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HOW TO CHOOSE AN EPILATOR - which is better to choose the right one - disc or tweezers for sensitive skin to reduce pain

Women have two requirements for an epilator:

  • to quickly,
  • so as not to hurt.

But they become almost impossible if you know how an epilator works. In fact, this is a huge number of small tweezers that roll on the drum and pull out hairs. Brrrr. This is a tweezer epilator.

Panasonic ES-ED50-N520 - 48 tweezers and floating head won't leave a single hair

There may be discs instead of tweezers. Approaching, they hold the hair and remove it from the root. Sounds impressive. The sensations from the procedure are just as strong. This is a disk system.

Philips Satinelle Advanced with 32 ceramic discs is safe for sensitive skin and merciless for even the finest hairs

Which epilator is better: disc or tweezers?

There is no fundamental difference. More important is the number of tweezers or discs. The more there are, the more hairs the epilator pulls out at the same time.

  • 60 tweezers work fast, but it will hurt. Suitable for those who have a high pain threshold or for "fighters" hardened with hot wax.
  • 20 tweezers are not so painful, but will stretch the procedure. At the exit, you will get smooth skin, without a hint of hair.
  • 32 tweezers - the golden mean. Recommended!

Council number 1. Treat the epilator head with alcohol before and after the procedure. This will protect against inflammation.

How to reduce epilation pain: cool or not?

Marketing Tip: Choose Cooling Systems:

  • glove with gel
  • cool air blowing

In fact

None of the cooling systems will relieve pain.

Why is that?

The cold closes the pores. It becomes harder to pull the hair out of the nest. Some just break off. Instead of smooth legs, you can get a pig bristle.

Watch the video how Braun Silk epilates

Council number 2. How to reduce pain from an epilator

Start the procedure after a hot shower. The pores will open and the procedure will be less painful.

How to make epilation easier: what about massage?

From experience: massage attachments are an additional discomfort on irritated skin. But the attachment that tightens the skin will really ease the suffering (remember yourself when you tighten the skin by plucking your eyebrows).

Philips SatinPerfect with Smoothing Attachment

Which epilator is right to choose: one speed or two

Definitely two speeds are better than one. At high speeds, tweezers grip coarse hairs, while fine tweezers let them through.

Perfectly clean hair removal rules.

  • Step 1. Mow vegetation at high speed.
  • Step 2. Deal with the "surviving" hairs on the low.

Council number 3. Sore legs with red dots after hair removal is not sex. To be in shape:

- perform the procedure before bedtime,

- at the end, disinfect the skin and lubricate with Bepanten Plus cream or sea buckthorn oil.

Let there be light

The backlight in the epilator is a necessary thing. In the twilight of the bathroom, you will definitely not notice separately protruding hairs. Then disgrace yourself in daylight!

Philips HP6577 / 00 with Opti-light

Wet or dry epilation - which is better so it doesn't hurt?

Using the epilator underwater? It looks like a thriller, but in real life you can epilate in the shower or in scented foam.

The waterproof case of the device, which runs on batteries, will definitely not harm.

The manufacturers took care of you, deciding that hot water would make the process less painful. But the opinions of users were divided 50-50.

Some argue that epilating under water doesn't hurt a bit. Others - that it only interferes, and the result is not 100%.

If the budget allows, try it. If you don't like it, go back to the dry method.

How to avoid ingrown hairs after using the epilator

Never forget to scrub your skin between epilation!

With regular plucking, the hairs become thinner and weaker. It's hard for them to get out. To make it easier, remove dead skin particles daily.

What attachments do a good epilator need?

  • Shaving head. It will help out if especially delicate areas do not make friends with the epilator. This attachment leaves no irritation or cuts.
  • Trimmer. Long hairs are painful to pull out. In addition, they often break off. Trim and proceed with removal.
  • Attachment for sensitive areas of the body (bikini area), when part of the tweezers is hidden under the plastic body.

The idea was correct: less tweezers - less pain. But in practice, for the armpits and bikini area it is more convenient to use a separate device designed for these places.

For beginners, take a pain pill or apply anesthetic half an hour before your procedure.

Philips SatinPerfect HP6581 / 00 - epilator for sensitive areas included

  • Peeling attachment. For the heels it is rather weak, but for the body it is what you need. Use a purchased scrub or do it yourself - from coffee grounds.

What is it, a good female epilator:

  • disc or tweezers, with 32 tweezers;
  • with two speeds;
  • with the possibility of wet hair removal;
  • backlit;
  • with attachments for tightening the skin, shaving and trimmer.

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Stay beautiful and smoother!

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