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HOW TO CHOOSE CORRECTIVE UNDERWEAR - how to choose corrective underwear in size for overweight

Corrective underwear DOES NOT tighten. It only smooths out the unevenness of the figure, rearranging the subcutaneous fat layer on the body.

He is selected in three stages. Need to:

  1. select the problem area that you want to correct;
  2. determine which corrective underwear better conceals extra cm;
  3. know your size.

Consider your body turgor (density)

Then you will understand which correction is right for you.

- Average (360 den) only simulates the contours of the body. Suitable for slender and moderately well-fed girls.

- Strong (420 denier) - thick underwear for overweight women. It tightens problem areas with the reinforcing layers of the tightening fabric and vertically stitched bones.

How to choose shapewear to tighten your belly

Making the belly completely flat will not work. But it is quite possible to reduce the bulge. In fact, almost all corrective products pull it down: pantaloons, corset, half-grain. The most suitable are shorts and underpants.

Measure correctly: turn the upper part inside out, put it on, and only then straighten it over the body. So you will understand what kind of tightening is needed. And be sure to look at the leg cutout. If the elastic squeezes the thigh, choose a different model.

For overweight, it is better to take corset panties or pantaloons. Just remember three points:

  1. there should be no creases in the back;
  2. the elastic should not pinch the leg;
  3. the top edge of the corsetry briefs must match the bottom edge of the bra belt. Then the transition from corset to bra is imperceptible. If the top of the corset part does not reach the bra, try on a larger size.

Try wearing different sizes

This makes it easier to decide which one is more comfortable. When trying on, move, bend over, squat. In which it is more convenient, then take it.

Shapewear: how to choose to be stunning in a tight-fitting dress

A belt or half-shoulder will correct the area of ​​the bottom edge of the bra and the hip line.

  • The corset belt has a strong correction. You will immediately understand this by the inserted bones and multi-layered zones. Trying on, look at the rear view. If it is small, creases form on the back, which bulge ugly under the dress. Try a larger size. The contours should be even.
  • Semi-gravity with push-up has an average degree of correction. She has only two corrective bones, stitched in the seams, and two layers of tightening. The bottom of the product is often laser cut. It is seamless, so it is invisible under the dress. When trying on, look at yourself from the back. On the half-grain selected according to the size, the fabric does not puff up.
Note: "How to determine the size of clothes"

Watch the video how the corrected figure transforms

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