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Samsung E590

Samsung E590

Samsung E590 specifications

Standard: 900/1800/1900 MHz

Dimensions: 94 x 42 x 13.5 mm

Display: TFT, 262144 shades, 220 x 220 dots

Memory: 90 MB, microSD expansion slot

Messages: SMS, MMS, mail client

Call signals: polyphony (MIDI), MP3, AAC

Connections and data transfer: GPRS class 10, EDGE, PC sync, USB, Bluetooth

Additionally: Java MIDP 2.0, Java Platform Applications, MP3 Player, Document Viewer, Mobile Print

Digital camera: 3.0 megapixel, autofocus effects, video recording with sound

Mobile phone manufacturers often partner with distinguished designers to try to make their products look unique. So in the strict outlines of the Samsung E590 cameraphone, connoisseurs will see the minimalist style of Jasper Morrison - the guru of modern interior design and hitech devices.


Visually, the phone is extremely simple, there is no pretentiousness in the details of the appearance, mostly strict laconic forms. There is no fashionable subtlety in it, the thickness of the case is standard. And yet the proportions of the device are somewhat unusual. The fact is that the length of the device is much shorter than the usual one, although neither the keyboard nor the control system suffered from this. The only sacrifice was the size of the screen. It is square, which is unusual for most of the company's devices. But in terms of brightness and contrast, it is not inferior to tubes with a traditional display. The body material is smooth, but not glossy plastic, no fingerprints remain. The phone is presented in two colors - black (the most common) and white. The camera lens is traditionally located on the back surface and protrudes several millimeters above the body. Therefore, on a flat surface, the phone lies at a slight angle, but this does not cause any inconvenience to the user. A protective shutter for the lens is not provided here, as well as a flash.


The main menu of the phone is initially represented by a matrix with icons. In the future, you can choose to display in the form of a list. The submenu looks like horizontal lists. In general, the implementation of the menu is exactly the same as in other Samsung models, the only difference is that in the E590 everything is adapted for a square-shaped display. Among the interesting functions, we note World. This is a set of custom wallpapers for each country. For example, while in Ukraine, you will see a monument to Bohdan Khmelnitsky in the center of the capital, and, having landed at any airport in France, you will find the Eiffel Tower on display. In addition, the wallpaper changes depending on the time of day: stars light up on the screen in the evening. Another unique feature that is only found in Samsung devices so far is the Pixel Viewer application. It allows you to open MS Office files (eg MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), graphic and video formats. The application is very well thought out, it takes only a few seconds to open a Microsoft Word document with a volume of about 10 MB. But you won't be able to change the files or edit them, Pixel Viewer is just a viewer. Samsung E590 is also equipped with Mobile Tracker function. She is responsible for the notification about the change of the SIM card. The user specifies the phone number to which messages will be sent when it changes. You can open this section only by entering a password, so that an attacker cannot disable this function without the knowledge of the owner of the phone. When a new SIM card is installed, the message is sent only once; when a new SIM card is replaced, it is sent again, with a new number. Although the idea itself is not ideal and does not guarantee the return of the device in case of theft, the chances of finding it are still higher.


The terminal is equipped with a three-megapixel camera with autofocus, which significantly improves the quality of photos. Pictures can be viewed on a computer monitor and printed in 10 x 15 format.In good lighting conditions, the colors are very realistic. But in the room, a flash would not hurt. All photos are stored in a special folder "album", here you can view the data about each image. Any picture can be associated with a name in the phone book or set as wallpaper. Video recording is made in MPEC4 format, in the settings you need to specify whether it will be with or without sound. The maximum resolution is 352 x 288


The design of Samsung E590 is frankly not for everybody. There will be users who will admire him, but there will also be those who find him overly conservative. As for the equipment, it meets the needs of most consumers as much as possible. The phone has everything you need, while the price remains extremely affordable.

"+" Restrained design, high-quality photography

"-" No flash