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How to choose the right microwave for your home - choose a good microwave oven (microwave) with a grill according to the parameters for heating

A microwave oven is a household electrical appliance designed for quick cooking or heating of food, as well as for defrosting food. The heating of food in the microwave does not take place on the surface, but throughout the entire volume. They are selected based on five main criteria.

  • The principle of operation of the microwave oven
  • Choosing a microwave oven: basic parameters
  • Which microwave oven is better for home: regular, with a grill, or with convection?
  • Which type of control is more convenient: mechanical, push-button or touch
  • Inner surface of microwave ovens

Which oven to choose?

Small volume - capacity of 19 liters or less. Such ovens are suitable for defrosting food or heating food.

Average size - capacity 20-25 liters. This oven is perfect for a family of three to four. Many of these microwave ovens are equipped with a grill that allows you to cook food with a fragrant and golden crust.

Large volume - capacity 26-32 liters. Perfect for a large family. Often this type of oven can be equipped with special grates. There is convection and grill.

Microwave power

The power is determined based on two elements - the power of the device itself (energy consumption), the microwave and the grill. Each oven has a power level adjustment for cooking different types of food.

The larger the volume of the chamber, the higher the microwave power should be. The power of the stove with microwave radiation without a grill is on average 800 W or less. In grill mode - 900 - 1500 W.

Microwave Peach "Solo"

A conventional "solo" microwave oven uses only microwave radiation to process food. Models differ in microwave power. The more powerful the stove, the higher the heating and cooking speed.


The microwave oven with convection mode is optimal for baking lovers and appetizing baked meat or poultry. The fan blows air heated to a predetermined temperature into the oven, evenly warming up to a beautiful golden brown crust. Convection mode is combined with microwave. This speeds up cooking and preserves the natural flavor and appearance, including vitamins.

Microwave grill

Using the grill, you can grill vegetables, fish, meat. The dishes are crispy and golden brown. The grill can be as follows:

  • quartz. There is a hidden quartz lamp in the ceiling of the microwave oven, which heats food in a short time. It is easy to wash it, it is located under a metal grate;
  • heating element grill - a tube with a heating element inside, located in the upper part of the chamber. Many ovens are equipped with a "moving" element (heating element). If desired, it can be moved and installed vertically or at an angle, providing heating from the side. The microwave oven chamber with a movable heating element grill is easy and convenient to clean. In addition to the upper grill heating element, there is a lower one in some models. It is specially designed for gourmets, as with it it is possible to prepare crispy biscuits, croutons, pizza with a crispy crust;
  • charcoal grill type. The charcoal microwave oven uses halogen heating and a charcoal heater for cooking. Reduces cooking time and adds new flavors to dishes. A coal heater is located in the upper part of the inner chamber of the microwave oven together with a quartz heating element. The carbon fiber core is placed in an insulating tube filled with vacuum or inert gas. When heated, carbon fiber emits heat, in terms of radiation power and wavelength, comparable to ordinary fire. The heat penetrates deeply into the food, preserving the juiciness and healthy qualities of the food.

Microwave control

There are three types of microwave controls:

  • mechanical - reliable and simple type of control. Turn the two knobs and the oven will start working. One knob sets the power, the second - the cooking time. This type is perfect for the elderly or children;
  • push-button - more difficult to use, but interesting. You can select the cooking time of the product depending on its weight. We select the type of product and weight, the rest of the work will be done by the microwave. The time is entered on the display. Several recipes are stored in the memory of such a furnace;
  • touch - the functions are the same as for the push-button type of control. Only pressing occurs on the touch panel.

Microwave inside

The taste of food cooked in the microwave depends on the interior decoration. Finishing is of the following types:

  • enamel finish: a popular type of finish. It is easy to keep it clean;
  • ceramic coating: durable, hard to scratch. Drops of fat flowing down the walls can be easily removed with an ordinary kitchen sponge;
  • made of stainless steel: looks elegant, durable. Resistant to temperature changes. That is why this finish is used in the manufacture of ovens with grill and convection. Harder to keep clean.

Microwave functions

  • defrost function. You can quickly defrost the food you need. Some models have an automatic defrost function: the oven selects the power level, determines the heating time;
  • automatic preparation. Select the type of product and its weight, the microwave oven will automatically set the mode, power, time;
  • automatic heating. This function is no different from the previous one. Indicate that you want to reheat the dish, determine the type of product and its weight. This mode includes: "Soup", "Ready dish", "Drinks";
  • protection from children. Disables or locks all keys, excluding access to small children. Starts cooking mode at any convenient time;
  • fast cooking. Provides food preparation in a short time. You can reheat the dish even in 30 seconds with strong power;
  • steam cleaning. This function easily removes grease and food debris from the inner lining with the help of steam;
  • removing odors. Removes food odors after cooking;
  • steam sensor. The food is steamed at a temperature of 100 degrees. It is enough to indicate the type of food during programming and press the "start" button. The display determines the time remaining until the end of cooking;
  • keeping food warm involves keeping the temperature automatically. An excellent function if the dish needs to be kept hot for a certain time;
  • sound signal. Indicates that cooking, defrosting or heating is over.

Built-in microwave

The built-in microwave oven forms a single ensemble with the kitchen surface of the rest of the furniture and household appliances.

Among the models of built-in microwave ovens, there are three groups:

  • conventional microwave ovens with a minimum set of functions;
  • microwave ovens equipped with a grill;
  • microwave ovens with grill and convection.

The built-in microwave oven is placed in a convenient place in the kitchen. Experts advise to embed the microwave so that its door is at chest level. When using it, you do not have to bend over.

The built-in microwave oven should only be installed by a service representative. He will professionally carry out the installation and connection of kitchen equipment. If you install it yourself, you lose the right to free warranty repair and service.

Which cookware is suitable for microwave ovens?

  • cookware made of heat-resistant glass;
  • cookware made of heat-resistant plastic;
  • cookware made of heat-resistant ceramics and porcelain;
  • plastic bags are used for defrosting and heating food only open or with holes-holes;
  • for baking dishes, high-shaped dishes are suitable.

Heat-resistant glassware can be used in different modes of microwave ovens - grill, convection, including heating.

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