doctor Serf, explaining the operation of a particular function or helping to fix a problem. The web interface has settings sections that are responsible for setting up an Internet connection and local network parameters. Wi-Fi network also has a large number of settings, including for advanced users. The router supports a lot of possibilities for configuring network functions.There is also a virtual server and bandwidth settings, the ability to use DDNS for access from an external network and various traffic filtering options. More experienced users will be interested in the possibility of changing the firmware, saving and restoring settings, as well as detailed information about the operation of the device in the system log.

As a result, the Asus WL-520GU router is, in my opinion, one of the best router options for our networks. It has a great balance between affordable price and more than adequate feature set. For anyone, even a poorly technically trained user, this router provides easy setup and use in a home or small local area network.

the main thing

- Balance of performance;

- Wi-Fi standard b / g, up to 125 Mbps;

- Four LAN ports with Fast Ethernet support;

- Optimized for most providers;

- Ability to create a network print server;

- EZSetup utilities to help with initial setup;

- Intuitive web-based management interface.

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