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Nokia N810

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Perhaps we can start this review with a description of the technical characteristics of this device.

--- == Nokia N810 == ---

Coprocessor: TI 2420 OMAP @ 400 MHz

Device memory: 256 MB ROM

2 GigaBytes flash memory

128 MB of RAM

Operating system: Internet Tablet OS 2008

Screen: 4.13 inches, resolution 800x480

up to 65536 colors

Mini SD card slot

(maximum volume - 8 Gigabytes)

WiFi module (IEEE 802.11b / g)

Bluetooth 2.0

Camera 0.3 MP

Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Dimensions: 128 x 72 x 14mm

Model weight: 226 grams

Ergonomics, Model body overview

If we compare our model N810 with its predecessor, we can note that it received the most restrained, but rather modern appearance. A solid thing. Such a device is pleasant to take in the hands of both an advanced teenager and a modern businessman.

The main design difference from the N800 is, of course, the presence of a keyboard. The tablet itself is a nice slider with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The latter, although very small, but still friends after some workouts are much more convenient than the same screen surrogate. At the end of the entire testing cycle, I was able to achieve a high print speed of about 120 characters per minute. We can increase this indicator if we use the auto-completion of some words (the display offers several variants of a word that begin with the letters already typed). The entire keyboard has a very pleasant moonlight backlighting, the letters are clearly visible in the dark. However, it is not weakly confusing that the very Cyrillic characters are located in a completely different way than on similar computer keyboards. Here, unfortunately, they are not in their place - on the top left, and not on the bottom right. Plus, the basics and beeches are drawn in a more sweeping way than A and B. In principle, everything is quite logical. But often the habit turns out to be much stronger than the mind, and this must also be taken into account.

In addition to all the keys, the pull-out panel also has a button for calling the context menu and a dipad. The latter is not entirely convenient because of the very weak relief and, probably, because of the size - we can still cover it with the tip of our little finger. But you just want to put a much larger thumb on it ...

Just want to note that the keyboard is not the only way to enter text here. But you can read about alternative methods just below.

The front side of our tablet is almost completely occupied by the screen. Only on the left side of it are several additional elements. They include a camera and a light sensor, as well as a microphone and two buttons: in order to switch between applications and, of course, to go back (by and large, just the same Esc key). In the upper left corner, you can see one LED that glows in different colors. This is intended, as you might have guessed, to indicate all modes as well as the state of the device.

Only the speaker is located on the left side. On the right side: a second speaker, a miniJack headphone jack and a small power jack. If you raise the leg, then we will see a view of the micro USB connector, which is intended for connection to a personal computer. Without folding the leg, go to the bottom edge of the model. Here we can find a latch that opens the battery compartment, and a mini SD memory card slot covered with a flap. Nokia has finally corrected its global mistake, which was made in the design of the N800 - then, as you remember, the memory card slot was located in the battery compartment and looked like a slot for a SIM card. A very inconvenient design, but today it is already in the distant past.From now on, the battery compartment contains just what in the end should be there, namely the battery.

On the top edge, if you look from left to right, there is: a button to switch to full-screen mode and of course back, as well as a double button "+/-" to increase / decrease the volume, then a button to turn on and off, a slider to block the buttons and the display. A little more to the right, almost in the very corner - the head of the plastic stylus sticks out. It is pulled out very conveniently, you just need to pick it up with the tip of your finger or with your fingernail.

Conclusion ....

Overall, this model looks good enough. You can read more about it in the description that comes with the model, or on the Nokia branded website ... And of course, we must not forget that such a model can be a very good gift, not only for a man, but it will look very good for girls ... Therefore, pay attention to this model, because after all, do not forget that whatever competitive models such companies as Samsung, LG, Siemens and the like are producing, but still Nokia remains Nokia and the advantages of this trade A lot of stamps have already been said, from this it follows that, by and large, I have nothing to add, except to congratulate you once again on the New Year and at the same time on the Nativity of Christ !!!

And more friends ... Choose for yourself, so that they do not choose for you !!!