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Nokia 3720 review

From time to time, Nokia remembers those for whom the phone is important not only for functionality and design, but, first of all, for reliability and unpretentiousness to the environment. The last "protected" model was the Nokia 5500 smartphone, and at this stage Nokia 3720... It is just a phone, but with very good functionality.


Design by Nokia 3720 austere and fairly simple. At first glance, you can't say that the phone has shock, moisture and dust protection. But when you take it in your hand, you understand that this is not just a state employee. All elements are made with high quality. Therefore, the phone turned out to be reliable and convenient.

Nokia 3720 and Nokia 5500

Nokia 3720 and Samsung 2100

Nokia 3720 and Sony Ericsson C702

There are only two body colors available for sale - black-gray and black-yellow.

Most likely, there will be no new options. So, you can change the appearance of the phone only by purchasing a separate new casing of the color you like.


Works Nokia 3720 on the software platform S40... The phone's firmware is stable. There are no constant freezes or reboots, all functions are performed quickly and correctly. But if there is a need to install new software to improve the phone's performance, then you can do it yourself without contacting a service center. You can update the firmware using a computer and installing the program on it Nokia Software Updater, which will automatically select the necessary software and install it on the phone connected via the data cable. Alternatively, you can update your phone software over the cellular network using the FOTA. This option is simpler, but a certain amount of Internet traffic is consumed.


Dimensions belt pouch. The case is IP-54 protected, which means it is protected from dust, moisture and shock.

The body of the phone is mostly made of plastic, but the frame around it is metal and quite sturdy. High quality plastic is selected. Even if the phone often falls to the floor from your pocket or hands, chips or scratches will not appear soon. And we can certainly say that the device will not fall apart. On the other hand, it is not worth dropping the phone often, because you can simply lose it and then someone else will rejoice at such a successful find.

Assembly Nokia 3720 excellent. There are no backlashes or creaks. All holes and slots are sealed with a waterproof gasket. Dust and moisture will not get inside the case under any circumstances. You can calmly talk on the phone in the rain and not be afraid that it will get wet. Even if you drop the device into water, but quickly pull it out of there, nothing will threaten the phone. The battery compartment cover is generally fixed with a swivel screw. To turn it, you need to have either strong nails or a suitable narrow object (even though you don't want to carry a coin or a screwdriver with you all the time). Otherwise, you can forget about the fact that you can rearrange the SIM-cards.

The case is almost entirely matte, so there will be no fingerprints on it. The only weak point is the screen, but it can be wiped periodically and it will look like new.

Keyboard, controls

Keyboard Nokia 3720 separate, the keys are made of plastic, but to the touch it seems that they are made of rubber. Due to this option and the rather large size of the keys, it is very convenient to dial a number or a message. Confusing the buttons is almost impossible. The symbols on the black keys are large and white. For people with low vision, problems with them should not arise.

The function of turning on the flashlight has been added to the lower left key. The microphone hole is nearby. The navigation key and soft keys are also convenient and have standard functionality. Above, above the display, there is an earpiece covered with a mesh.

On the right side of the phone there is a double volume control button, it is also responsible for zooming when shooting with a camera.It is pressed tightly due to the gaskets. On the same side, but at the bottom, there is an eyelet for attaching a strap. On the bottom edge, under the flap, there is a 2.5 mm jack for connecting a headset, 2 mm for connecting a standard charger and a microUSB port for connecting to a computer.

On the back of the phone, there is a camera lens, an LED flash (it also serves as a bright flashlight) and a grill behind which the speakerphone is located.

The backlighting of the keyboard is white. It is uniform, bright and clearly visible in the dark.

Operating frequency range, data transmission

Nokia 3720 works in the range GSM 900/1800/1900. Also available in the phone are GPRS, Multi slot class 11, EDGE, Multi-slot class 11, CSD and HSCSD. Like other phones Nokia 3720 disconnects from the network if you select offline mode. In this case, you cannot make calls, exchange messages or work on the Internet, but you can use the phone as a player or camera. This saves battery power.

Also, to transfer data, you can use Bluetooth 2.1 (with EDR and A2DP) and USB 2.0. Wi-Fi in Nokia 3720 absent.

If you connect your phone to a computer via USB, then there are four options for working:

PC Suite — This mode uses Nokia PC Suite, which is preinstalled on your PC. It allows you to back up your phone data, receive and send messages, install new phone firmware, edit the phone book, and much more.

Mass Storage - in this mode, the memory card and phone memory are displayed on the computer as a regular USB flash drive.

Media Transfer - mode for transferring photos, music and videos

Print - photo printing mode


Display Nokia 3720 does not differ from model 6303. It is made using TFT technology, its resolution is 320x240 pixels, and the diagonal is 2.2 inches (31x41 mm). It can display up to 16 million colors. Despite the budget level of the phone, the screen behaves well in the sun. Colors fade a little, but photos and videos can be seen clearly, and any text remains readable. Therefore, it is quite comfortable to read books, watch pictures and videos on such a display.

The desktop displays battery power, signal strength from base stations, current date and time, icons for Bluetooth enabled, missed messages, and more. You can set the display of the necessary applications for quick launch, reminders and notes in the settings. Running radio or player applications can be displayed below. In standby mode, only the clock is displayed on the screen. The numbers are small, you have to look closely to see them.


Built-in memory in Nokia 3720 20MB, there is a slot for microSD memory cards up to 8 GB. There is no support for "hot swapping", in order to remove the memory card, you must remove the battery compartment cover and the battery itself. The slot is under it. There is also a SIM card.

The phone comes with a 1 GB microSD card. There is a possibility that with the new software there will be support for memory cards up to 32 GB, at this stage the limitation is only at the software level.


IN Nokia 3720 installed Li-ion battery BL-5CT with a capacity of 1050 mAh. For a rugged phone that will be used by many tourists, travelers and athletes, I would like to see a high-capacity battery, but this would affect the size and weight of the phone. The battery is enough for 7 hours of talk time, 450 hours of standby time, 14.5 hours of listening to music, 140 minutes of recording and 200 minutes of video playback. You can continuously surf the Internet for a little more than 3 hours, and listen to the radio for 12 hours.

The battery can be fully charged using a standard charger with a 2 mm plug in 1.5-2 hours.


IN Nokia 3720 a 2 MP camera (1600x1200 pixels) is installed, without autofocus, as you would expect for a budget level, but with an LED flash, which can also perform the function of a flashlight. Camera settings are standard. The flash can be turned on forcibly, or turned off if not needed.It is possible to choose the white balance for correct color rendition in different lighting conditions, use continuous shooting or the self-timer. In the menu, you can select two modes of photography - automatic and night. There is a pre-installed simple image editor.

In normal light, you can get a clear image from 50 cm to infinity. In poor lighting, the amount of noise increases greatly, which can be dealt with using special programs on the computer. Photos are saved in JPEG format with three compression options.

The phone's camera can shoot video with a maximum resolution of 320x240 pixels. with a frequency of 15 frames per second. The duration is limited only by the free memory of the phone or memory card. The video is automatically saved in 3gp, mp4 format.

There is no second camera for video calls in the phone. There is also no dedicated dedicated key to activate the camera. The whole process of shooting and setting takes place through the menu using the navigation key and soft keys.

Audio and video

Music player Nokia 3720 pleasantly surprises with both volume and sound quality. Of course, it's bad that there is no 3.5 mm jack for connecting any headphones, but you can use an adapter or Bluetooth stereo headphones. The volume for a budget phone is quite good, you can use good 32 Ohm headphones, and the sound quality is quite comparable to many "music" phones and inexpensive mp3 players. You can use the equalizer to change the sound quality. It has several pre-installed options and the ability to create your own. There is a possibility of amplification of low frequencies.

The player plays back a standard set of audio formats (MP3, MP4, WMA, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, etc.). It can be controlled using the keyboard and navigation key. The speaker works well in speakerphone mode and when a call is ringing, but it does not transmit music well. But, at a halt on a hike, you can turn on a couple of good compositions for friends, the dynamics will be enough for this.

The phone also has FM-radio 87.5-108 MHz. It works, as in most Nokia phones, only with a connected headset, which acts as an antenna. The search for stations is carried out both in automatic mode and in manual mode. Switching between stations occurs either using the menu, or using the button on the headset, which is responsible for receiving / rejecting a call.

The video player is no different. It plays H.263 (QCIF), H.264 (QVGA), MPEG-4, 3gp, mp4 formats. The frequency and bit rate should be low.


GPS receiver in Nokia 3720 not. But there are pre-installed Nokia Maps. You can use an external Bluetooth GPS receiver to find your location. You can also use Yandex and google services to determine your coordinates using a signal from base stations. In this case, the accuracy is low, but it can come in handy in an unfamiliar city.

Installed apps and new features

Nothing original compared to similar models, Nokia 3720 not. Opera Mini is used as an Internet browser. Flash Lite 2.0 is available for viewing flash movies. The organizer is standard, but very convenient. It has an alarm clock, calendar, the ability to create reminders and notes. The dictaphone can record both regular conversations and telephone conversations. The duration of the recording is limited only by the free space on the memory card or in the phone memory.

There are several preinstalled games: Bounce Tales, Sudoku, Backgammon II, Brain, Champion, Block'd

You can, if you wish, install new games and applications on the java platform, there is plenty of memory for this.

In the phone book Nokia 3720 you can save a large number of contacts with a huge number of fields for each. Each of them can be assigned a photo and a melody. You can also divide contacts into groups, to which you can also assign melodies.

Nokia 3720 supports SMS and MMS messages. A simple e-mail client is available, with support for attached files.


Together with Nokia 3720 go:

BL-5CT battery

Charger AC-8

Wired stereo headset WH-10

1 GB microSD memory card

User's Manual.


The phone is popular among tourists, sportsmen and travelers, as well as many others. Its design does not resemble a tank that accidentally drove into the city. Therefore, have in stock Nokia 3720 it is possible for the reason that the phone is reliable and unpretentious to the environment.