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WHAT TO GIVE A CHILD FOR 2 YEARS - what to give a boy for 2 years and a girl

The child is 2 years old. Of course, he is still a mama's bead, but already beginning to speak and be smart. Choose gifts wisely so that children develop in harmony and strive for independence. We offer a selection of gifts for the New Year and for all occasions for a 2-year-old child.

Knocking toys

The game is simple: you insert colored balls into the slots, knock on them with a hammer. Knockers are interesting and useful for children. After all, working with a hammer develops fine motor skills and coordination of movements.

Price: from 271 UAH


Stick the ribbon through the holes, collect figures by color, sort the spillikins, lace! Little fingers will have to try to thread the lace through the hole - this is a super fine motor trainer. Cars, animals, vegetables can be arranged in different order, come up with a plot and repeat the names of each. You will see, the baby will be carried away by lacing.

Price: from 80 UAH


The figures, pleasant to the touch, are made of wood or plastic. They are bright with a smooth texture. The chips are sorted by color and pushed into a piggy bank or placed in cells. There are two options for the game:

  1. select the same figures and discuss color and texture;
  2. with closed eyes, describe what the figure is to the touch, and stick it into the hole.

By playing with the sorter, the child will learn to compare, count and think logically. Through his fingers, he will distinguish the texture of objects: ribbed, smooth, rough ...

Price: from 35 UAH


Bubbles are so iridescent, who doesn't love them! Shooting soap bubbles is twice as fun! Even hooligans will not get bored with such an arsenal, and those who do not like to swim will stop being capricious. We promise you this.

Price: from 20 UAH

Play tents

A house or an awning, especially with a tunnel - that is still a surprise for a 2-year-old child! The wigwam gives a feeling of freedom, personal space and ... silence. In it, as in a nest, it is cozy and calm. The child will be enthusiastic about equipping his kingdom or fortress. It is convenient to hide toys there from prying eyes.

Price: from 213 UAH

What to give a boy for 2 years

It used to be believed that if a boy has strength, then the mind is not needed. Now - as it should be! For a boy, this is of paramount importance: he will grow up strong and smart, there will be no end to the girls. Yes, and in life it will come in handy. So let's choose not just gifts for boys, but mega cool educational toys.


He provokes the boy to fantasize, because he does not dictate the rules of the game. Bought it and throw away the instructions with examples right away. Ask your child specific tasks - to build a house, a rocket, a garage, and together come up with options for solutions. A lot of ideas! But do not take themed sets, they get bored quickly.

Choose constructors from solid materials with large details. Boys are curious: they can swallow little change, stick it in their nose, get hurt ... We recommend taking a closer look at Bamsic, Goki, Viga, Guidecraft. Playing with them, you don't get tired so quickly.

Price: from 47 UAH

Figures and soldiers

Boys will play battles and collect them until they grow up. Such is their inexplicable love for warriors, fairy-tale characters, robots and animals.

Price: from 44 UAH

Jigsaw puzzles

Take the simpler ones first. Boys' theme - ships, cars, cartoons, animals ... Learn to collect pictures, complicate the task: take such puzzles, where there is an image on one side, and its name on the other, broken into syllables. Or letters. Such a gift for a boy for 2 years develops logic, thinking and hand motor skills.

Price: from 14 UAH


Two year olds love moving toys! They intently observe how the locomotive is going and control the process themselves - they roll the wagons off the rails, push them, catch up ... How many stories can you think of, how many stories to play. Playing the railroad, the boy learns to concentrate and develops coordination of movements. There is no end of work for your fingers!

Price: from 83 UAH

Toy cars

This is a traditional gift for a boy, and you need to choose it correctly. The car should be simpler, medium-sized - more comfortable to roll - and durable. Because to fall to her is not to fall. It would be nice if the cab, body and wheels could withstand impacts. Do not take models with small details, they will certainly end up in the child's mouth.

Price: from 101 UAH

Gift for 2 years for a girl

To give the teddy a drink from a bottle, put the doll to bed - girls like to play mom. They try on different roles, like to draw, sculpt, look at pictures. This means that we will develop their abilities and give appropriate gifts.

Kinetic sand

Sculpting from plasticine or sand, which does not stick to hands, is to the liking of even very small children. At least once a day - that's for sure. So stock up on sculpting molds and come up with variations of your leisure time. To begin with, you can learn to leave animal tracks "in the snow", then make a snowman ...

Price: from 33 UAH

Stuffed Toys

Girls like the bright skin of a cat, dog, bear and any other soft toy. They tug their noses and eyes with interest, pull their ears and paws. Therefore, when choosing a gift, make sure that the details are stitched, the threads do not climb, the pile does not fall out. Material - only plush stuffed with granules. It is washable, dries quickly and is non-allergenic. Fur in this regard loses in all respects.

Price: from 132 UAH

Toy utensils

Have a snack and a tea? And with pleasure! The baby will seriously arrange picnics and tea parties, just buy dishes and food. At first he will start to fantasize, and then he will grow up as a hostess.

Price: from 60 UAH


It would be nice to give the girl a developing book for 2 years. Bright pages and beautiful pictures will help you study the seasons, colors, numbers, and counting. We suspect she will enjoy this kind of leisure. And everything that is done with pleasure is for the good: once again, memory and logic will be "pumped over".

Price: from 16 UAH


Oddly enough, girls compare themselves to the doll they are playing. Therefore, buy a beautiful, bright, smiling one. Let the first doll be a soft baby doll, you won't hurt yourself. And so that he does not know how to speak. For a silent toy, the girl herself will come up with words, developing her imagination. It would be nice if the clothes were removed. It's more interesting to play this way, and you can wash it if necessary.

Price: from 304 UAH

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