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Assortment of backpacks by way of operation

A backpack is a so-called loading chamber specially made for stowing and moving certain cargo. Such a device is attached to the back most often due to special straps or suspenders.

There are three types of backpacks that are most commonly used today. Backpacks in which the harness is completely sewn to the main part of the backpack are called soft or "koloboks". Easel backpacks have a frame made of metal or plastic, to which the main part of the backpack and harness is attached directly. When using easel backpacks, it is possible to remove the main part from the frame and secure another suitable load. But the disadvantage of such a backpack is that the frame is not always good enough and durable. There are also semi-rigid backpacks. Most often they are called anatomical. The backs of such backpacks are equipped with elements of sheet foam, as well as armor (slats made of light alloys) or plastic slats. This feature of the backpack provides rigidity throughout the structure: both vertical and transverse. Also, anatomical backpacks have such advantages as ease of installation, ease of wearing and no deformation during carrying.

In addition to differences in design, backpacks also have differences in the way they are used.

Climbing Backpack

[Mountaineering backpack] (/ index.php? Action = group & slug = rucksack & sort = popular & v [503] [] = al_pinizm) is also called an assault or climbing backpack. The main difference between such a backpack from others is that it has a small dead weight, which does not exceed 2 kg. In heavier models of mountaineering backpacks, the weight is distributed over the entire back frame. Also, the material of the fabric plays an important role in the weight of the backpack. Accordingly, backpacks made from a lighter but durable material will have a higher cost. Most often, the volume of a backpack for mountaineering is 20-50 liters. Sometimes, if a backpack with a larger volume is suitable for mountaineering, the manufacturer indicates this on the packaging. A prerequisite for a mountaineering backpack is the presence of a variety of mounts and pockets designed for special equipment for climbing.

The main parts of the mountaineering backpack

1. Top valve or "cover";

2. Guy, thanks to which the backpack does not tip over backwards and does not dangle to the sides;

3. The attachment point of the straps is adjustable;

4. S-shaped shoulder strap;

5. Chest strap;

6. Special inserts in the back of the backpack to soften and ventilate the space between the back and the backpack;

7. Waist belt that allows you to distribute the weight of the backpack along the entire spine;

8. Softening elements, which are similar to the dorsal inserts;

9. Bottom valve or "compartment";

10. Buckle, which is designed to speed up the removal of the backpack as needed.

The above image shows the difference between the back inserts in backpacks of different sizes.

The main part of a mountaineering backpack is the backrest construction. The backrest should be designed in such a way that the load is evenly distributed over the entire spine and that there is a so-called "air cushion" between the back and the back of the backpack. This is achieved through longitudinal seams and special inserts, the materials of which absorb and remove moisture.

Terra Incognita Ant 90

[Terra Incognita Ant 90 backpack] (/ terra-incognita-ant-90-% 28zelyonyy-chyornyy% 29-info.html) has the highest rating among almost 200 items of this category of backpacks in the online store. It is designed not only for challenging hikes and ascents, but also for simple hiking or outdoor recreation. The backpack is equipped with a FRAME VAR harness.Also, the entire structure is fully ventilated in the backpack: from the back to the straps and shoulder straps. The backpack is crafted with many essential and useful pockets and organizers. A reminder with help signals sewn into the valve will also pleasantly surprise you.

Cycling Backpack

There are two kinds of [cycling backpacks] (/ index.php? Action = group & slug = rucksack & sort = popular & v [503] [] = veloturizm). Backpacks are used to transport small loads on short cycling trips. In the opposite case, when it is necessary to transport heavy luggage over a long distance, use "bicycle pants", which are attached to the trunk of the bicycle.

Backpack Cycling Backpacks

Backpacks are equipped with improved ventilation due to the fact that when cycling, the back is bent, which makes the backpack more adherent to it. Also, such a backpack can have a special waterproof cape that will protect from rain and dirt knocked out from under the bicycle wheels. Sometimes cycling backpacks are made with a large mesh pocket that can hold a bicycle helmet. A prerequisite for using any type of cycling backpack is a reflective tape for riding in the dark.


Since it is somewhat inconvenient to have an additional load on the shoulders while cycling, most often "cycling pants" are used during cycling tourism. These backpacks got this name because of their shape, which resembles pants.

Types of "cycling"

There are two main types of cycling "pants": one-piece and multi-piece. The single-volume backpack has only one storage space. When using a multi-volume backpack, you can divide the necessary things into several groups and place them in different sections, separated by partitions. If necessary, these sections can be removed or, conversely, installed.

Advantages and disadvantages of using "bicycle trousers" of different sizes

1. It is best to use one-volume "cycle pants" for long trips when you need to carry a large amount of cargo. Firstly, if a single-volume backpack is half full, there is a risk of its parts falling into the spokes of the bicycle, which will lead to its breakdown. In addition, an incomplete one-volume cycling backpack from the side will not look very attractive. When using multi-volume backpacks with a small amount of luggage, unnecessary sections can be removed.

2. It is also important that access to things is convenient. To get the necessary thing from the bottom of a one-volume backpack, you need to get or move the things that are higher. To prevent such a situation from arising in each compartment, a separate access is provided. But with proper packaging of things, this problem practically does not arise.

3. When using cycling pants, remember that longer items are easier to pack in a single-volume backpack than in a multi-volume backpack of the same size.

4. At first glance, the convenience of hand-carrying this category of backpacks is not so important. But situations often arise in which it is impossible to carry a backpack on the trunk. In this case, only one-volume backpacks are convenient, which are made with special straps for carrying a filled backpack on the shoulders.

Requirements for a one-volume cycling backpack

1. The ends of the legs of the cycling backpack should end at the level of the middle of the bicycle wheel.

2. The shape of the "legs" should resemble a trapezoid, as shown in the picture above. This shape will prevent the cyclist's feet from hitting the backpack, which could interfere with movement.

3. One-volume cycling backpack should be made with special straps for carrying the backpack by hand.

4. Do not choose a model with a large top and short legs. Otherwise, the bike will tilt sideways with any steering movement.

5. It is important that the backpack is securely attached to the trunk, but also quickly unfastened and fastened. The best option would be if the mounts are present at both the front and rear of the trunk.Then the backpack will not fall backward or roll forward on the descent or when braking. Leg fasteners are optional.

6. For a safe ride, it is imperative that the cycling backpack has reflective parts. The more there are, the better. A great option would be to have a bike light mount on the back of the bike pants.

7. A variety of pockets are encouraged to accommodate the necessary small things, such as a map. But the side pockets of the "cycling pants" should be small, since in the case of excessive width, the cycling backpack will constantly cling to something.

8. It is necessary to have mounts for the rug on the back of the backpack. In the absence of such fasteners, you can sew them on yourself.

9. Also, a bicycle backpack should be suitable in all respects for a certain person: in color, shape or design.

Requirements for a multi-volume cycling backpack

1. Externally, a multi-section backpack should look like one whole, and not connected by several bags.

2. On the trunk, the backpack should be located level, not beveled in any direction. Mounts should not stick out at the sides.

3. Just as when choosing a one-piece cycling backpack, you should not choose models with a voluminous top and short legs.

4. As with single-volume cycling backpacks, reflective parts are needed in the design of the backpack, which will contribute to the safety of riding in the dark.

5. It is also very important to secure the bike backpack to the trunk. Only in this case it is enough to fasten the backpack with just one loop, which is very convenient.

General requirements

Whichever type of cycling backpack is chosen, it is always important that the material of the fabric from which it is made is durable and does not get wet in the rain. If the selected model is not suitable for rainy or simply wet weather, then there are special covers. It is also very important that the backpack is correctly and competently packed, as this determines the occurrence of a situation in which the "legs" of the backpack will fall into the wheels of the bicycle. A special device called a "dog's leg" can prevent this problem. This attachment attaches to the bike rack.

Terra Incognita Rover Box

In the online store "", among all the available models of "cycling", the novelty is [Terra Incognita Rover Box bicycle backpack] (/ terra-incognita-ryukzak-terra-incognita-roverbox-20-info.html). This small cycling backpack is designed for short cycling trips or city trips. The volume of the main compartment can be adjusted from 6L to 9L. The Rover Box can also be used as a thermal bag or camera bag. Reliability in the case of such use is ensured by certain qualities of this backpack: the rigid construction of the side walls, which are duplicated with a seal, as well as the shoulder strap. Flexible design of fasteners with FASTEX fasteners provides the ability to attach the cycle backpack to the trunk of almost any size. Also included with the backpack are a rain cover and reflectors.

Urban backpack

The most popular for exploitation is [urban backpack] (/ index.php? Action = group & slug = rucksack & sort = popular & v [503] [] = gorodskoiy). Most often, the main content of a backpack is a variety of books, magazines or a laptop. Therefore, a city backpack, taking into account its contents, is almost always flat and rectangular in shape.

When choosing a backpack, first of all, they are guided by a suitable color scheme and a suitable design. Since the assortment of this type of backpack is quite large, the choice according to this criterion will not bring difficulties. It is important to determine how much volume the backpack should have. This parameter depends on how you will use the backpack: a picnic outside the city, going to the gym or city trips. A different way of operation requires a different volume of a city backpack.Usually the volume of a city backpack ranges from 10 liters to 25 liters, less often up to 35 liters.

Since convenience is in the first place when choosing such a backpack, you need to pay attention to its functionality. It is preferable to have a carrying handle on top of the backpack, as well as special secret compartments or pockets in which you can store securities or documents, as well as keys. In addition, there are models in which the straps are made with special pockets for storing mobile phones. It is important that these pockets are securely closed to prevent the phone from falling out. Sometimes city backpacks have mesh side pockets for storing water bottles, as well as dedicated openings for earphones and dedicated compartments for laptops. It is also recommended to purchase backpacks with reflective stripes to safely move around the city at night.

It is also important to pay attention to the material from which the city backpack is made. Today, these backpacks are made from fabrics of various densities, which are treated with polyurethane impregnation. This treatment will protect the contents of the backpack from moisture and rain. If the backpack is made with high-quality waterproof zippers, the waterproof effect will be at a higher level.

Most often, in urban models of backpacks, the backs are simply made in the form of a layer of fabric, which can bring some discomfort when worn, since it will be necessary to move sharp or hard objects further from the back. It is best to pay attention to models with an orthopedic or soft back, the top layer of which will be presented in the form of mesh jersey. Such a back will provide comfort, and the upper layer of mesh knitted fabric - good ventilation.

The straps of urban backpacks have two basic shapes: rectangular and anatomical. The anatomical shape of the straps follows the contours of the human body and helps to distribute the load evenly over the shoulders. The straps, which are most often called "undershirt", also distribute the load. In this case, the straps are connected at the top. The presence of zip ties in the backpack will help reduce the volume if necessary.

Deuter city light

In the online store "" today, among the city backpacks, the bestseller is [the Deuter City Light backpack] (/ deuter-city-light-info.html). This urban backpack features soft anatomical shoulder straps and two-way zip to easily access the main compartment. There are also various pockets in the backpack: an inner secret pocket, side mesh pockets and a front zip pocket. Urban backpack Deuter City Light is made in different colors, has reflectors. The volume of the backpack is 16 liters and its own weight is less than one kilogram.

More than 1000 names of backpacks, which differ in the way of operation, you can study on your own on the pages of the [ online store] (/).

Happy choice!

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