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Hula Hoops Review

Every girl or woman, undoubtedly, wants to have a slender figure and a thin wasp waist. By spring or summer, ladies begin to work hard to get rid of those extra centimeters and kilograms. Someone buys diet pills, someone goes on a strict diet, but, unfortunately, not everyone can boast of the result. How to achieve a beautiful figure quickly, efficiently and most importantly inexpensively? There is one simple solution to all these problems - hula hoop (aka hoop).

Do you know who first invented this simple exercise machine? What models of hula hoops are there and how to choose the right hoop for you?

The hula-hoop first appeared back in 1957 in the United States. The authorship of this invention belongs to Richard Knerr, who at that time was the founder of the famous Wham-O company.

The hoop was named by the English phrase hula hoop. Translated, the word "hula" means the name of the Polynesian folk dance, and the word "hoop" means a hoop. This uncomplicated sports equipment gained many fans and successfully began to conquer the market.

Today there are models of plastic hoops with special massage balls or attachments. Weighted hoops help you achieve more results.

What can be achieved using a hoop? What is the effect of hula-hoop on the human body?

Regularly doing exercises with a hoop, it happens:

- getting rid of extra centimeters at the waist;

- acceleration of metabolism;

- muscles of the back, waist, abdomen, buttocks and legs are toned;

- increased flexibility;

- the skin looks visually toned.

You can twist the hoop not only at the waist, but also on the legs, arms, and neck. You can do this while standing in one place, or you can move in smooth steps. The hula-hoop technique is varied.

Types of hoops:

Plain - this model is made of plastic or aluminum. Previously, to make such a hula-hoop heavier, it was filled with sand.

Folding the hoop consists of elements. It's easy to fold up and take with you wherever you go, like to the beach.

Weighted - gives a special load on the waist and hips, as its weight varies from half a kilogram to two.

Model with counter calories - the hoop has a built-in electronic counter that shows the number of revolutions made and calories lost.

Massage The hula hoop has suction cups that help reduce the abdomen, waist and hips.

Models with magnets or balls - hoops with balls have a good massage effect. Magnets accelerate the destruction of body fat, so they are more effective than balls.

There are many different hula hoop models on sale. They differ in brands, quality and price. To choose a suitable hoop, you need to pay attention to such characteristics :

- weight

The intensity of the workout is directly proportional to the severity of the hoop. Hula hoops that are too heavy for beginners are not recommended to avoid bruising and bruising.

- dimensions

The hoop should fit exactly your waist, so when buying, do not hesitate to ask for a hula-hoop experience.

- the presence of plug-in elements

For greater efficiency, balls or magnetic elements are inserted into the hula-hoop. There is no fundamental difference between them, but balls made of rubber are better than those made of plastic.

- material

Hoops come in plastic and rubber. A plastic hula-hoop will be significantly cheaper than a rubber one.

There are models of hoops that are equipped with an electronic sensor. It shows the duration of the workout, the number of revolutions, information about the calories burned and lost centimeters.

Recommendations for using the hula hoop:

Workout time should be at least 10 minutes a day, but no more than 30 minutes.

Posture should be level when working with the hoop.

For maximum effect during exercise, suck in your stomach and tighten your muscles.

You can use the hoop at any free time, even at home.

A large selection of hula hoops can be viewed here. Successful shopping and pleasant training!