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Review of Nokia 8800 Arte phone

Probably, every person will not mind what would somehow stand out. Car, clothes, girl ... Recently, it became possible to stand out with mobile phones. Our today's review is devoted to one of them. We are bringing to your attention a premium-class device from Nokia called Nokia 8800 Arte. This device belongs to the elite line of mobile phones from Nokia. Nokia 8800 Arte is one of the most expensive phones on the domestic market.


  1. Nokia 8800 Arte
  2. USB CA-101
  3. Leather case
  4. SZU AC-6
  5. Battery
  6. Table stand
  7. Bluetooth
  8. Instructions


The materials used in the manufacture of the case are stainless steel and glass. The four-way button, silver-colored insert, encircling the body, battery compartment, battery cover and the entire upper half are made of metal. A very high quality black plastic is used in the middle part. The steel case and the navi key are lacquered, so the metal is not felt to the touch, for which the lacquer gives a chic shine.

The screen is covered with mineral glass. The function buttons and the insert of the lower part of the slider are made of plastic.

The manufacturer claims in advertising that the device is protected from soiling, but in real life the situation is slightly different. The back surface of the phone, including the cover made of metal, really does not leave streaks or marks. But the steel contour successfully demonstrates the stains, and the glass inserts adorn with fingerprints, subsequently turning them into dirt. But most of the time, the user and others are contemplating exactly the front surface of the phone.

The Nokia 8800 slider is made using a bearing mechanism. So in the work there is a corresponding vibration and noise, which, of course, distinguishes it from its counterparts - ordinary sliders. The assembly is excellent, there are no loose parts or backlash. But there are still drawbacks. Two tight-fitting halves are rubbed onto the back of the front half of the strip. So it can be assumed that over time, these scuffs may turn into scratches.

The case is made of very high quality. It is quite possible to compare it with jewelry work. But there is a moment that not everyone will like: there are many metal parts on the case, and between them you can observe a small gap of 1-1.5 mm. It is visible only upon close inspection of the case, but the feeling of perfection disappears. After all, the quality of the case is directly responsible for the image and cost of the device, so why not try and make it flawless?

By expanding the slider, the user will see the keyboard. The keys are made of ordinary plastic. And this moment and the design of the buttons do not make a huge impression when pressed. The travel of the buttons is light, the keys themselves are quite comfortable, but the feeling of a noble and high-quality product does not arise when pressed. Due to the fact that the top row of buttons is located close to the body, access to the top three keys is worse. This problem does not appear in the bottom row.

The navigation button is quite convenient. There is no particular delight, but there are no complaints either. A rather thin metal contour is also flawless. But with the central key, things are different. It is deeply set in the body, so you have to press it gently so as not to touch the contour.

The OLED screen deserves attention and praise. The viewing angles are perfect, amazing brightness, wonderful color reproduction. Here, for the first time, the manufacturer did not make a square display, but a rectangular one. Screen resolution 320x240.

The 8800 Arte comes with a USB charging desk stand, a Bluetooth headset and a leather case.

The phone's battery has an impressive 1000 mAh capacity. Due to the wider variety of device decorations, such as video calls and lighting effects on the keyboard, with an average frequency of use, the phone does not charge for about two days. Under heavy load, the battery of the device will withstand one working day. This is very important for the consumer.

Software features

In its advertising brochures, the manufacturer said that the device is made on the Series 40 3rd Edition software platform, but in fact it uses the Series 40 5th Edition platform.

The platform assumes the presence of standard built-in applications such as a player, messages, notebook and others. The exception is the calculator, here the manufacturer has worked hard to "stuff" it with a maximum of scientific functions and functions for calculating credits.

Initially, the phone has one Java-game installed, this is "golf", and also a set of applications: clothes size converter, Opera Mini, size converter and Widsets.

The manufacturer says that the phone has an accelerometer and one-of-a-kind music content created by celebrities, DJs and producers Kruder & Dorfmeister.

The accelerometer works in two versions: if you knock on the phone casing twice, a beautiful clock will appear on the display, and if you turn the phone over during an incoming call, the “silent” mode will turn on. When viewing photos, videos, or in other cases, the accelerometer does not function. The software platform used in the 8800 Arte does not provide for tighter work with it. In the Nokia lineup, only the latest smartphones are equipped with full-fledged accelerometers.

The multimedia and single, high-quality and loud speaker are reminiscent of Vertu phones, the main feature of which is the unique and high-quality speakers. The Nokia 8800 Arte comes with a set of video clips and melodies. The selection of melodies is quite interesting, but some melodies sound very loud, so I want to hear the good old Nokia Tune. Video ringtones are also pretty interesting. Kruder & Dorfmeister created their music videos in such a way that these tunes will be appropriate even for serious and business people. But the melodies don't sound conservative. This is all pretty good.

The graphics were designed by Fritz Fitzke. It perfectly matches the design of the device, which makes it look very interesting. Themes and icons of the menu were selected so that they would ideally fit the design. The theme that turns on automatically is easy to change.

The home screen wallpaper tends to change throughout the day. But the user will not see there either a sky sunset, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or other attractions. Collections of famous designers and photographers are used as wallpapers in Nokia 8800 Arte. This feature can be disabled.

The camera doesn't have a lot of settings, and the ones that are hidden in the menu. The snapshots have a drawback - the blurred outlines of objects. Due to the watercolor effect, detail is lost, but in everything else, the photo is of sufficiently high quality. White balance, color rendering and exposure are good.

The consumer has 895 MB of memory available. Wide multimedia content and applications take up 45 MB. The data transfer speed via a USB cable is relatively low - 1 MB / s.


Autofocus is excellent, that is, it works quickly and correctly in normal mode, but it often makes mistakes when shooting macro.

It is possible to record video with a resolution of 640x480 pixels, instead of the originally installed 177x44. The three-megapixel camera takes pictures with a resolution of 2048x1536, not 1600x1200.

Examples of pictures:

The video quality is good enough. It can even be viewed on a computer. Compression options:

Resolution: 640x480

Bit rate: 2048 Kbps

Codec: MPEG-4 Video

Audio: AMR Narrowband

Frames Per Second: 14.929


The Nokia 8800 Arte phone is a modern device with unique features that can be purchased for a lot of money.

Of course, the phone also has its drawbacks, because it can't be otherwise.But the manufacturer made the phone's battery quite capacious, thanks to which the Nokia 8800 Arte can withstand a day of active work. So it turned out to be a wonderful premium-class device, which inherited all the positive functions of its predecessors.


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