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Review of mobile phone Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition

Aristocrat among telephones

The Finnish Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition of aristocratic appearance and noble origin is the next stage of the company's development. Following its predecessor Nokia 8800 Silver & Black Edition, executed in the same luxury case, only with a slightly different design, Sirocco has acquired several radically new advantages: more convenient flip cover, twice as much memory, better camera and more, and therefore more convenient, navigation key- mirror. A phone costing more than one thousand dollars, even looking at the period of its announcement, sunk into the depths of past years, deserves the attention of the most demanding and successful buyers. To buy such a phone, most likely, you need not so much money as well-grounded motivation, because something more weighty and meaningful than just a few rustling pieces of paper should prompt a person to purchase an accessory of the highest class.

Matching style

The phone looks great with any outerwear, it fits nicely in the palm, thanks to a new design solution. The thumbnail is now rounded at the bottom, cropped at the top, much larger, making it easier to open / close the phone. The keyboard is still hidden inside a metal cover on a bearing mechanism, which closes with a metallic aggressive clang every time in a semi-automatic mode. Just touch the top of the phone lightly and it slides off immediately. The phone also opens with a sharp shake. The display capable of displaying hundreds of thousands of colors does not impress with any particularly innovative technologies and multimedia capabilities - everything is simple, like in all phones based on the fourth series of Nokia.

Initially, the manufacturer provided two solutions for the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition: black and steel phones are available:

Sapphire, coins and keys

The display of Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition is protected by a special sapphire coating, which protects it from scratches, but there is one interesting nuance here. It seems that the manufacturer did not take into account the mentality of our "high society" and missed the opportunity to carry the phone just in your pocket along with coins and keys. In this case, just a few unlucky minutes may be enough to point out the developers of the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition about their mistake. The screen is scratched, and irreversibly and deeply, only from the friction of these objects at a certain angle. It really protects against small abrasions and chips, it is also checked, but from coins and keys, no 8800 is insured. One more time you can be convinced of the subtlety of advertising technologies - the heroes of the videos really rub the surface of the display with the edge of the coin, but the angle at which this coin is in relation to the screen is of great importance. Contact and close contact of small metal objects with the display should still be avoided. Another visible drawback, not noticeable at first glance, but known to all owners of this phone: if the phone has ever fallen, you have a chance to visit the service center and replace the glass that covers the display from external influences. Not because it can get scratched. Not because he can, what's worse, crash. Not at all. Over time, the edges of the display give microscopic cracks that are invisible to the human eye, into which air enters. Together with it, moisture slowly enters there and, depending on the severity of the damage, after days, weeks or months, the edges or one corner of the display darkens, a pattern in the form of a cobweb appears on it, which over time increases in size and spoils the appearance of the phone.With further use, thus, the phone can be brought to a state where its aristocratic appearance will be reduced to zero. Along the edge of the display, when moisture enters it with air, a red faded strip with microcracks appears. So a warning to the owners - be attentive to the movements of your telephone set and do not let it fall.

Phone body and branding

The back of the plastic cover (the so-called "phone body") is inseparable from the main part of the device, to which metal panels and mechanisms are attached. It is made in white and black, which, in principle, does not affect the appearance of the phone in any way and is just a matter of the owner's taste. In case of damage to the top surface or corner of the phone, you will have to change its entire main part with reinstallation of the case and the main mechanism, so also - warning number two. I say due to the fact that the plastic is quite strong only in appearance, in fact, it is very fragile and upon impact (even slight) it can simply crack. It is made soft just in order not to break, but rather to scratch, or barely noticeably deform, but it does not have to be done over and over again. A distinctive feature of the original phones is that on the rear upper plastic part at the base of the metal cover they may or may not have a corporate logo (Nokia inscription).

German assembly

In phones with German assembly, for example, there is no such inscription. The Finns have it. In no case should this frighten you when buying and raise doubts about the original origin of the expensive device. The camera is housed in the interior of the phone and is connected to a fragile, small, but high-precision eyepiece-lens by means of a bus in a moving slider device. It is located on the flip itself - the upper retractable part with a display on the back.

Integrated camera

The capabilities of Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition have been significantly expanded compared to its predecessor, which pleases us with its high quality and speed of shooting. When the phone is closed, the camera eyepiece hides in a special groove in the body, rounded at the bottom and cut at the top. There he is completely protected from external influences and damage. The camera is activated by pressing one of the keys or through a specific menu item, which is called "Camera". Setting up a one-touch launch is very simple. My camera launch was assigned to the top arrow of the navigation key, which is very convenient to use. As soon as you open the flip, you can, without removing your finger from the rounded threshold that separates the lower part of the display from the keyboard, press the arrow and the menu for shooting will appear on the display. There is a zoom mode, photo / video of different resolutions, night mode, backlight, autofocus. I didn't like the night mode, I liked the video quality. The sound quality in the video sequence is worthy of the highest praise, since for the first time in the entire multifaceted series the 8800 has finally acquired the ability to lie flat on the track, without extraneous noise and background. In the mode with soundtrack and ringtone, the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition also emits some sounds. For example, when shooting a photo, it imitates the click of a camera shutter, when shooting a video, it beeps cutely. Start / stop are signaled by one signal, any other action by another. The camera can shoot both horizontally and vertically without loss of quality and blurry details, and the speed with which you turn the camera over is important. If you intend to further edit the video, you can use the pause function, if the action should take place in real time, then no.


The Sirocco keyboard is more than comfortable, there have been some changes in the appearance and functionality of the keys. The reset / call buttons remained in the same places, but changed.Made a little carelessly, as if by hand they are large with a bright, accurate display. You can always use it by touch. The navigation cross (in fact, just a square-edging) and the central confirmation key are large and convenient. The keys are placed in such a way that they are slightly beveled towards the bottom edge, it is more convenient to press on convex sharp edges than on flat small buttons. Many thanks to the developers for this. Nevertheless, in the lower part of the keyboard you can see a phenomenon that is classic for all 8800. When you press the keys, you touch the sharp cut of the bottom cover with your finger. The fact that it is fixed in this position motionless, you have to move your finger more comfortably, but every time you repeat the same mistake. The fact that you can cut yourself on the edge of the lid (it is so polished) is a myth. You probably need to rub your finger on that part of the metal for several hours in a row to feel the pain. You can pinch the skin at the corner of the keyboard and display interface (in fact, the cover itself, but in this part). It hurts. But with correct careful use, such nuances should not arise. The backlight is redundant. Glows white. Too bright to allow easy viewing of the mass of icons indicated on the relatively small keys. Since the buttons are printed with numbers, English font and Cyrillic, almost all of their area is occupied. With bright backlighting, you can see how almost the entire area of ​​the button is illuminated, and the keyboard resembles a New Year's garland.


The menu is built in a very simple way. In principle, it has already been said that Cirocco's dependence on cheaper phones is provoked exclusively by its origin - as if everything is done in the best traditions of Nokia, but still the fourth series of the brand “crawls out sideways” in the same manifestations as slightly animated labels or confusion with folders. It should be noted that the functional purpose of all the functions of the keys and menu items is clear except for one nuance. There is a section "multimedia", which provides access to the player for streaming video, music, video files and snapshots. As for me, it makes no sense if there are the same menu items nearby separately. Moreover, if the streaming video settings are not saved, not set at all, or saved incorrectly, the folder redirects us instead of it when we click into the folder with the saved video. The same thing happens with music files and pictures. I cannot understand the purpose of this extremely intellectual innovation. Repetition of history (so to speak "Nokia 8800 take two") with musical compositions for the device. Famous Japanese composer Ruichi Sakamoto wrote the bulk of the preset songs. It pleases, flatters, once again emphasizes the high noble status of the phone as an exquisite assistant in your business and a great stylish accessory. Indisputably. But again - the melodies are stored in two folders. Opening the "Music" folder, we see that there are two identical smaller folders with files named the same, but of different sizes. It is difficult to understand their purpose at first. They sound the same. Then comes an understanding of what is connected and how. The first, full-size large melodies (polyphonic - 64-tones) are intended to be used as ringtone. The second ones (these are shortened versions of the first ones) in order to serve as an SMS signal. The point is that in the phone, as well as in the whole 8800 series, all the internal content, design and sound is closely related to the chosen theme. They are also exclusively designed specifically for this model and cannot be used on another device. Ringtones and SMS may not correspond to each other, and even more so to the topic. Then there is a false sense that you have taken advantage of the opportunity to customize the individual interface. The melodies sound beautiful, mysterious, once it seemed even mystical. Karmic calls or drums are too realistically displayed in this model.

Making calls

It is easy to make calls by choosing the necessary contacts from the book, but it is not always easy to find them there, given the fact that the phone has a certain “default” language. If it does not match the one on which you have contacts, searching by name becomes a difficult task for you - as a result, you have to search by cell number or by phone number, which is very long and inconvenient. I really liked the one-touch button assignment - it's quick and easy. One thing is not good - after pressing the shortcut button, you have to wait some time. The waiting time depends on how long the phone has to hold down the keys for a long time. As for me, it is too long for people who are in a hurry. I never knew how to change the timeout and increase the speed of the keys. It feels like it's impossible to do this. But it would not be superfluous. I think that if I found such an opportunity, many of the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition users would be grateful to me.

Energetic vampire

The contacts on the bottom of the case are fine. Contacts are essentially two copper flat miniature elements, which, even with aggressive use of the phone, remain intact and functional throughout its difficult service. You can charge your phone in two ways - using a regular mains charger and by placing it in a charger - a glass. The glass comes with the device as standard and pleases the eye with its stylish aristocratic look. As low as its predecessor, and not a wraparound arm like Arte's. It glows white at the bottom along the border when it is plugged in, even without putting it inside the phone. If the phone is installed, then the pulsing softly dimming and increasing backlight does not change its character, the phone does not lose its ability to receive calls and messages. By the way, you can set up anything in the profiles - even silence or call forwarding while charging, sending a message that the subscriber is busy and will call back later, or simply when the contact is closed, the silent mode will turn on. There is nothing fundamentally new in this technology, and I suspect that the same phenomenon is observed in most phones that are much simpler than this one, but I have never used this opportunity in other phones, and therefore I highlighted it as a separate item.

Also, the delivery set along with the phone includes:

  • leather case CP-104
  • wired headset HS-15
  • stand glass DT-16
  • charger AC-3
  • bluetooth headset BH-801
  • two BP-6X batteries
  • CD with software
  • cleaning cloth

    Additional battery

    We also get a spare battery complete with the phone, discs, stand, headset and charger. It is quite standard and compact. The size clearly affects its capacity, which is only 600 mAh. The battery is enough for 2.75 hours of talk time and 240 hours of standby time. It seems to be not a little, but if you have to go somewhere, it would probably be more logical to take a spare battery or charger with you. You are unlikely to find an alternative source of energy for your phone. Although one thing pleases - the charger output is quite familiar, so other Nokia owners can ask for their charger in case of some super-extreme situation. Charging takes just over an hour. The older the battery, the less time it takes to fill the indicator with the maximum number of strips. The mysterious behavior of the BP-6X has surprised me more than once, both in practice and from stories.


    Based on everything that has been learned about the phone over a long period of its use, it is not difficult to say one thing - the phone is really beautiful and aristocratic. It is convenient, sophisticated, expensive, capable of delighting you with many useful functions, both modern multimedia and standard classic, but in its own individual presentation.The all-metal case is smeared with prints, but protects the mechanism. The screen is scratched by foreign objects only at a certain angle, but it accurately reproduces colors. Calls can be assigned with one touch, although contacts are difficult to find in the phone book. If you have a strong desire to find obvious disadvantages, you will find them, but at the same moment a plus will be obvious for each of them. This is what Nokia was working on. So that one day you would say: “Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition? Yes! This is the best phone I've ever seen ”!